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December 6, 2018 class TAULIA GUI BUG REPORTS

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  • AVE
    Bug Repot is here
    Last edited by AVE; 12-15-2018, 05:01 PM.

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  • DariaMelnicenco
    1. Text field " From amount " the only one which has ( : )
    2. Column name " Invoice " misspelled
    3. There should be " 10 results per page " , but there 11 rows on the page
    4. The information is switched in " Due Date " and " PO # " columns
    5. In the " Amount " column the sort is not in order " $22,409.37 should be after $22,376.00 "
    6. In the column " Status " the word " Rejected " is misspelled
    7. In the " Number of pages " line " 5 " is missing

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  • Mariyka
    1. Column "Amount" should be sorted out as per descending value.
    2. Values in the column "Due date" should be presented in calendar number.
    3. Value in the column "P.O. number" must consist of numerical number only.
    4. Possible mix-up of the values in columns "Due date" and "P.O. number".
    5. Button "Actions" is not available for the last presented row in "Results" table with the value "Invoice 1122338095".
    6. Table "Results" presents 11 rows of values instead of 10 rows indicated in "Search my invoice" field, "Results per page" drop-down.
    7. Symbol ":" is missing for all labels except label "From amount" in field "Search my invoices".
    8. Column "Amount" is not aligned to numerical value: numbers "$22,409.37" and "$22,376.00" should be rotated.
    9. Word "Rejected" is misspelled in "Status" column, 1st row of "Results" table.
    10. Link with the results of page 5 is missing for "Results" table.
    11. Dates shown in the "Inv. Date" column are inconsistent with dates range indicated in the label " Invoice Date 6/5/2011 - 9/30/2011".
    12. Word "Invoice" is misspelled in the name of "Invoce #" column.
    13. Numbers of results shown in "Results" Table - "Showing 422 invoices" - is inconsistent per table requirements: 10 results per pages, 32 pages total -> 320 results only should be displayed.
    14. Change needed in the label "From amount" to "Amount from:".
    15. Change needed in the label "Invoice date" to "Invoice Date from:".
    16. Drop-down list is limited to one customer "General electric" in "Customer" label, field "Search my invoices". Other customers might be added.
    17. "Print" button is not available for the page.
    18. "Save" button is not available for the page.
    19. Label is missing for the column with "Actions" buttons in "Results" table.
    20. Input for "Invoice number" label allows letters and special characters, not numbers only.
    21. Input for "From amount" and "to" labels allows letters and special characters, not numbers only.
    22. Input or choosing option for drop-down list is not available for "Invoice date" and "to" labels.
    23. Currency data is missing for labels "From amount" and "to".
    24. Values in column "Inv. Date" show inconsistent format with label "Invoice date".
    25. Values in column "PO #" show inconsistent format with label "Invoice date".
    26. Binocular icon located in the lane of "Purchase order" label has no tooltip.
    27. Input in the "Invoice status" label is limited to one value - "ALL". No other options available.
    28. Input in the "Results per page" label is limited to one value - "10". No other options available.
    29. Column "Type" can be deleted as it consists duplicated and known information.
    30. The order of labels in "Results" table is inconsistent with order of columns shown in "Search my invoices" field.
    31. The name of labels in "Results" table is inconsistent with name of columns shown in "Search my invoices" field.
    32. "Payment" column has missing values.
    33. Unclear values in "Payment" column in "Results" table.
    34. "Previous" button is not available before numbers of pages showing results.
    35. "Next" button is not available after numbers of pages showing results.

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  • uly
    Taulia Bugs

    #1 Column's title "Invoce #" is misspelled. Correct: "Invoice#".
    #2 Word "Rejcted" is misspelled: 1st cell of the column "Status". Correct: "Rejected".
    #3 Missing colon: most of the labels "Search my invoices" (except "From amount:").
    #4 Search by "Result per page" is incorrect: shows 11 results instead of 10.
    #5 Search by "Invoice date" is incorrect: shows results outside the selected range.
    #6 Button "Actions" is missing: last row of "Showing 422 invoices" table.
    #7 Incorrect results' format: column "Due Date": should be a date format
    #8 Incorrect results' format "PO #": shouldn't be a date format
    #9 Incorrect results' format: "Payment": unclear what it means, looks like year-time format "2011-1248"
    #10 Inconstancy of an icon "binoculars": labels "Purchase order" and "Invoice number"
    #11 Page #5 is missing: bottom of the "Showing 422 invoices" table.
    #12 Incorrect number of invoices or pages: table "Showing 422 invoices" on 32 pages (32x10=320, or 32x11=352)
    #13 Decimal separator is missing: label "From amount:": "1000000"
    #14 Incorrect sort order: column "Amount": "$22,409.37" goes before lower number "$22,376.00"
    #15 Incorrect date format: table "Showing 422 invoices": columns "Inv. Date", "Due Date". Correct: (MM/DD/YYYY)
    #16 Title of a label "From amount" should begin with a noun: Correct "Amount from:"

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  • Helenla512
    Bug Report For Taulia Application

    1. Page Numbers at the footer is missing a page #5
    2. Misspelled word "Invoce #" in the title of the first column
    3. All labels (except "from amount" in "Search my invoices" section is missing colon following labels
    4. "Results per page" lists "10 results" but 11 results appear
    5. "Amount" column: sort order violated- $22,409.37 should go after $22,376.00, not before
    6. "Status" column, first cell: misspelled word "Rejcted" instead of "Rejected"
    7. Drop down menu does not work for "Invoice status"
    8. "Due Date" column: values should be provided in a common date format
    9. "PO #" column: values should be provided in a common "PO #" format, not date format
    10. "Invoice date" range is between "6/5/2011 - 9/30/2011" but results show an invoice on "1-Oct-2011" which is out of chosen range of dates

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  • id.boyarkin
    Taulia GUI Bug Report
    1. All labels in Invoices folder except From amount does not has colon ':' on the end;
    2. The results table has 11 rows, but default search setting has 10 results per page;
    3. Last 11th rows in results table has not button Actions;
    4. Column Due date in results table has incorrect date format;
    5. Label Invoice # in results table has grammatical mistake;
    6. The link for page 5 on the bottom in results page is missing (each 5th pages is missing in results table);
    7. Status Rejected in results table has grammatical mistake;
    8. Column PO # in results table has incorrect data (dates, plus 30 days for Inv.Date).
    Last edited by id.boyarkin; 12-12-2018, 11:23 AM.

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  • Janie Alelperov

    1. In "Search my invoices" section observe inconsistentcy in Labels followed by colon.
    2. In "Search my invoices" section observe label["Invoice date" text field "to" text field] missing "from" to indicate the range of dates.
    3. Observe the inconsistentcy in the Date Format between "Search my invoices" and "Showing 422 invoices" [6/5/2011 and 29-Aug-2011]
    4. "Results per page" are searched by 10, displays 11 rows per page.
    5. In "Showing 422 invoices" table link to page 5 is missing.
    6. Title colomn "Invoce#" is misspelled should be "Invoice#"
    7. "Action" button is missing in the last (11-th) raw.
    8."Status" colomn, first raw word "Rejcted" is misspelled
    9. Observe: 422 results should lead to 43 pages per 10 rows OR 39 pages per 11 raws. In 32 pages you cant acamodate 422 invoices.
    10.The "Amount"colomn sorted from low to high, there is inconsistentcy in rows 7 and 8

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  • hey-lo
    Taulia Bug Reports - class 12/06/2018

    1. Area - Top menu (navigation)
    Description: missed space after word "Help" before divider.
    Expected result: spaces after words before dividers are equal
    Actual result: the space after word "Help" is absent

    2. Area - Search fields
    Description: Search field labels does not have colons at their ends.
    Expected result: Every search field label has colons at its end.
    Actual result: At the end of search field label colons are absent

    3. Area - Invoice data
    Description: Wrong searching result within the date limits.
    Expected result: To show invoices between 6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011 only
    Actual result: It shows invoice 1-Oct-2011 (10/1/2011)

    4. Area - Incorrect quantity of shown invoices
    Description: search field contains an inquiry for 10 invoices per page, but we can see 11 of them
    Expected result: 10 invoices per page
    Actual result: 11 invoices per page

    5. Area - Column "Invoice"
    Description: The word "Invoice" is misspelled
    Expected result: The word "Invoice" is spelled correctly
    Actual result: The word "Invoice" spelled without letter "i"

    6. Area - Column"PO #"
    Description: The "PO #"column contain date instead of proper data
    Expected result: The "PO #"column contains numbers
    Actual result: The "PO #"column contain dates

    7. Area - Column "Due Date"
    Description: The "Due Date" column contains set of numbers instead of date
    Expected result: The "Due Date" column contains dates
    Actual result: The "Due Date" column contains numbers

    8. Area - Column "Status"
    Description: On the first line of column "Status" stay misspelled word "Rejected"
    Expected result: The word "Rejected" spelled correctly
    Actual result: The word "Rejected" spelled without letter "e"

    9. Area - Pagination
    Description: Missed page #5
    Expected result: Pagination contains page #5
    Actual result: page #5 is missing

    10. Area - Number of results and pagination
    Description: Discrepancy between number of results and number of pages. If you have 422 results and put them invoices per page, they will take more, than 32 pages
    Expected result: 422 invoices should take 43 pages (10 invoices per page)
    Actual result: All results are take 32 pages

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  • Yuliya_777
    1. GUI suggestion: no sequence in the graphic image (design) of adjacent web elements in "Search my invoices" section: text fields are rectangles with white background and list boxes are rectangles with rounded edges and gray gradient background.

    2. Missing of colon characters after the label "Invoice number" in "Search my invoices" section.

    3. Missing of colon characters after the label "Customer" in "Search my invoices" section.

    4. Missing of colon characters after the label "Purchase order" in "Search my invoices" section.

    5. Missing of colon characters after the label "Invoice date" in "Search my invoices" section.

    6. Missing of colon characters after the label "Invoice status" in "Search my invoices" section.

    7. Missing of colon characters after the label "Results per page" in "Search my invoices" section.

    8. The confusing TAB order: input goes out from "Results per page" list box in "Search my invoices" section to Address line.

    9. Misspelling of the folder name "Invoce" in "Showing 422 invoices" section.

    10. There are 11 lines of results in "Showing 422 invoices" section instead of 10.

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  • Elenwojt
    Баг репорт taulia

    Missing colons after all labels, except

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  • Zarina Lee
    Taulia Bug Reports
    1. Each label besides "From amount" has no colon character at the end.
    2. The amount in the field "To amount" is not separated by commas.
    3. The placement of the day and month in the field "Invoice date-To" is in the wrong sequence.
    4. 11 search results are available, while only 10 are specified in the "Results per page" list box.
    5. On the table header "Showing 422 invoices" there is a wrong total amount, the amount should be 352.
    6. The word "invoice" is misspelled in the field of the names of the columns spreadsheet.
    7. There is a missing push button "Actions" in the spreadsheet.
    8. There is a missing number "5" in the pagination.
    9. The placement of column "Due date" and column " Po#" in the spreadsheet is mixed up.
    10. Each amount in column 'Amount" in the spreadsheet is separated with dots instead of commas.
    11. The hand cursor icon is not appearing when you move the mouse cursor to the pagination.
    12. The field after the label "invoice number" allows letters.
    13. The field after the label " from amount" allows letters.
    14. The field "from amount -To" allows letters.

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  • Oiuna
    1. The "Logout" label should be spelled as "Log out"
    2. There is missing "colon character" in the end of the labels, except the "From amount:" label
    3. Misspelling in the header of first column, should be " Invoice #" instead of "Invoce #"
    4. The values of columns "Due date" and "PO #" are swapped
    5. Misspelling in the first value of "Status"column should be "Rejected" instead of "Rejcted"
    6. There is no "Action" button for the invoice # 1122338095
    7. The results should not include any of October dates according to the search parameters
    8. Missing page # 5 in the sequence of pages
    9. The last page # should be 43 according to the search parameters
    10. Should be shown only 10 results per page instead of 11 as it is now

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  • Konstantin_Kuznetcov
    1. "Invoice number" text field, "Customer" list box, "Purchase order" text field, Invoice date", "Invoice status", "Results per page" don't have ":" symbol
    2. Search parameter "Result per Page" set on amount 10, but in fact shows 11 resultes;
    3. Data in colums "Inv.Date" and "Due Date" are swaped;
    4. Column "Inv.Date" has date 1-Oct-2011, it isn't satisfied of search parameter;
    5. In the bottom of page we see indicator in which page we are, where skiped number "5"

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  • darya.mykhalchuk
    Bug Report for "Energy-Telecom Service Review"
    1. In Dropdown list "State" there is a "BC" list item which cannot be applied to any of the USA states abbreviation.
    2. Dropdown list "State" doesn't have the full list of the US states.
    3. In the "Cell Phone Service" section the "Current provider" dropdown list does not have "Other" list item.
    4. "I am happy with my current provider" and "I am open to using different provider" checkboxes under "Current provider" label in the "Cell Phone Service" section are logically incompatible.
    5. Dropdown list "Months left on current contract" in Cell Phone Service is missing "Other" item.
    6. "I like my handset", "I am interested in updating my handset", " I am interested in a wireless card for my laptop" in the Cell Phone Service are all checkboxes that creates logical disagreement.
    7. In Cell Phone Service labels "Minutes on plan" and "Number of phones on plan" aren't lined correctly.
    8. In High Speed Internet Service
    9. "Type of service" radio in High Speed Internet Service has a "Wireless Aircard" checkbox.
    10. In High Speed Internet Service text field "Provider" is useless because user will answer in the "Current provider" dropdown list that is above.
    11. Dropdown list "Months left on plan" in TV Service is missing "Other" list item.
    12. "Gas and Electric Services": In the "Current provider" dropdown list we observe an "Edison" list item that doesn't provide gas service. Dropdown list should be changed to list box or divided into couple checkboxes for different type of services.
    13. Checkbox "I am opento using different provider" in Gas and Electric Services has a misprint.
    Last edited by darya.mykhalchuk; 12-11-2018, 06:11 PM.

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  • Shmil93

    1.The label "invoice number " - allows letters and spacial characters .
    2.All of the labels except the label " from amount " does not end with a colon.
    3.The label "from amount " allows letters and special characters .
    4.The push button " action" on the 11th row is missing.
    5.User gets 11 result per page instead 10 default values.
    6.Page number 5 in the pagination is missing .
    7.In the "invoice date " text field , the date ranges from " 6/5/2011- 9/30/2011" but in the 7th row under " invcoie dates " column one of the dates passed 9\30\2011
    8.The word "invoice" in the invoice column is misspelled.
    9.The digits under the "due date " column do not make sense in their form .
    10.TAB order commend ends after the label "Results per page" and doesn't continue.

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