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  • brothersUSA
    OS: Windows 7

    1. field "Results per page" shows 10 results, but on the page 11 results
    2. first invoice "1122339225" has 1 missed letter at "Status" field. "Rej_cted"
    3. Field "Invoice" has missed 1 letter. "Invo_ce"
    4. "Showing 422 invoices" - we have 32 pages, 10 results at each page - total 320 results.
    where 102 more results?
    5. no "Actions" button for last invoce "1122338095"
    6. logo have to be home page button
    7. no page №5
    8. invoice "1122339546" with October dates. This is incorrect for "Invoice date"
    9. "Due Date" shows digits but no dates
    10. "PO #" shows dates but no numbers
    11. "Amount" for invoice "1122339546" bigger than "Amount" for invoice "1122339134"
    12. Tab order doesn't go to "Search" button

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  • jorman
    "Taulia TM" invoice search page
    Environment: Ubuntu 15.10 , browser: Firefox 43.0.4

    #1. Taulia TM" logo do not provided as a home page button.
    #2. Default input focus are not specified.
    #3. "Hide search parameters" should be logically under all "Search my invoices" data entry fields.
    #4. "Hide search parameters, "Download list" and "Refresh" buttons are not highlighted when they are selected.
    #5. There are more than 10 resolts per page as it is specified in " Results per page"
    #6. Only "From amount" data entry field label has a colon.
    #7. "Type" column, in the table, unnecessary.
    #8. The data in table are not aligned vertically from right with column headings, as it is above at "Search my invoices" box.
    #9. The column with "Actions" doesn't have column heading.
    #10. The right side column with "Actions" at the down row is empty.
    #11. The date format in "Invoice date" specified fields and in the table's columns are different.
    #12. The information in table structured by "amount" but the "1122339546" and "1122339134" invoices have to change places.
    #13. The invoice from "1-Oct-2011" date is out of the range specified in "Invoice date" fields "6/5/2011" to "9/30/2011"
    #14. "Download list" and "Refresh" buttons do not fit into entire Web site by style and structure.
    #15. "Due Date" and "PO #" column headings should switch places.
    #16. "Customer", "Invoice status" and "Results per page" do not have more than one option.
    #17. "Invoce #" column heading misspelled, should be "Invoice #".
    #18. "Rejcted " sign at the first row of "Status" column, misspelled, correct one "Rejected"
    #19. "Type" column, in the table, unnecessary.
    #20. Number 5 missed from a list of invoice pages.
    #21. There is a space between page number 1 and 2.
    #22. There are two dots instead of ellipsis at the page numbers of invoices.
    #21. The ellipsis is not active to open other pages.

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  • Kristina Dzyuba
    Originally posted by Sergey Makarov View Post
    OS: Windows 10
    Browser: Chrome

    Bugs report Taulia: Search Invoices

    #1. Logo don't provide a link to home page.
    #2. All links and menu items in header block and "Hide search parameters" link don't provide to anything.
    #1. Default input focus are not specified.
    #2. "Search" button is not disabled when we start this page.
    #3. Only one title ("From amount") have a colon.
    #4. Name of column Invoce # - spelling mistake (Invoice).
    #5. Only one column (named Amount) have the possibility of a sorting.
    #6. The values in column "Amount" not matches a sorting that shown a sign near by "Amount".
    #7. The values in column "Amount" unsorted (rows 4 and 5 from below).
    #8. When point mouse over "Actions" button is visually distinguished from other buttons
    #9. The results of columns "Due Date", "PO#", "Amount" and "Payment" not matches their names of columns.
    #10. The column is named "Type" is excess.
    #11. Number "5" in list of invoice's pages is missing.
    #12. Between number 10 and 32 in list of invoice's pages unclickable colon (expect the clickable ellipsis).
    #13. First record, Invoice #: 112233925 in column "Status" word "Rejcted" - spelling mistake (Rejected).
    #14. All column is not aligned.
    #15. In last row button "Actions" is missing.
    1)"Default input focus are not specified." - It's not a must.
    2)"All links and menu items in header block" - are blocked. Two bugs in one description, better to write 2 bug reports of it. Better description - "Hide search parameters" is not clickable.
    5)"Only one column (named Amount) have the possibility of a sorting." - has the ability (or feature) to sort
    6)"The values in column "Amount" not matches a sorting that shown a sign near by "Amount"" - The sorting done is not done in the right order.
    7) You don't need this bug because you've already described the issue in #6
    8)"When point mouse over "Actions" button is visually distinguished from other buttons" - better description - When hover the mouse pointer over "Apply" button the cursor is visually changed.
    10)"The column is named "Type" is excess." - better description - The column "Type" is not appropriate because all we have on the page is the invoices.
    12)"Between number 10 and 32 in list of invoice's pages unclickable colon (expect the clickable ellipsis)" - better description - Between the numbers of the pages 10 and 32 the ellipsis is not clickable.
    Also. Better make 2 bug reports - 1) There are two dots instead of ellipsis. 2) The ellipsis is not clickable.
    Last edited by Kristina Dzyuba; 02-01-2016, 05:04 AM.

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  • SK15
    OS:Windows 10
    Browser chrome

    1. The button next to purchase order is not selected when tab is pressed.
    2. Search button is not selected when pressing tab.
    3. Amount is not displayed in descending order .
    4. The result per page selected as 10 but more than 10 results are displayed.
    5. The invoice date is selected between 6/5/2011 and 9/30/2011 but in the result out of range dates are displayed.
    6. The " Invoce # " is misspelled in result page.
    7. The results in " Due Date" and " PO #" column are not displayed correctly.
    8. The links in page are not working.

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  • blest
    #1. No default button
    #2. No field gets default input focus
    #3. The titles of the "Due date" and "PO #" columns are switched.
    #4. The invoices are sorted by ammount. The Invoice #1122339546 os supposed to be below the invoice #1122339134. The ammount of the first one is grater.
    #5. The pages links on the bottom are missing page #5.
    #6. The fields "Invoice date" and "to" are not editable.
    #7. 11 results per page is displayed. By default it's set to 10.
    #8. "Actions" button is missing in the last invoice (#1122338095) line
    #9. Tab order is incorrect. After "Results per page" feild it goes to "Download list" and it does not go to "Refresh"

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  • Ibra
    1. "Due Date" and "PO #" should be switched.
    2. "Search" button is not working.
    3. In 11 column the "Invoice # 1122338095" doesn't have "Actions" column.
    4. Its not going to other pages.
    5. At the top "Invoce #" is written grammatically wrong should be "Invoice".
    6. It said "showing 422 invoices" but only showing 11 invoices.
    7. When I click "Purchase Orders" its not clicking.
    8. When I click "Home" it not going to home page.
    9. It's not going to "Payments" page.
    10. Not going to "My Details" page.
    11. Not going to "Cash Planner" page.
    12. Not going to "Your Customer" page.
    13. The logo is not taking me to home page.

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  • VadimNYC
    Windows 10
    Google chorme

    #1. There are 12 results on the page but must be 10 per page.
    #2. "Invoice status" field is not allowed to choice any status
    #3. "Invoice date" field is not allowed to input any date
    #4. "Invoice number" supports any symbol
    #5. "Search" button doesn't work
    #6. "Results per page" field is not allowed to choice anything else
    #7. "Due Date"column has incorrect format
    #8. "PO#" column has incorrect format
    #9. "Payment" column has incorrect format

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  • altmn
    - Nothing happens when user clicks ‘Hide search parameters’ button
    - Nothing happens when user clicks ‘Search’ button, either all fields are empty or filled out (NB: all fields aren’t required)
    - Search button next to ‘Purchase order’ field doesn’t work –*nothin happens when you click the binocular, either the field ‘Purchase order’ is empty or filled out
    - Nothing happens when user clicks ‘Download list’ button
    - Nothing happens when user clicks ‘Refresh’ button
    - Titles of columns ‘Invoice #’, ‘Type’, etc are underlined and look like the links, but they’re inactive
    - ‘Actions’ buttons are inactive
    - Numbers of pages in invoices’ list (1-32) are inactive, it’s impossible to chose pages from 2 to 32
    - Fields ‘Customer’, ‘Invoice status’ and ‘Results per page’ are the list boxes, but there’s nothing to chose
    - It’s impossible to input digits or chose a date in date fields

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  • Ajechka
    windows 7 Home premium
    Google Chrome browser
    #1 web page doesnt returns to home page when you press logo

    #2 entry fields INVOICE NUMBER doesnt indicate the amount and the format of data that needs to be entered

    #3 letters can be used in FROM AMOUNT input field

    #4 there is no associated label for each data entry field to help users understand what entries are desired

    #5 there is no default button

    #6 there is no default input

    #7 letters can be used in INVOICE NUMBER input field

    #8 SEARCH button is placed in a bad location, far away from input fields

    #9 there is only one option given to users in check box control, no other possible choices in CUSTOMER , INVOICE STATUS, RESULTS PER PAGE input fiels

    #10 INVOICE DATE input fields dont give user a possibility to enter anything

    #11 SEARCH button doesnt work

    #12 colon punctuation mark : is used after FROM AMOUNT field label

    #13 Hide search parameters button doesnt work

    #14 page numbers dont work

    #15 binocular symbol in PURCHASE ORDER field removes all the data entered


    #17 spelling mistake , should be INVOICE# instead of INVOCE#

    #18 INVOICE DATE field is not specified, there is no format for date input like month/date/year or date/month/year

    #19 letters can be used in PURCHASE ORDER input field

    #20 DUE DATE colomn on the table shows inappropriate result. it should represent dates not just numbers

    #21 ACTIONs buttons on the table are not clickable

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  • sakhibgareevrr
    Taulia website bug report:
    #1. Invoice information is not aligned with captions properly. it is better to show in table format rather than line by line
    #2. Date information in 'Inv. Date' and 'Due Date' has to be aligned right
    #3. Amount information has to be aligned right as well. The 'dot' signs should be in one vertical line
    #4. 'Payment' should be renamed properly - what is it? Payment number?
    #5. 'Due Date' and 'PO' might be changed as captions. It is not consistent with invoice data in columns
    #6. 'Search' button is mis-aligned and currently placed at right bottom corner. It is better to place 'Search' button below 'search' input fields
    #6. 'Search' button collor may not fit page design. At least it shoud look same as 'Actions' buttons
    #7. There are multiple 'Actions' button on each invoice information line. The other way to do it might be to introduce checkbox on each line and put the 'Actions' functionality on 'Showing xxx invoices' navbar say next to Download list
    #8. Pagination #5 is absent at the bottom of invoice search results
    #9. The column 'Type' that shows 'Invoice' can be redundant. We search only invoices so it is known given
    #10. 'Search' button is inactive
    #11. 'Hide search parameters' does not fit page design. It might be represented as a separate button next to 'Search' button
    #12. 'Hide search parameters' is inactive
    #13. Input field 'Results per page' has only one option which is '10'.
    #14. Input field 'Invoice status' has only one option which is 'All'.
    #15. Input field 'Invoice date' can't be modified
    #16. Input field 'From amount' does not have any monetary or dollar sign.
    #17. Any character can be entered in 'From amount' input field. Only numeric 'integer' symbols has to be allowed to enter
    #18. Any character can be entered in 'Purchase Order' input field(if it is a number as far as it can be concluded from the table). It seems like only numeric symbols has to be allowed to enter
    #19. Input field 'Customers' has only one dropdown menu option which is 'General Electric'.
    #20. Any character can be entered in 'Invoice number' input field. Only numeric 'integer' symbols has to be allowed to enter
    #21. Pagination numbers has no active URL reference to navigate. It does not show 'right hand' pointer sign

    Additional Environment Info:
    Windows 10 (10.0.10586 Build 10586) 64-bit
    Chrome Browser 47.0.2526.111 m

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  • Alexandra M
    1. User Manager, Profile, Help, Logout from the top RHS menu have no function and no action results by pressing them
    2. None of the Menu Bar items is functional, it's stuck on "Invoices"
    3. There's no default button
    4. "Hide search parameters" is not functioning
    5. "Invoice number" text box accepts any kind of characters (alphabetic, signs, etc)
    6. "invoice number" text box accepts unlimited number of digits
    7. "Customer" field has arrows on the RHS of the text box which should be disabled/removed since there's no listing of more items, just one "General Electric"
    8. The icon near "Purchase Order" has no functionality
    9. "From amount-- to --" field accepts any other kind of characters (alphabetic, signs, dots, etc), should accept only numeric
    10. Cannot change "invoice Date" values
    11. "Invoice Status" and "Results per page" are not functional, the 2 arrows on the RHS of their text boxes should be disabled/removed since no list of other options is available and the selections made cannot be changed
    12. "Search" button is not functional, even when changing the values in the "From amount" field
    13. Even if "Results per page" is selected 10, the table mentions that is showing 422 invoices while it actually shows 11 invoices in the page
    14.The "Due Date" column items are switched with the items in "PO#" column
    15. Payent dates are missing
    16. The "Actions" buttons are not functioning, you cannot perform any action when pressed
    17. "Download list" and "Refresh" buttons are not functional
    18. The numbers of pages listed at the bottom have buttons appearance but have no function, you cannot move through the other pages of the table

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  • olich333
    Environments: Windows 10
    Browser: Chrome
    1. Tab order is interrupted between “Purchase order” and “From amount”
    2. Invoice number doesn’t work
    3. “Search” button unlikable
    4. No consistency in the order table
    5. “Hide search parameters” button doesn’t work
    6. Input in “Invoice date” not available
    7. Tab order after “results per page” should go to “Search”

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  • gvaheg
    Taulia Search invoices

    1. Tab order is working on find.png image which is on line 179 in the SOURCE CODE. Either we need to make it dotted if it's required or we need just to pass that image.

    2. On line 300 in the SOURCE CODE you need to change "Invoce" to "Invoice".

    3. On line 303 and 304 in the SOURCE CODE the headers are wrong. PO# and Due Date titles need to be swiped.
    Or we need to swipe colums(dates and PO numbers) under the titles.

    4. The table is ordered by the AMOUNT. So the invoice #1122339546 must be after invoice #1122339134.

    5. After line 727 in the Source Code you need to add PAGE number 5, which does not exicst.

    6. There is no limit to the characters we can enter in all the fields.

    7. PO number can only be numeric.

    8. Search button need to be dotted when we TAB on it.
    Last edited by gvaheg; 01-28-2016, 06:13 PM.

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  • Mike Belyaev
    #1. Top menu buttons are inactive.

    #2. "Hide search parameters" button is inactive.

    #3. Default button is not specified.

    #4. Default input focus is not specified.

    #5. All invoice numbers start with 112233. This should be added as a default value in the "Invoice number" field.

    #6. Unlimited number of characters can be entered in "Invoice number","Purchase order" and "From/to amount" fields.

    #7. Any set of characters, including digits and special characters can be entered in the "Invoice number","Purchase order" and "From/to amount" fields.

    #8. Only one item is available in the "Customer" field - the field is useless in this case.

    #9. When the "Binocular" symbol is clicked, the form resets. The symbol is normally used for search.

    #10. "Binocular" symbol is not highlighted when it is selected using TAB.

    #11. Content of "Invoice date" fields can not be modified.

    #12. Only "All" can be selected in the "Invoice status" field - the field is useless in this case.

    #13. Only "10" can be selected in the "Results per page" field - the field is useless in this case.

    #14. Colon is put only after the search parameter "From amount". It should be used after all parameters.

    #15. "Search" button is inactive.

    #16. "Search" button is not highlighted when it is selected using TAB.

    #17. TAB selection is only possible for the "Search parameters" table items. Does not work for the invoice list table.

    #18. "Download list" button is inactive.

    #19. "Refresh" button is inactive.

    #20. Column titles are not aligned with content of columns.

    #21. Typo in the first column title - "Invoce #"

    #22. "Sort by" arrow to the right of the "Amount" column title is inactive.

    #23. 10 results per page are selected, but there are 11 results shown.

    #24. Table title says "Showing 422 invoices", however, 11 items x 32 pages = 352.

    #25. "Due date" and "PO #" column titles are mixed up - should be switched.

    #26. Purchase order numbers in row 1 and 10 have 6 digits, while there are only 5 in all other rows. Verification is needed.

    #27. Date format is incorrect in rows 2, 5, 7, 8, 11 - inconsistent with other rows. "dd-mmm-yyyy" should be used. E.g. 05-Jun-2011 instead of 5-Jun-2011.

    #28. In the Invoice Date "To" field September 30th 2011 is selected as the limiting value of the date range, however the results include the invoice of October 1st (Row 7).

    #29. "Actions" button is absent in the last row of the table.

    #30. Page numbers below the table are inactive.

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  • anurhan
    -default button is not specified

    -there is no default input focus

    -Tab is only works in the search field

    -"Invoce" is misspelled
    -"Rejcted" is misspelled
    -columns "Due Date" and "PO#" have been reversed
    -"Actions" button is missing for invoice #1122338095
    -"Due Date" is improper
    -"Payment" column is incorrect, the date has a year but month and day are incorrect format
    -"Reselts per page" scroll down menu only has "10" as a selection
    -"Invoice status" menu only has "All" selection
    -"Invoce#" column is not in sequantial order

    -Tabs at the top of the page are not clickable

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