Energy-Telecom Service bug report against requirements. 12/17/18.

1. "Last Name" text field accepts 30 characters instead of 31.
2. "Street Address:" text field accepts 100 characters instead of 255.
3. In drop down menu/list box for "State:" list box shows only 48 states. HI and NV states are missing. one of them is BC,
which is not part of the USA.
4. In "State:" list box one of the states is BC,
which is not part of the USA.
5. In "State:" list box IND should be replaced with IN state abbreviation.
6. "ZIP:" data input field should accept digits only.
7. "Email:" text field accepts more than 255 characters.
8. "Email:" field assigned as a required field, but it doesn't behave as if it is a required field.
10. "Clear" button doesn't clear the form.
11. "Clear" button invokes misleading error message: "Invalid data...".
12. Inconsistency between GUI implementationin between "Clear" and "Submit" buttons.
13. No default button in the form.
14. In "Cell Phone Service" section "Current Provider list box missing "AT&T".
15. In "Cell Phone Service" section "Current Provider list box "Other" is missing.
16. In "Cell Phone Service" section "My monthly bill is approximately:", there should be limit input to no more
than 4 digits.
17. In "Cell Phone Service" section "Number of phones on plan:" the input should be no more than 5.
18. In "Cell Phone Service" section "Months left on current contract:" should offer choices from 0-24, not 10 months