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Class 09-20-2016 Online Orange HRM form bug report

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  • Originally posted by spiderus View Post
    1. No default button.
    2. No default input focus.
    3. After "This is a test system created on a test environment..." checkbox, focus do not move to "Create A Free Trial" button, but to "About Us" link.
    4. Broken "terms and services" link.

    5. "First Name" and "Last Name" fields shouldn't allow non-alpha characters.
    6. "Contact Email" field shouldn't allow emails without a top-level domain (.com).
    1) Not a must
    4) Functional
    5) They can be anything because the bottom line says “This is a test system created on a test environment, please do not add any real/personal data into it.”
    6) Only ".com"?


    • Originally posted by serdemlv View Post
      #1 "Contact Phone" Contact phone is not clear, It should be Contact Phone number
      #2 "Contact Phone" Phone number can not start with negative number
      #3 "No of Employees" Employees number can not be single and negative number because "Employees" are plural
      #4."First Name" Name can not be number and it can not start and ending with number
      #5."Last Name" Last Name can not start and end with any number
      1) A suggestion
      2) In this case it can be anything because the bottom line says “This is a test system created on a test environment, please do not add any real/personal data into it.”
      3) Do not say "it can't" say what is wrong. We have no idea what a developer of this page meant by "No of Employees". Maybe it is No meaning a No/None/Nothing, may be it is a short from Number, but if it is, it should be Either "# of Employees" or "Number of Employees". Right now it is an English word "No". A suggestion can be – Put a dot after “No”.
      4-5) See #2


      • Originally posted by Isela Erdem View Post
        1.When selecting Resource Menu Item, the Android Ap & IOS app do not have a installation guide .
        2. When you are in Partners Menu Tab, and select apply, there are no required fields.
        3. Contact menu items at bottom of page are not concise, the phone numbers listed are offline
        4. Select Industry in the dialogue box does not give you the option to type the first letter is starts with to bring up options
        5. Phone # is not user friendly, not able to enter numeric numbers
        6. “Terms of Service” label will not open when you click on it
        7. “Create a free Trial” icon will let you submit before selecting any cache phrases
        1) An installation guide? What where is it? This form is not made for mobile platforms. You are supposed to test it in your browser.
        2) You are not supposed to test the functionality of the site! Only that form!
        3) Two bugs in one bug report. "not concise"? Say why or whow they should be because it is a suggestion. Are you testing the phone numbers? What is your task?!
        4) A suggestion
        5) Say to make a phone mask there - a suggestion
        6) Functional
        7) What is "cache phrases"?


        • Orange HRM Online Form Bug Report:

          Orange HRM Form Bug Report:

          #1. The logo on top/right of the page is misaligned.

          #2. Labels have the second control name starting with upper case.

          #3. Labels have no colons at the end.

          #4. "No of Employees": when scrolling down it shows negative numbers.

          #5. "Contact Phone": when scrolling up/down it shows digits only.

          #6. "terms and services" link on the registration page does not open.

          #7. There is no asterisk on required fields.


          • Orange HRM dialog box GUI checklist

            1.Missing asterisk for the required dialog boxes.
            2. "First Name" dialog box accepts numbers and special characters.
            3. "Last Name" dialog box accepts numbers and special characters.
            4. "Select your industry" should be "Select Industry" to be in order with the other text fields.
            5. "Select Country" should have "Other" in the drop menu.
            6.No of Employees" should be "Number of Employees" to be more understandable.


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