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I am a new student at Portnov, want to know some information

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  • I am a new student at Portnov, want to know some information

    I found that we need to register at
    1)What that is about?
    2)They ask about my skills, I do not know what to answer. I tool some classes at community college(java, C, C++, HTML), but I do not feel very competitive at it. Is it OK, to mention about my classes, or what is the better way to do it?

    thank you.

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    Originally posted by ViktorKholin View Post
    I found that we need to register at
    1)What that is about?
    At that web site you will get short-time assignments, projects to test. The projects will go into your resume, which helps alot when you apply for internships and jobs in the QA field.

    We have detailed discussion on the subject in the Online subforum -

    On the first page there is a post, which a I copying here:
    I encourage everyone to do as Mikhail says, and join uTest! It's a great way to gain real world testing experience and earn a bit of money along the way.

    I had never heard of uTest until Mikhail mentioned it to me; I only joined in March 2012 and began as a "Rated" tester (like everyone). It took me about 3 test cycles to learn the ropes and figure out what was going on, and I had quite a few rejected bugs as a result. Still, I made $40.00 my first month. Once I started to catch on, however, by learning more about how uTest and bug submissions worked, my performance improved significantly!

    In month 2, I earned $83.00. Most importantly, I started realizing the importance of finding "Exceptionally Valuable" and "Very Valuable" bugs. Not only are payouts higher but your tester rating increases faster than finding just any bug.

    Now in Month 3, I've made $149.00, not counting bugs that have been "Approved" but are still pending payment for the current test cycle. Once the cycle closes, I expect to earn closer to $200. Not only that but, to my surprise, I was just designated a "Favorite" tester by one customer, because 6 of the 7 bugs I found in one cycle were classified as "Very Valuable". As a word of encouragement, my 6 "Very Valuable" bugs were more than any other tester for a particular test cycle - and all the other testers were rated higher than me at "Gold," "Silver" and "Bronze". When tester ratings update tomorrow (Friday), I'm hoping mine climbs to at least "Proven". (BTW - payout amounts per bug increase beginning at the "Bronze" level).

    After joining uTest, the 2 biggest tips I can pass along are: 1) make sure you DO NOT SUBMIT DUPLICATE BUGS, and; 2) make sure you STAY WITHIN SCOPE.

    These were my 2 biggest mistakes when I started, and my rating suffered as a result. I now constantly refer to both the "Known Bugs" list and the "Scope and Instructions" for all test cycles. Also, whenever possible, I focus my efforts on finding what I think the customer would consider to be "Very Valuable" bugs (at a minimum), over finding just any bug.


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      I am new in here. Please, give me advice on I live in Russia and want to benefit from
      Should I find somebody in US (US resident) to sign up at this web site for me or better not to? What do you think?


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        Hi, I am trying to log in to
        using this
        login: taulia
        and nothing happened.
        maybe something change?
        Thank you.