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Resume preparation appointment - how to prepare

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  • Resume preparation appointment - how to prepare

    Internship Resume
    1. Bring your existing resume in electronic format ONLY. No paper copies, please
    2. If you never had a resume - make one. We need as a minimum your address, education, places where you worked and what you did there.
    3. Email the resume to school (AT) before the appointment
    4. Make sure you come 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled time, not after

    Job Market Resume
    Before you call to schedule the appointment the school has to receive by mail the following:
    - SUMMARY of all the weekly reports submitted while doing the internship
    - story about the internship company (5-10 sentences)
    - story about the application you tested (5-10 sentences)

    Both stories MUST be written in your own wording - no copy-paste from the company web site.
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