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International Calling section: Test ideas. 04/26/18

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  • International Calling section: Test ideas. 04/26/18

    • Phone Power company provides 3 phone plans, where each plan has unlimited calling options for 28, 75, 87 countries. World Plus Plan includes all countries from World Plan and extra 47 different countries, World Premium includes all countries from World Plus and extra 12 countries.
    World Plan - Free calls to 28 countries
    World Plus Plan - Free calls to 75 countries----WPlus=World + 47 countries
    World Premium Plan - Free calls to 87 countries----WPremium=Wplus + 12 countries
    • 218 countries are available for calls.
    • Each country that is not free for a certain plan has own rates.
    • Rates varies from plan to plan.
    • "Free countries per Plan": 3 plans with a list of free countries per plan geographically organized.
    • "Rates by Phone Number": user can find call rates for any of 3 plans by providing a phone number. Search form has 3 required fields (prefix, country code, phone number). Search form has 2 drop-down lists with default values.
    • "Rate Finder by Country": has 2 drop-down lists
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