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Bug reports on Taulia and/or Energy-Telecom applications (class 05/14/19)

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  • Bug reports on Taulia and/or Energy-Telecom applications (class 05/14/19)

    Taulia Bug Report

    1. Invalid format of info in "Due date" and "PO#" sections.
    2. Date of Invoice #1122339546 doesn't match with the date range of "Invoice date" picker (Search parameters)
    3. Invalid info "Showing 422 invoices" on top of the invoices list (bad UI)
    4. Invalid number of invoices (the number of pages and the number of invoices per page don't make 422 invoices)
    5. 11 invoices per page instead of 10
    6. The list: Filter "Type" is needless (the list is located in "invoices" folder)
    7. The list: Filter "Amount" doesn't work properly
    8. Search my invoices: Most of search parameters are missing colons
    9. Misprints in the list: "invoce #" (name of filter) and "Rejcted" (under "Status" filter)
    10. Search parameters: the icon to the right of "Purchase order" label doesn't provide any info after pointing with cursor.

    Energy-Telecom Bug Report

    1. Missing default input focus
    2. Tabbing is done in incorrect order
    3. "Contact Information" section: in the "State" dropdown list states provided not in alphabetical order
    4. "Contact Information" section: in the "State" list box abbreviation of Indiana is incorrect (IND instead of IN)
    5. "Contact Information" section: the label "Referred by" is not marked as required, but the app takes it for a required one
    6. "Contact Information" section: "ZIP" field accepts non existing zip codes (00000)
    7. "High speed internet service" section: "Wireless Aircard" radio button doesn't fit with others
    8. "High speed internet service" section: "Provider" field is pushable only while "Wireless Aircard" radio button is selected
    9. "Home Security Service" section: fields "Current Provider" and "My monthly bill is approximately" are not pushable
    10. "Gas and Electric Services" section: options in the "Current Provider:" dropdown list are not in alphabetical order