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  • Utest-Related

    In that topic I am bringing together the valuable points from the accidentally deleted topic, which we started in 2012

    Mikhail: - all the students of both online and on-campus classes are required to register to take part in real life testing of web-based and mobile applications. That topic is dedicated to discussions an opinions on how to use that resource effectively.

    I encourage everyone to do as Mikhail says, and join uTest! It's a great way to gain real world testing experience and earn a bit of money along the way.

    I had never heard of uTest until Mikhail mentioned it to me; I only joined in March 2012 and began as a "Rated" tester (like everyone). It took me about 3 test cycles to learn the ropes and figure out what was going on, and I had quite a few rejected bugs as a result. Still, I made $40.00 my first month. Once I started to catch on, however, by learning more about how uTest and bug submissions worked, my performance improved significantly!

    In month 2, I earned $83.00. Most importantly, I started realizing the importance of finding "Exceptionally Valuable" and "Very Valuable" bugs. Not only are payouts higher but your tester rating increases faster than finding just any bug.

    Now in Month 3, I've made $149.00, not counting bugs that have been "Approved" but are still pending payment for the current test cycle. Once the cycle closes, I expect to earn closer to $200. Not only that but, to my surprise, I was just designated a "Favorite" tester by one customer, because 6 of the 7 bugs I found in one cycle were classified as "Very Valuable". As a word of encouragement, my 6 "Very Valuable" bugs were more than any other tester for a particular test cycle - and all the other testers were rated higher than me at "Gold," "Silver" and "Bronze". When tester ratings update tomorrow (Friday), I'm hoping mine climbs to at least "Proven". (BTW - payout amounts per bug increase beginning at the "Bronze" level).

    After joining uTest, the 2 biggest tips I can pass along are: 1) make sure you DO NOT SUBMIT DUPLICATE BUGS, and; 2) make sure you STAY WITHIN SCOPE.

    These were my 2 biggest mistakes when I started, and my rating suffered as a result. I now constantly refer to both the "Known Bugs" list and the "Scope and Instructions" for all test cycles. Also, whenever possible, I focus my efforts on finding what I think the customer would consider to be "Very Valuable" bugs (at a minimum), over finding just any bug.

    Before I even start
    Guys use that site
    I got two approved bugs using this site
    And potential for three more but i cant post more than 4 bugs in learn cycle in utest

    ================================================== ==

    For all new users on utest (from my short expirience) to get started :

    Rule #1: Dont panic.
    If you still panic look at the Rule #1

    ================================================== ==


    1. Give real email (confirmation reqiered) and answer the question they ask Complete your whole profile
    2. I mark all N/A about skills, but for all other stuff i choose whatever best for my hardware/software/languages
    3. Accept the test cycle on utest when you will get notification
    4. Click on "class of june27" in your case date will change of cose see what you will need to test by clicking on scope and instructions

    ================================================== ====

    Utest GUI
    What you can do (you can do more i just giving small hints)

    -Search only for your bugs or search for everybody bugs
    -Search bug according keyword for example "Login error" (very helpful to avid duplicate bug)
    -You can edit/discard the bug (system will delete bug if you will click on "discard)
    -Check messages and discussion threads

    ================================================== ==

    Bugs report

    1. Start testing whatever you got to test right away the more you waiting more chance for duplicate bugs
    2. Test only pages that contain main page adress. = no go
    3.Dont test in IE6 environment
    4. Before report the bug check if somebody dont posted it already (Use the search field on bugs reported page)
    5. Keep format for Title of bug report: "Where the bug are ?" Example: Very top part of the site.Link for Teams. "What is the bug?" Example: Link open 404Notfound Page
    6. Post only 4 bugs Even if one bug rejected dont post one instead
    7. For report bug report click on "file bug" and follow the steps
    8. If all bugs that you find already find out by other members, keep trying, now its like fishing. Later you join the cycle, more deeply you wiil need to dig to find worthfull bug

    just an advise :
    • right them down on paper
    • dont rush to report your very first bug you find (you overexcited about first one)
    • if you not sure if that bug most likely that not a bug double check and reproduce each bug - remember you have only 4 bugs to choose - make really good choice
    • Choose most valueable/important/critic using your own priority scale
    • Check if somebody not posted the same bug already
    • When you sure post it right away before somebody will do it on same test cycle (there is not that much velueable bugs on same site for 120 testers)
    • Wait for response from Team Leader Bug will be on "new" "aproved" or "rejected" status (you will get email about status from team leader)
    • Guys use that site I got two approved bugs using only simple guidelines


    Test Case

    In general : they will give you scenario about same site you tested for bugs: Test case About 4-5 steps
    Example "Click on link" --- "Do you see new page opened?" you should choose by clicking on Passed/Fail
    1) Claim your test case ONLY FOR ONE ENVIRONMENT dont claim test cases for IE9,Chrome etc Only for one of them
    2) You will get general explanation about test case Example of scenario using - dont do nothing just look at that
    3) After you claimed test case got to that test case and push START
    4) Follow the scenario they giving you and answer PASS/FAIL
    5) Pay attention for what kind of screenshot they asking (attach them using brows button at the top of test case)

    If somebody think that i wrote something wrong tell me i will edit the post
    If i knew all that before i can avoid one rejected bug.

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    Thanks for valuable tips.
    Much appreciated!
    Good luck in future life.