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Does the School guarantee internship?

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  • Does the School guarantee internship?

    We have requests for internships coming every week. For the last 2-3 years the number of requests exceeds substantially the number of students we have available.

    At the same time if you are interested in internship you have less opportunities if your availability is limited. The most common limitations are:
    • not driving a car
    • not willing to drive 20-30 minutes one way
    • lack of fluency in English
    • accepting only paid internships
    • not having employment authorization (not a show stopper though)

    And, of course, the stronger you are technically – the more companies are interested in you. So, being a good student helps a lot.

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    Because of the recession we are being asked if internships are still available. The answer is YES. We do have enough internships for all the students in the school. The percentage of paid internships is lower though than before the recession.

    Keep up the hard work.