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Energy-Telecom Service Bug report

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  • Energy-Telecom Service Bug report

    1. "ZIP" should not contain letters.
    2."Contact information" section: "ZIP" should not accept input of letters
    3."Cel Phone Service" in my mothly bill is approximately - Invalid data letters accepted.
    4. The Default input focus is not specified.
    5."Contact information" section: "First name" field should not accept symbols and digits.
    6."Contact information" section: "Last name" field should not accept symbols and digits.
    7."Contact information" section: "State" list box should have 50 state instead of 49.
    8."Contact information" section: "State" list box are not properly sorted in alphabetical order.
    9."Cel Phone Service" section:" "Current provider" ​​​​​​list box are not properly sorted in alphabetical order.
    10.Clicking on button "Clear" does not clear, the focus shows error message :Error 17896 - Invalid data request. Please call technical support or restart your computer !!!

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    1. Field “Street address”accept 93 characters instead of 255.
    2. Field “ Email” accept emails without “@”
    3. Field “ Reffered by” indicates as required field.
    4. “ Cell phone service” label. Field “ My Monthly Bill is Approximately ” accept letters instead of digits only.
    5. In the list of states, incorrect abbrreviation for the state Indiana. “IND” instead of “IN”
    6. The list of the states Is not sorted alphabetically.
    7. After pushing the button “Clear” showes error 17896
    8. Label “ Home Security Service” , in List “ Current Provider” names are not sorted alphabetically.
    9. Lable “Cell Phone Service” . You can choose both answers “ I am happy with my current provider” and “ I am open to using different provider which are mutually exclusive.


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      1.First Name field accepts 30 characters instead of 31.
      2.Last Name field accepts 30 characters instead of 31.
      3.Street Address field field accepts 100 characters instead of 255.
      4.Zip field accepts more than 5 characters.
      5.Email field accept 1063 characters instead of 255.
      6.State field values should be listed in alphabetical order
      7."Referred by" field is not required field.
      8.User should move to the next logical field or Left-Right or Top-Bottom when pressing Tab keyboard button.
      9.Email field should accepts data in email format only.
      10.Email field is not required.
      11.Clicking on "Clear" button causes error message.
      12.Confused error message appears when clicking on "Clear" button.
      13."Submit" button and "Clear" button have different size and font style
      14. "Other" should be deleted from State field list.


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        Report is in the attached file.
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          1. "Email" input is not forced to be field in.
          2. "Cell phone service"/"Current provider:" list box missing "Other".
          3. In "Cell phone service"/ "My monthly bill is approximately:" "$" cells value is not provided in only common format (letters can be used).
          4. In "High Speed Internet Service"/"Type of service:"
          5. "* Email" is not enforced as required field.
          6. "* State:" list box is not in alphabetical order.
          7. "Cell Phone Service"/"Months left on current contract:" list box is missing "11", "12".
          8. System enforce to fill in field "Referred by:". Missing "*".