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Taulia Bug Report - Class of April 4, 2019

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  • Taulia Bug Report - Class of April 4, 2019

    1. "Customer" tab in "Search by Invoices" section does not offer any company name selection in dropdown menu except General Electric company
    2. None of the tabs except "From amount" tab in "Search by Invoices" section have colon sign after
    3. "Invoice status" tab dropdown menu does not offer any options except "All"
    4. "Results per page" tab shows predetermined selection of 10 but actual number of search items per page is 11
    5. "Invoice #" top left header in search results section is misspelled as "invoce"
    6. In the "Amount" column numbers are out of order. The value of $22,376.00 should be above the value $22,409.37 reflecting ascending order structure
    7. In "Status" column the tab "Rejected" is misspelled. It reads "Rejcted"
    8. On the bottom of the page link to page number 5 is missing from the selection
    9. First row from the bottom of the page is missing "Action" button on the right hand side
    10. Data in column "PO#" is set up to reflect date format and it should be in a number format
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    1. "Inv. Date" column:values are not sorted in chronological order.
    2. "Due Date" column: values are not in date format
    3. "PO#" column: values are in date format instead of number format
    4. page 1, row 11: "Action" button is missing
    5. Search result per page 10, but there are 11 results on the first page
    6. First row, "Status" column: replace "Rejcted" with "Rejected"
    7. Replace column header "Invoce #" with "Invoice #"
    8. Row 7: invoice date "1-Oct-2011 " is out of range 6/5/2011 - 9/30/2011
    9. "Amount" column is not sorted correctly. The value of row 7-$22,409.37 is larger than value of row 8-$22,376.00
    10. "Search my invoices" section: most labels are missing ":" character
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      1. In the column "amount" according the arrow affter "amount" data should be sorted from high to low. But it actually sorted from low to high.

      2. On the bottom of page in a row with navigation number line missing "next" and "previous" buttons.

      3. On the bottom of page in a row with navigation number line when you point cursor on one of the items cursor type switch to "text" instead of "cursor pointer".

      4. In the row with column names when you point cursor on one of the items cursor type switch to "text" instead of "cursor pointer".

      5. Taulia logo is not clickable and has no link to the home page.

      6. In the top menu different margin between menu items.

      7. "PO#" column has "Due Date" column data and "Due Date" column has data from "PO#".
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        1. Search results table: 11 rows are shown instead of 10 as per "Results per page" list box

        2. Date format in the "Invoice date" search box (day, month and year are separated by "/") is different from the format in the "Inv. Date" column (day, month and year are separated by "-" symbol)

        3. Search results table: row 11 is missing the "Actions" button

        4. "Invoice #" column in the search results table: the word invoice is misspelled (Invoce #)

        5. "Due Date " column: provided numbers are not a date

        6. "PO #" column: dates are listed instead of PO numbers

        7. Search results table: link to page 5 is missing

        8. "Status" column: in the first row the word "Rejcted" is misspelled (correct spelling is "Rejected")

        9. "Inv. Date" column: in the row number 7, the date (1-Oct-2011) is not within the search range (6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011)

        10. "Showing 422 invoices" not corresponding with result 32 pages times 10 or 11

        11. Page number link section: formatting sequence is inconsistent (unnecessary space between links to pages 1 and 2)

        12. Search results table: "Inv. Date" is written differently than "Invoice date" in "Search my invoices" section

        13. "Amount" column: 7th row value (22,409.37) is greater than 8th row value (22,376.00). Ascending sequence is not followed

        14. "Amount" column: Descending order sign is not corresponding with given amounts. Values are listed in ascending order (from lowest to highest, not from highest to lowest)

        15. "Search my invoices" section: labels are missing at the end of column

        16. "Search my invoices" section: word "From" is missing before "Invoice date" in that row

        Search results table: "PO #" is written differently than "Purchase order" in "Search my invoices" section


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          1 )Default input focus is disabled in the "Invoice number" field in the "Search my invoices" section.

          2) The colon characters ":" are missing in all labels except "From amount" label in the "Search my voice" section.

          3) The word invoice is misspelled in the "Showing invoice" section.

          4) The "Showing invoices" section reflects 11 results per page instead 10 suggested in the page #1.

          5) The word "Rejected" is misspelled in the "Status" column of the "Search my invoice" section.

          6) There is inconsistency between the "Due Date", "PO#", "Amount", "Payment", headers and the data reflected in the "Showing invoices" section.

          7) The numbers are not arranged in the orders in the "Amount" header.

          8) The "Actions" button is missing in the last row of the "Showing invoices" section.

          9) The link to the page #5 is missing at the bottom of the "Search results" section.
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            1-6. Label "Invoice number" should end up with colon.
            Label "Customer" should end up with colon.
            Label "Purchase order" should end up with colon.
            Label "Invoice date" should end up with colon.
            Label "Invoice status" should end up with colon.
            Label "Results per page" should end up with colon.
            7. Label "From amount" should be changed to "Amount".
            8. Before the first text field next to the label "From amount" should be "from".
            9. Before the first text field next to the label "Invoice date" should be "from".
            10. Misspelled word in the name of the first column - should be "Invoice #" instead of "Invoce #".
            11. Misspelled word in the first row of the table - should be "Rejected" instead of "Rejcted".
            12. Page 5 under the table is missing.


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              Taulia Bug Report - Class of April 4, 2019

              1. Taulia label logo is not clickable.
              2. Absent colon characters on "Search my invoice" labels.
              3. Amount of showing results more than 10 as it has chosen in "Result per page" dropbox.
              4. Amount in 8th row less than in 7th row. No sequence.
              5. Data in "Due date" column mixed up with PO#'s data.
              6. Page 5 is missing.
              7. In "Showing results" folder showing only 320 invoices (32 pages * 10 results p/page), but in the title says that showing 422 invoices.
              8. Sequence sign in "Amount" column is not clickable.
              9. Typo in word Rejected in "Status" column.
              10. Typo in name "Invoice #" column.
              11. In 7th row "Invoice date" out of searching range date (October 1).
              12. Date format in "Invoice date" field is different from date format in "Inv.Date" column.


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                1. There are no colons after labels
                2. Amount from instead from amount
                3. there is no word "from " after invoice date
                4.There is missing page 5
                5. The amount is supposed to be from lower to higher (if they sort by), so the lines 7 and 8 are going to be switched
                6 .Misspelled "invoce" and "rejcted"
                7. in the last row on right the button Actions is missing
                8. Labels Due Date and PO# need to be switched
                9. 11 results per page instead of 10
                10.There are no labels "previous " and "next" on page line
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                  Colons have to be at the end of each label.
                  PO# has to be chenged with Due Date in the header of the table.
                  In a line "invoice date@ has to be written "invoice from date".
                  There is no "5" in the pages row.
                  The first column has the name "invoce" instead of "invoice#".
                  Buttons "Actions" are not active.


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                    1.Link to page 5 is missing.
                    2.Row 11: "Action" button is missing.
                    3."Results per page" is 10 but actual number is 11.
                    4."Due date " column provided number but not a date.
                    5."PO#" column provided date but not a number.
                    6.Column "Amount" row 7 value 22,409.37 is larger than 8 row 22,376.00.
                    7.Replace"invoce#" to" invoice".
                    8.Row number 7: the invoice date "1-oct-2011" is not within the search range 6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011.
                    9.Replace "rejcted' to rejected.
                    10."Showing 422 invoices" label: 422 is incorrect qty , 32 pages x 10 results = 320.
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                      12610 Taulia GUI Open --- All labels should end up with colon at the end 21:05:45
                      12609 Taulia GUI Open --- the column names are not aligned properly with the column content 21:05:42
                      12608 Taulia GUI Open --- the column name " Invoce #" is misspelled 21:00:27
                      12607 Taulia GUI Open --- the invoice dates are not in chronological order 20:58:41
                      12606 Taulia GUI Open --- invoice numbers are in a random order 20:57:20
                      12605 Taulia GUI Open --- "due date" column and "PO#" are placed in wrong columns 20:55:12
                      12604 Taulia GUI Open --- Invoice 1122338095 has no "Actions" button 20:47:55
                      12603 Taulia GUI Open --- all fields except from amount are missing colon ":" character 20:44:05


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                        Taulia bug report

                        1. Labels "Invoice number", "Customer", "Purchase order", "Invoice date", "Invoice status" and "Results per page" end up without the colon character.

                        2. Misspell in such words "Invoice" and "Rejected"

                        3. Succession in search, number of pages mismatch, lost number five.

                        4. Not correct amount of invoices. In the title of table showing 422 invoices does not fit with 32 pages.

                        5. In the table column "Invoice #" numbers are in a random.

                        6. In the list box "Front amount:" it allow us write letters.

                        7. Different data format in the list box "Invoice date" and it the table column "Inv. Date" also in the table column "PO #" another date format.

                        8. In the table with invoices "Due Date" column and "PO #" are placed in wrong columns

                        9. It the table invoice number "1122338095" has no "Actions" button.
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                          1. Need to swap column names "Due date" and "PO#".
                          2. The 7th row shouldn't be on the list, because the Inv. date 1-Oct-2011 is not within the search range.
                          3. The name of the column "Invoce #" contains a mistake. The correct name is "Invoice#"
                          4. In the first row, the word "Rejcted" contains a mistake. The correct name is "Rejected"
                          5. The table showing 11 rows, but results per page should be 10.
                          6. The row 11 doesn't have the "Action" button.
                          7. The rows 7 and 8 need to swap because the column "Amount" is showing "from low to high" and amount in row 7 is greater than in row 8.
                          8. Page 5 is missing.
                          9. The total number of invoices does not match the specified. 32 pages with 11 invoices on each = 352, should be 422.
                          10. Invoice date should be in format mm/dd/yyyy but provided in the table dd/mm/yyyy.


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                            1. Tab order is not logical. It jumps from first text field 'First Name' to the last one 'Referred by' in 'Contact Information' section.

                            2. 'Contact Information' section. Field 'State' - the abbreviation of US states names is not arranged in alphabetical order.

                            3. Section#7. Grammat mistake 'opento' instead of 'open to'

                            4. Section#7 'Clear' button doesn't work correctly. Instead of clearing it produce a result 'Error 17896 - Invalid data request. Please call technical support or restart your computer !!!'

                            5. Section#7 'Submit" and 'Clear' buttons have different size.
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                              1. Site logo label is not clickable
                              2. "Search my invoices" area - colons are missed at the end of labels
                              3. Search results table shows 11 rows instead of 10 in scenario of "Results per page" equals 10
                              4. "Invoce #" column in the search results table - word misspelling (need to be Invoice #
                              5. Search my invoices/ From amount - currency sign is missed
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