Test Application: http://www.energy-telecom.portnov.com
Test performed by Gabil Akbarov
OS: Windows 10
Browser: Google Chrome 57.0.2987.133
Date 4/23/2017
Time: 12:35AM
Location: Brooklyn, New York

1. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) neglected.
2. "Submit" button remains active while input fields are empty.
3. "State:" dropdown list menu contents are not sorted alphabetically.
4. ZIP text field error message does not provide currect ZIP example as email does. "Please enter a valid ZIP Code (e.g., 11224)" OR "Zip Code must be 5 digits".
5. In "3. High Speed Internet Service" section there is "Dial-up" option which is far from "High Speed Internet".
6. On iPhone and Android devices "Provider:" text field in "3. High Speed Internet Service" section slided down.
7. Even though initial focus on "First Name:" text field in "Contact Information" section, when hitting on keyboard "Enter" key - "Submit" button takes an action.
8. "Email" text field accepts more than sufficient amount of characters.
9. "My monthly bill is approximately:" text field in all 7 sections, including "Total Bill:" text field in "2. Local/Long Distances/International Service" are accepting "#", "$", "%" characters.