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    Here is the instruction for the group:

    Next Online class is scheduled for December 6, 2018:

    We have 3 live sessions a week - Mon, Tue, Thu - 6-7pm California (PST) time. All the sessions are recorded in case you miss a session or want to repeat that session. We are using GoToWebinar tool to run the sessions. There is no installation involved on your side.

    To start the session teacher sends a link to the group in Skype. Students click on the link and there will be new window opening with teacher's screen inside.

    First 3 sessions are a trial - there is no charge to take part in that. After 3 sessions students decide if they want to continue. Those who stay will pay $1,000 by credit card, PayPal, or by mailing in a check. Students can repeat the course unlimited number of times at no extra charge.

    There are 3 major modules in the program:
    - Software QA, 20 sessions (includes 5 sessions on Job Search)
    - Testing Mobile Applications, 10 sessions
    - Life Software (mobile & web application) Testing Projects, 10 sessions

    Besides live/recorded 40 sessions participants have lifetime access to the School's video library with 100+ hours of videos on QA, Test Automation with Selenium/Webdriver, JavaScript, SQL, Mobile Testing, HTML, XML, etc.

    The school does your resumes, certificates, references for the projects

    How to prepare to your first session:
    1. Go to page. We keep there recordings of the first 3 sessions for the most recent online groups.
    2. Scroll down to the Session 1 section and start first with the Homework part. Watch the webinar, learn the interview questions and answers, take the quiz, etc.
    3. After completing the Homework - watch the recorded webinar in the Session 1 title line.

    With that work done you are ready to fully benefit from the first LIVE session on December 6, 2018