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Energy telecom bug report rewraiting

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  • Energy telecom bug report rewraiting

    1. Tab order(button "tab order" skips all "Text fields" from First Name:"Text field" to Referred by:"Text field".
    2. First Name: and Last Name: "Text fields" are accepted numbers.
    3. City:"Text field" ADD "Dropdown lists" with name of other cities.
    4. ZIP:"Text field" is accepted letters and it has more than 5 numbers.
    5. Referred by:"Text field" is accepted numbers.
    6. My monthly bill is approximately:"Text field" is accepted letters.
    7. Months left on current contract:"dropdown lists" put 11 and 12 items to 10.
    8. High Speed Internet Service/Current Provider:"Dropdown lists" has mistake it is indicated Cox instead Fox.
    9. High Speed Internet Service/Type of service/Wireless Aircard: "Checkboxe"/Provider: "Text field" is accepted numbers.
    10.TV Service/Months left on plan:"Dropdown lists" dose not have "More" item.
    11."Сlear" button should remove information from Comments:"Text field".
    12. "Submit" button acceptes incorrect information in "Text fields" (see attachments-1).
    13. "Submit" button there is no primary phone number:"Text field" (see attachments-1).
    14. "Submit" button Referred by:"Text field" is not recuired information (see attachments-1).
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