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online class august 1 - bug reports for TAULIA PROJECT

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      #1. "Rejcted" label is misspelled in "Status" column, first row. Should be "Rejected".
      #2. "Actions" button from the row #11 of the search result is missing.
      #3. Inconsistency in the sort order by "Amount": "$22,409.37" should go after "$22,376.00".
      #4. "Results per page" label should be 10, but in the invoices list are 11 rows.
      #5. "Invoce" name of the first column is misspelled, should be "Invoice".
      #6. "Due Date" and "PO#" column titles are placed incorrectly, they should be replaced in between.
      #7. "Amount" column has incorrect order, the order should be descending, or the direction of the arrow is incorrect.
      #8. Links to search results pages: link to page "5" is missing.
      #9. Miscalculation in "Showing 422 invoices". Cannot be shown 422 invoices on 32 pages (32*10=320 < 422).
      #10. "Inv.Date" column incorrect date format, should be months first.
      #11. Column titles are displaced relative to the respective columns.
      #12. "Inv. Date" column #7 is out of the search parameters, "1-Oct-2011" > 30-Sept-2011.