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    #1. Look at the $$$ to determine if the position is manual ($20-40) or about automation ($45
    -50 per hour)

    #2. Recruiter have NO expertise. Tell them all it takes to have your resume submitted to the

    #3. You DO NOT compare yourself to anybody in "the same" situation

    a). Post your resume on: Dice, Monster, careerbuilder, Indeed, Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter
    b). Update profiles every day
    c). 4 profile fields which matter: Current Position, Desired Position, Skills, Resume

    Tell me about the company (NEVER take anything from their website):
    - Specialty/Focus
    - located in ...
    - established ... years ago
    - employs ... people with another ... working remotely
    - Business model?
    - profitable/startup/going public/private

    Sugaring factory company:
    - Cosmetic products company selling their products to wholesale & retail customers
    - They specialize in high end organic and ecological cosmetics
    - Located in Los Altos, CA
    - Incorporated in US in 2016, but first it was established in Russia 10 years ago
    - The company employs 30+ people locally and 2 developers in Germany working remotely
    - They make money out of cosmetic sales, not as a software developer
    - They are very profitable
    ================================================== ===
    - who is it developed for?
    - technical details
    - major features
    - competition
    - what makes it competitive

    Sugaring factory application:
    - web-based, e-commerce application for selling proprietory cosmetic products wholesale &
    - Developed in JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS. It uses MySQL database.
    - The major features are: creating accounts, searching the catalog, shopping cart, payments
    - The application has no cempetition since is sells proprietory products

    ==================TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF=====================
    - Education
    - Work Experience
    - Why career change?
    - Why QA (internship /= job market)?
    - Ho do you see yourself in 5 years
    - What do you expect from that internship?
    - Why should we hire you?
    My name is Shakib
    I have masters in Computer Science from Japan
    I worked as a software developer for Fujitsu and IBM. I worked in QA and Project
    management for good companies. I tried myself as a real estate agent and got seriously
    disappointed. I do belond to the IT field.
    I am not new to QA - it was the happiest part of my life in IT.
    As of today I want to be well prepared to re-entering the job market. And I look forward to use
    the internship opportunity to grow my marketability. I am willing to go an extra mile, two miles,
    5 miles to achieve my career goal, to claim my professional life back.