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    TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF (2 minutes)
    - Education
    - Work Experience
    - Why career change?
    - Why QA?
    - How do you see yourself in 3-5 years from now
    - What do you expect from that internship?

    1. Clearance -
    - come prepared
    - do not dig too deep
    - do not do any drafts
    2. Intenship interviews
    - make clear to Sofia what your limitations are
    - remind about yourself/no terror
    - be reasonable/flexible
    - you decide if you go there
    - we cannot manage $$ part
    3. Internship is an opportunity to move up
    - it is not about being hired right there
    - every day try to add to your stories
    * tell me about the company
    * tell me about the application tested
    * what is your typical business day
    * the bug you are proud of
    * describe a challenge you overcame
    * my resume bullets (Resume Bullets & How to write your resume) videos
    4. Job market clearance
    - master the questions -
    - separate qa questions/concepts from how they are done in the internship company
    5. Job market
    - no deviation from the rules - "Creating DICE Profile / Job Search Checklist" video
    - dice, monster, careerbuilder, glassdoor, ziprecruiter - see
    - keywords: what you know + what brings people
    - 50% match rule for sending resumes
    - do not look for 100% match
    - Contribution: (not about skills)
    * Passion for quality
    * Want to be someone who makes the difference in software testing
    * Willing to go for an extra mile or 2 or 5 to achieve my goals
    * Define myself as a contributor to the team effort
    * Can do attitude
    * I bring a curious and creative mind

    - Desired position
    - Current position
    - Skills
    - Resume