First name "Text field" accepts only 30 characters instead of 31
Last name "Text field" accepts only 30 characters instead of 31
Street adress"Text field" accepts only 100 characters instead of 255
Zip code"Text field" accepts more than 5 digits
Zip code"Text field" should not accepts letters
Email"Text field"accepts more than 255 characters
Cell Phone Service/My monthly bill is approximately:"Text field" should not accepts letters
Cell Phone Service/Months left on current contract:"Dropdown lists" should consist 12 month instead 10
High Speed Internet Service/Current Provider:"Dropdown lists" should consist "FOX" instead "COX"
TV Service/Months left on plan:"Dropdown lists" should consist "More" item
TV Service /Months left on plan:"Dropdown lists" needs validation for month (01-12) instead (01-24)
Comments:"Text field"should clear sentence after click "Clear" button trere is also "Message Boxes" appears (see attachment-1)
Referred by"Text field"is reflected like recuired "Text field" after click "Submit" button (see attachment-2)
Contact information: First Name/Last Name/Street Address/ City/Email "Text fields" filled out are invalid here is should be error messages (see attachment-2)
Default Button Assignment is disabled
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