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09-20-2016 Online Class. Bug reports for "Taulia"

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  • 09-20-2016 Online Class. Bug reports for "Taulia"

    1. Upper left corner -> Taulia main logo is not clickable – should be clickable and lead to the home page.
    2. Upper right corner –> header menu - “User manager” menu item – expected “Account manager” or “My account”
    3. “Search my invoices” block header is not similar to the “Showing invoices” block header – headers should have one design
    4. “Hide search parameters” option has different design compare to the “Download list” and “Refresh” buttons
    5. There is no predefined active field on the page
    6. Search my invices block → only “From amount:” option has colon symbol.
    7. Search my invices block → “Invoice date” input fields are not clickable
    8. We have 11 results in “Showing invoices” block instead 10 defined in “Results per page” option
    9. Search results table - Dates of invoices are not in predefined range in search block
    10. Search results table - "Customer" column is absent, but we have an option in search block
    11. Name of entities should be unified - “Purchase order” and “PO #”
    12. Name of entities should be unified – “Invoice number” and “Invoice #”
    13. Name of entities should be unified – “Invoice status” and “Status”
    14. Name of entities should be unified – “Invoice date” and “Inv. Date”
    15. Search results table - “Actions” button is absent for the last invoice in the list
    16. “Showing 422 invoices” - should be “ Showing 10(11) from 422 invoices”. We do not have 422 results on the page.
    17. Search results table - Link to the 5th page of the search results is absent5th_page.png
    18. Search results table- “Due date” and “PO #” columns results are switchedPO_and_Date.jpg
    19. Search results table - Why do we need “Type” column if we have only “Invoices” in the “Invoices” page?
    20. Search results table - Column headers look like links, but they are not clickable
    21. Search results table - “Next”, “Previous”, “Last” page buttons are absentNavigation_buttons.png
    22. Search results table - 11th row in the search results table has different hightrow_hight.jpg
    23. Search results table - Can't be 422 results of the search if we have 32 pages with 11 results on the page. Something is wrong.
    24. Search results table - two of rows are out of sorting order (by increasing the amount value)sorting_order.jpg
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    #1. Eleven strings of results instead of 10 as marked in "Results per page" option.
    #2. Invoice of 1-Oct-2011 should not be shown because of the "Invoice date" from 6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011
    #3. There is no pointer at default state.
    #4. Confused results for "Due date" and PO# columns.
    #5. Column "Type" is not necessary. There are "Invoice" results only.
    #6. There are no colons in "Search my invoices" block escept "From amount:"
    #7. "Invoice date" options in "Search my invoices" block should be predefined list.
    #8. 11-th string of the table has no "Action" button.
    #9. Search result has 422 invoices, but 32 pages multiply by 11 strings will be 352.
    #10. Invoices sort by "Amount". But $22,376.00 should be before 22,409.37 result.
    #11. "PO#" column is not unified with other columns.
    #12. There is no column with the "Customer" name.
    #13. Missing page 5 in the bottom of the invoice list.
    #14. 11-th line is narrow compare to other 10.
    #15. There is no name of a column with "Action" buttons.
    #16. Blank space at the right side of a table.
    #17. Duplicate a "Search" button with the binoculars icon at "Search my invoices block"
    #18. There are list of 11 invoices only, but in the header we have a title "Showing 422 invoices".
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      1) In the upper left corner ,main logo is not active.

      2) Search my invoices, “From amount:” option has “:” symbol, should not be .

      3) We see 11 results in “Showing invoices” should be 10 . Option “Results per page” =10.

      4) Search results table - Dates of invoices on the 7 line “1-Oct-2011”, not in search date range.

      5) Search results table - “Actions” button is absent for the 11 line.

      6) On the top of the Search results table “Showing 422 invoices” should be “10 results from 422”.

      7) Search results table “Amount” column sorting button non active .“Amount” column sorting button.jpg

      8) Search results table- “Due date” and “PO #” names mixed up.

      9) Bottom of the Search results table - “5”,“Next”, “Previous”, buttons are absent.

      10) Bottom of the Search results table “1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 .. 32” buttons not active.

      11) Bottom of the Search results table “1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 .. 32” instead 32 should be 43 .

      12) At the bottom of the page have no information .For example program or site developer,data...

      I do not know what, but something seems to be missing.
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        I have made two variants of the bugs report. What approach is more better (A or B)?

        OS Windows 10, browser Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m (64-bit)

        #1 Logo ( xpath: //*[@id="header"]/div[1]/a/img ) has no attribute "href".

        #2 Links "User Manager" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenuSmall"]/li[1]/a ), "Profile" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenuSmall"]/li[2]/a ), "Help" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenuSmall"]/li[3]/a ), "Logout" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenuSmall"]/li[4]/a ) have no attributes.

        #3 Menu titles "Home" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[1]/a ), "Invoices" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[2]/a ), "Purchase Orders" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[3]/a ), "Payments" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[4]/a ), "My Details" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[5]/a ), are not dropdown menus.

        #4 Menu titles "Cash Planner" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[6]/a ), "Your Customer" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[7]/a ) have no attributes.

        In "Home" menu element "Show Messages" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[1]/ul/li/a );
        in "Invoices" menu elements "My Invoices" (xpath://*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[2]/ul/li[1]/a ), "Create Invoice" ( xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[2]/ul/li[2]/a ), "Create Non-PO Invoice" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[2]/ul/li[3]/a ), "Upload Invoice" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[2]/ul/li[4]/a );
        in "Purchase Orders" menu element "List Purchase Orders" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[3]/ul/li/a );
        in "Payments" menu element "List Payments" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[4]/ul/li/a );
        in "My Details" menu elements "Address" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[5]/ul/li[1]/a ), "Bank Accounts" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[5]/ul/li[2]/a ), "Tax Identifiers" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[5]/ul/li[3]/a ), "Documents" (xpath: //*[@id="navigation_supplierMenu"]/li[5]/ul/li[4]/a ) have no attributes.

        #6 Link "Hide search parameters" (xpath: //*[@id="invoiceSearchParamsExpandToggler"] ) doesn't hide search parameters.

        #7 Element id="POModel" doesn't search purchase orders.

        #8 "Search" button (xpath: //*[@id="doInvoiceSearchButton"] ) has attribute disables.

        #9 "Download list" link (xpath: //*[@id="invoiceSearchResultsList"]/div/div[1]/div[2]/div/span/a ) link on it self and doesn't download a list.

        #10 "Refresh" button (xpath: //*[@id="refreshButton"] ) doesn't do refresh.

        #11 "Amount" sort array (xpath: //*[@id="tblResults"]/thead/tr/th[6]/a/span ) doesn't sort and is disabled.

        #12 All "Actions" buttons at the table body showing invoices (xpath: //*[@id="tblResults"]/tbody[1] ) have no attributes.

        #13 All Links to the results of the showing invoices at the division (xpath: //*[@id="invoiceSearchResultsList"]/div/div[2]/div) have no attributes.

        #14 Inconsistency of data format at "Invoice date" fields and "Inv.Date" and "Due Date" columns.

        #15 Data format of "Due Date" columns is not date format.

        #16 Data format of "PO #" columns is not numbers format.

        #17 There is no element "Actions" button between cells (xpath: //*[@id="tblResults"]/tbody[1]/tr[11]/td[9] ) and (xpath: //*[@id="tblResults"]/tbody[1]/tr[11]/td[10] )

        #18 Not enough links at division (xpath: //*[@id="invoiceSearchResultsList"]/div/div[2]/div ) to show all (422) invoices. Could be shown only 11 per page * 32 = 352.

        OS Windows 10, browser Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m (64-bit)

        #1 Logo has no clickable link to the home page.
        #2 Links "User Manager", "Profile", "Help", "Logout" have no clickable links.
        #3 Menu titles "Home", "Invoices", "Purchase Orders", "Payments", "My Details", "Cash Planner", "Your Customer" don't clickable.
        #4 Link "Hide search parameters" doesn't hide search parameters.
        #5 "Purchase order" search button doesn't search purchase orders.
        #6 "Search" button is disabled.
        #7 "Download list" button doesn't download a list.
        #8 "Refresh" button doesn't do refresh.
        #9 "Amount" sort array is disabled.
        #10 All "Actions" buttons don't do any actions.
        #11 All links to the results of the showing invoices is not clickable.
        #12 Inconsistency of data format at "Invoice date" fields and "Inv.Date" and "Due Date" columns.
        #13 Data format of "Due Date" columns is not date format.
        #14 Data format of "PO #" columns is not numbers format.
        #15 The eleventh row of showing invoices doesn't has "Actions" button.
        #16 Not enough pages (32) to show all (422) invoices. Could be shown only 11 per page * 32 = 352.
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          “Taulia” Bug Report Class 09.20.2016
          Environment Windows 7 32-Bit Chrome

          1. Logo “Taulia” is inactive link.
          2. Main Menu “Home”,”Invoices”, “Purchase Orders”, “Payments”, “My Details”,”Cash Planner”, “Your Customer”; user menu ("User Manager", "Profile", "Help", "Logout");table buttons "Hide search parameters", "Download list", "Refresh", page selector, have no follow pages.
          3. Search boxes such as Invoice number, Purchase order have no impute rules, they accept any input symbols in any amount but do not making search in the fields.
          4. “Invoice date” no have functionality to change a date.
          5. “Invoice status” has just one option in drop down menu.
          6. “Results per page” has just one option in drop down menu.
          7. “Search” button no functionality.
          8. “Download list”, “Refresh” no functionality ( dead buttons).
          9. Columns “Due Date” and “PO#” is switched.
          10.Button “Actions” not active.
          11. Invoice # 1122338095 are missing “Actions” button.
          12. “Invoice #” misspell, missing “i” letter.
          13. “Amount” button have drop down sign but not active.
          14. The search result table has 11 lines but search setup was set for 10 results per page.
          15. Showing 422 invoices but it supposed to be 32 pages, 11 per page, so it make 352 . The result is not correct.
          16. In line #1 for invoice 1122339225 word “Rejcted” misspell, missing letter “e”, supposed to be “Rejected”.


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            1."Results per page" must to be 10 as shown in "Search Invoices / Results per page". We have shown 11 results.
            2. In " Search Invoices/ Invoice Date" are different format of writing dates than in " Showing Invoice/ Invoice Date".
            3. "Invoice Date" have limit (from May to September) but in "Showing Invoices" we have October in " Invoice number:1122339546".
            4. "Invoice number:1122338095"does not have "Actions" button .
            5. Incorrect amount of results in "Showing Invoice" 11 results per page * 32 pages=352, not 422.
            6. In "Showing Invoices/ Pages List" is missed page number 5.
            7. In "Showing Invoices" "PO#" need to look the same like in "Search Invoices/Purchase Order".
            8. In "Showing Invoices" "Invoice #" need to look the same like in "Search Invoices/Invoice Number".
            9. Confused results for "Purchase Order" in "Shoving Invoice".
            10. Confused results for "Due Date" in "Showing Invoice".
            11. Miss spelling in "Showing Invoices/Invoice number: 1122339225" word "Rejcted" -missed letter "e".
            12. In "Showing Invoices/Amount" - price should grow on the rise. Must swap the "Invoice number: 1122339134" with the amount "$22,376.00" with the "Invoice number: 1122339546" with the amount "$22,409.37".


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              Bug Report for OrangeHRM
              Windows 7, Chrome Version 53.0.2785.116 m (64-bit)
              1. Field “Favored URL” allowed to entered max 15 characters and min 5 characters.
              2. Field “Favored URL” allowed to entered numbers and letters and not required to enter valid URL . The system allows invalid url.
              3. No one field with required mark *.
              4. Fields “First Name”, “Last Name” , “Company Name” , “Contact Email” is allowed to enter numbers and special characters .
              5. Field “Contact Phone” have empty drop down menu.
              6. Field “Contact Phone” allowed to entered special characters.
              7. Field “No of Employers” allowed negative numbers in drop down menu.
              8. System accepted invalid data and created a free trial.


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                As I understand it should be only GUI Testing, not Functional Testing. I mean we do not have to click or press any buttons, don't we?

                1. The list "Showing 422 invoices" are ordered by "Amount", but $22,409.37 and $22,376.00 are disordered.
                2. In the "Showing 422 invoices" "Due Date" and "PO #" are inconsistent.
                3. Number of digits ih the "Inv./Due Date" columns.
                4. In the "Showing 422 invoices" there is no button "Actions" in the last section/row.
                5. In the "Showing 422 invoices" divided by grey and white colours rows can make users confused. (It is not consisten with "payment" and "status")
                6. In the "Showing 422 invoices" "Download list" and "Refresh" menu items are replaced.
                7. In the "Showing 422 invoices" in the page's number section no space after digit; and not 2, but 3 points before last one page's number.
                8. In the "Showing 422 invoices" in the page's number section missed number 5.
                9. In the "Showing 422 invoices" mistake in the word "Invoice" (very firs column)
                10. In the "Search my invoices block" a "Search" button with the binoculars icon are duplicated.
                11. In the "Search my invoices block" a "Search" button not apparent.
                12. "Help" icon always very las at menu icon field.
                13. No comformity between "My Details" and "Your Costumer" icons.
                14. Different colours at "Search my invoices" and "Showing 422 invoices" name's section (blue/white).
                15. Different style of buttons which are in "Search my invoices" and "Showing 422 invoices" fields. ("Search"/ "Download"/ "Refresh").


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                  Bug reports/"Taulia"

                  Windows 10 Pro Version 1511 OS Build 10586.545 System type 32-bit
                  Browser Google Chrome Version 53.0.2785.116 m

                  1.Field "Search my invoices"/sort line "Results per page"-
                  result must be "10"-but on result field show result "11";
                  2.Field "Search my invoices"/sort line "From amount:"-after text field special character ":"-"colon"
                  suggestion check requirements;
                  3.Field "Result Invoices" -Showing total search result "Showing 422 invoices" as a result show "32" pages-
                  correct result should be 43 pages;
                  4.Field "Result Invoices"-Column Name "Invoce #" grammar mistake-
                  correctly "Invoice #";
                  5.Field "Search my invoices"/sort line "Invoice date" -result must be from "6/5/2011"to "9/30/2011"-
                  on result must be showing invoices on this range, but "Result field" has invoice "1-Okt-2011" which outside our range;
                  6.Field "Result Invoices"-Column "Due Date" has wrong values on whole lines-my opinion it values from column "PO #"-
                  must be date format fields;
                  7.Field "Result Invoices"-Column "PO #" has wrong values on whole lines-my opinion it values from column "Due Date"-
                  must be number of Purchase orders no format "Date/month/year" ;
                  8.Field "Result Invoices"-Column "Amount" has not correct sort amount values "the sorting amount from smallest to largest"
                  value on the line "invoice from 1-Okt-2011/Amount $22,409.37" must be after "invoice from 1-Aug-2011/amount $22,376.00";
                  9.Field "Result Invoices"-Column Name "Status" grammar mistake-in status field "Rejcted"
                  correctly "Rejected";


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                    09-20-2016 "Taulia" Bug Report (GUI)

                    As I remember Mr,Portnov did say that we should not click anything,just perform Gui testing so I might have less bugs,but anyway I did my best.

                    1)As long as there is a home link,i assume that the logo shouldn't be clickable.(Not really a bug report)
                    2)Data tables under Category labels are not vertically aligned
                    3)There is no order on search results of "Inv.Date" and "Po#",as long as we are searching results from 06/05/11-09/30/11 the showing results should show starting from the most recent,Invoices of Sept,Aug,Jul,June.
                    4)Invoice #1122339546 corresponding to 01-Oct-2011 should not be part of our search results,we did specify the dates.
                    5)The heading on the top of each list are not consistent, either all of them to be written in shortcuts or their fullest existing name.(ex; Inv.Date,PO#,Invoice#)
                    6)The Search Pushbutton Label doesn not indicate its action(Search what?)- We did already specify our requirements for the results we expect.
                    7)Requred 10 results per page but it results in 11 and 32 pages.This means there is a total of 352 results,while in the top of the page it shows 422. Chances: Some result pages are with empty data/1 or some have less than 11 results per page/or the automatic counting of 422 has an error on it.
                    8)Under" Inv.Date" category label the search results are not vertically aligned.)
                    9)Nr 5 link associated with page nr 5 does not exist
                    10)No "Actions"box under the last invoice
                    12)"Type" column it might not be necessary(suggestion),we know we are expecting for invoices results anyway
                    13)The little icon located beside the textbox of "Purchase Order" Has not a clear meaning
                    14)The "Your Costumer"(suggestion) not to be located where it is,that place is supposed to be filled with important key (main actons.)
                    15)"My Details" and "Profile"(suggestion) to not be different search results,under "Profile" menu title we can have "My Details" menu item appear
                    16)The page navigating buttons("Previos";"Next";"Last") at the end of page are missing
                    17)"Invoce#" it is misspelled, there is letter "I"missing
                    18)The results under Due Date are not understandable, should be written in a date like format
                    19)"Hide search" might not be a necessary feature
                    20) There is no information about the name of the company or individual that the invoice has been made of.Suggestion,
                    21)Too much blank space on the upper right of the page result.Not in accordance with GUI standarts
                    22)The invoices located on 7th and 8th should be switched with eachother about the amount,the little clicable icon make me believe that they are somehow sorted results,in this case from < to >
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                      Mas OS X 10.11.6
                      Safari 9.1.3

                      1. Column names "Due Date" and "PO #" are not correspond to columns
                      2. "Invoce #" is written wrongly (there is no letter "i")
                      3. "Results per page" was chosen as 10, but actually there are 11 results
                      4. Last invoice doesn't have an "Actions" button
                      5. As it is "Search my invoices" form, it doesn't need column "Type"-Invoice
                      6. 32 pages are not enough for 422 invoices


                      • #12
                        1. Data entry labels are not looks consistently

                        2. The font of the text is too small.
                        Usability guidelines - 11:8 "Use at Least 12-Point Font"

                        3. No text equivalent to Purchase order "find button".
                        Usability guidelines - 3:5 Provide Text Equivalents for Non-Text Elements

                        4. Names of the columns in the table are not clickable

                        5. Invoice date data entry field should be changed to the "Choose the date from the calendar"

                        6. Data entry labels are not close enough to the entry fields.
                        Usability guidelines - 13:7 Put Labels Close to Data Entry Fields

                        7. There is no automatically first data entry field cursor placement.
                        Usability guidelines - 13:19 Place Cursor in First Data Entry Field

                        8. "From amount:"data entry field don't have currency symbol

                        9. The default value of "From amount:" data entry field is 100. Should be 0.

                        10. The "Actions" buttons contents text inside.


                        • #13
                          1. results per page is 11 instead of 10 results
                          2. returning results outside of date range. One date in October
                          3. The result table is showing dates for purchase order instead of a number
                          4. no costumer column in the result table
                          5. Due date has number instead of dates (may be this is purchase order instead)


                          • #14
                            1. No default button.
                            2. No fields requires a default values.
                            3. There is no field with the imput focus.
                            4. None of the labels expect "From amount" have trailing colons.
                            5. Only columns "Inv.Date" and "Due Date" don't meet requirements that the first character of the control name is of upper case.
                            6. In the title bar, there is no the file system icon.


                            • #15
                              1) The search box "Invoice number" allows entering characters and negative numbers
                              2) The search box "Results per page" indicates "10" items per page when in the table it is 11 items shown
                              3) The search box "From date:" and "to" indicate the date from 6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011, therefore
                              the invoice with "Invoice #" 1122339546 is mistakenly added to the table as it is dated 10/1/2011
                              4) The problem described in point 2 causes wrong filtration of "Amount" column once the problem is eliminated it should work fine
                              5) The last invoice in the table has no "Actions" button (though it should not be present in the table at all)
                              6) The columns "Due date" and "PO#" in the table are swapped
                              7) The word "Rejected" in "Status" column is misspelled