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Energy-Telecom bug report class December 6 2018

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    1. Section "Contact information": invalid a Tab order logic: actual is "First name" field -> "Referred by" field.
    2. Section "Contact information": "Last name", "Street address", "Zip" fields: width not aligned on right side.
    3. Section "Digital Phone Service with Video Phone": inconsistent checkbox alignment on the left side.
    4. Section "Gas and Electric Services": "I am opento using different provider" checkbox: space character is missing in "opento" phrase.
    5. "Submit" and "Clear" buttons: buttons size and font size are distinguished.


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      1. "First Name" text field accepts 30 characters only instead of 31.
      2. "Last Name" text field accepts 30 characters only instead of 31.
      3. "Street Address" text field accepts 100 characters only instead of 250.
      4. "City" text field accepts 49 characters instead of 50.
      5. "State" list box provides 49 states instead of 50.
      6. "State" list box provides not existing state "BC" in USA.
      7. "State" list box doesn't have "HI" state.
      8. "State" list box: "IND" misspelled, should be "IN".
      9. "State" list box should have "NV" state.
      10. "Zip Code" text field shoudn't accept letters.
      11. "Email" text field should accept no more than 255 characters.
      12. "Referred by" text field doesn't have asterisk next to it, but behaves as a required field.
      13. Asterisk next to "Email" is blue, while others are red.
      14. "Clear" button pops up with an irrelevant error message if pushed.
      15. Default button is not consistent from choice to choice in the application.
      16. "Clear" button's form should match "Submit" button.
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