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Taulia Bug reports.

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  • Sergey Makarov
    OS: Windows 10
    Browser: Chrome

    Bugs report Taulia: Search Invoices

    #1. Logo don't provide a link to home page.
    #2. All links and menu items in header block and "Hide search parameters" link don't provide to anything.
    #1. Default input focus are not specified.
    #2. "Search" button is not disabled when we start this page.
    #3. Only one title ("From amount") have a colon.
    #4. Name of column Invoce # - spelling mistake (Invoice).
    #5. Only one column (named Amount) have the possibility of a sorting.
    #6. The values in column "Amount" not matches a sorting that shown a sign near by "Amount".
    #7. The values in column "Amount" unsorted (rows 4 and 5 from below).
    #8. When point mouse over "Actions" button is visually distinguished from other buttons
    #9. The results of columns "Due Date", "PO#", "Amount" and "Payment" not matches their names of columns.
    #10. The column is named "Type" is excess.
    #11. Number "5" in list of invoice's pages is missing.
    #12. Between number 10 and 32 in list of invoice's pages unclickable colon (expect the clickable ellipsis).
    #13. First record, Invoice #: 112233925 in column "Status" word "Rejcted" - spelling mistake (Rejected).
    #14. All column is not aligned.
    #15. In last row button "Actions" is missing.

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  • qa_wardrobe
    Testing has been done on HP laptop
    OSes: windows 10 + Android OS 4.4.2
    Browsers: Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

    #1 "invoce#" colon misspelled, it should be invoice
    spelling bug.jpg
    #2 on the last colon with action bottoms 1122338095 missing "Actions" bottom
    action bug.jpg
    #3 there is no Search field next to Search bottom
    search bug.jpg
    #4 the page 5 is missing
    search bug.jpg
    #5 in says 422 invoices if all 32 pages would have 11(should be 10) invoices each it would be 352 but not 422
    invoice bug.jpg
    Last edited by qa_wardrobe; 01-27-2016, 11:38 PM.

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  • Yura
    OS Windows 8.1
    Browser Chrome.

    - "Tab order" is disappearing in "Purchase order" and appear "from amount"
    - 'Default button' is not assigned.
    - "From amount" title has colon unlike other titles
    - Button(User Manager,Profile, Sign out, Help - isn't clickable.
    - Search button isn't clickable
    - Page numbers isn't clickable
    - First column label misspelled "Invoce #" should be "Invoice #"
    - First record, Invoice #: 112233925 word "Rejected" is misspelled ("Rejcted")
    - Taulia logo in upper left corner should be hyperlink to Home page
    - All hyperlinks do not work. on the page
    - All drop-down boxes contain only 1 item and do not have other options.
    - Link for page 5 is missing "Due Date" and "PO#" column values are switched
    - "Due Date" and "PO" column values are switched.
    - Column 11 doesn't have 'Actions' button
    - Misalignment between column label and information in each column.
    Last edited by Yura; 01-27-2016, 09:03 PM.

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  • Eugeneberezin
    started a topic Taulia Bug reports.

    Taulia Bug reports.

    Environments: Systems OS Mac 10.10 , Windows 10
    Browsers Safari, Chrome, Opera, Explorer 10.

    1) No default buttonPurchase order
    2) Tab order is interrupted between fields 'Purchase order' and "From amount" (Browsers: Chrome, Opera Explorer 10)
    3)Invoice spelled incorrectly Invoce instead Invoice Invoice misspelled.jpgInvoice misspelled.jpg
    4) Columns Due Date PO #contain incorrect format for datePO# Date due fields.jpg
    5) Number order is inconsistent Number 5 missing.jpg
    6) Field "results per page" contains incorrect incorrect information ( 10 as supposed to 11 (actual number is results))resulsts per page is incorrect..jpg