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Taulia Bug report class 08/09/2018

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    the text can't be placed here. Please, see the attachement.
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      #1 inconsistency in the menu at the header ( User Manager Profile Help Logout)
      #2 1122339546 should not be displayed-- invoice dated 1-Oct-2011 ( Do not belong to search result )
      #3 1122339225 -- status is misspelled Rejected versus Rejcted
      #4 Labels in "Search my invoices" missing collons
      #5 due date column contains unknown format of the date
      #6 First 4 results column amount have different format of decimal separator dot and comma
      #7 pager is missing page number 5
      #5 422 results is showing but only 32 pages (10*32=322)
      #6 button "Actions" is missing for 11th invoice.


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        1. In "Search my invoice", labels don't have colons.

        2. In the search results, misspelled column name "Invoce #"
        3. In the search results, 11 search results instead of 10 as per "Results per page" list box.

        4. Wrong TAB order after "Purchase order"
        5. Wrong TAB order after "Results per page"
        6. "Hide search parameters" doesn't work
        7. In the search results, wrong sorting by Amount. $22,376.00 goes after $22,409.37

        8. In the search results, wrong data in "Due Date" column

        9. In the search results, the last result row, no "Actions" button.

        10. In the search results, there are invoices beyond "Invoice date" period.

        11. In the search results, first row, the "Status" column, misspelled word "Rejcted"

        12. In the search results, wrong data in the "PO #" column.

        13. "Showing 422 invoices" label is incorrect because 32 pages are not enough to accommodate that many search results.


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          1. Label of column "Due Date" and "PO #" are misplaced;
          2. Label of column "Amount has exciss element (triangle), which is unusable;
          3. Inconsistency of amount of "Showing 442 invoices" and amount of pages (32 pages with 11 invoices on each of them)
          4. Eleventh line in Data Grid doesn't have an "Action" button;
          5. Third line in Data Grid is exceed of chosen period;
          6. Seventh line in Data Grid is exceed of chosen period;
          7. Tenth line in Data Grid is exceed of chosen period;
          8. Misspelling in column label "Invoce #";
          9. Seventh and eighth lines not in an ascending sequence by "Amount" column;
          10. Missed colons after Lables in "Search my invoices";


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            Bug Report for Taulia.

            1. The absence of button "Аctions" in raw #11 in column #9
            2. There are 32 pages of searching instead of 43.
            3. User gets wrong search result by "Invoice date" in raw #7 column #3.
            4. Columns "Due date" and "PO#" are mixed up.
            5. There are 11 raws of searching instead of 10.
            6. There is no colons.
            7. Missed letter "i" in the word "invoice" in the name of first column.
            8. Missed letter e in the word rejected in the first raw sevens column.


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              Taulia GUI bug report

              1. In "Search my invoices" label "Invoice number", is missing colon at the end..
              2. In "Search my invoices" label "Customer" is missing colon at the end.
              3. In "Search my invoices" label "Purchase order" is missing colon at the end.
              4. In "Search my invoices" label "Invoice date" is missing colon at the end.
              5. In "Search my invoices" label "Invoice status" is missing colon at the end.
              6. In "Search my invoices" label "Results per page" is missing colon at the end.
              7. In list-box "Invoice status" only one option "All".
              8. Header "Invoce#" misspelled, Should be "Invoice#".
              9. Headers "Due Date" and "PO#" are interchanged.
              10.In column "Payment" numbers are in unclear format.


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                Tulia bug report[LIST=1][*]In the section