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Class 04/20/2017. How would you test that

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  • alexmp123
    1) Functionality testing:
    - Check required fields
    - No Sign In
    - No Sign Up
    - cookie testing

    2) Usability Testing:
    -Check all the content

    3) Compatibility Testing:
    -Browser compatibility
    -Mobile compatibility

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  • mamajonok
    1) Functionality Testing:

    Check all the links
    Test forms in all pages
    Cookies Testing
    Validate your HTML/CSS
    Database testing

    2) Usability testing:

    Test for navigation
    Content checking

    3) Interface testing

    4) Compatibility testing

    Browser compatibility
    Operating system compatibility
    Mobile browsing
    Printing options
    5) Performance testing
    6) Security testing

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  • SunShadow23
    Approach for testing :
    I would:

    1*. Check GUI, do usability testing.
    2*. Verify that by selecting each particular radio button information on the page changes to the one that is relevant to that selection.
    3*. Verify that all the links, buttons and menu items lead to proper pages.
    4*. Verify that pushing particular "Sign up" button takes user to a Sign up page that mentioned particular plan that he/she selected.

    Approach for testing entire web-site:

    1*. Run exploratory testing: GUI, Usability testing.
    2*. Draw state transition diagram, do state testing.
    3*. Determine main functions of a web-site and do end-to-end testing for those functions.
    4*. Do testing of a web forms that web-site contains.
    5*. Negative testing for web-forms, sign-up/authorization process.

    * Any existing requirements would make significant changes to that step.

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  • SergeAleksandrov
    How would I test that?

    Before start:
    1. Do I have specification/requirements?
    Answer: YES - learn specification/requirements
    NO - go to the point 2
    2. Read "About us" first.
    3. Read the section "Product".
    4. What is the type of this app?
    Answer: web site
    5. What kind of product does this company sell?
    Answer: Phone service over the Internet - VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
    6. What are the main sections of this application?
    Answer: №1 - "Buy" section - CHOOSE YOUR PLAN
    №2 - "Member Center Login" section
    №3 - "Support" section
    №4 - others

    ================================================== ====
    1. If you have specification/requirements - create some test cases
    2. Test the "Buy" section - CHOOSE YOUR PLAN. Create the account - "Signup"
    3. Test "Member Center Login" section with credentials you've got after "Signup" (point 2)
    4. Test "Support" section
    5. Test "Prices" section
    6. Test "Product" section
    7. Test the rest sections
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  • posokhova
    1. Start with exploratory testing and test home page: look for GUI bugs, do functional testing and make sure all controls (like radio buttons) work, check all drop-down lists, links and buttons.

    2. Test "Sign Up" form: test GUI, text fields (valid/invalid input for letters, digits, special characters), buttons functionality - do both positive and negative testing. Perform boundary testing for password fields. Do end-to-end testing to make sure user is able to get through entire sign up process successfully.

    3. Do exploratory testing of all pages user is re-directed to by selecting items on dropdown lists.

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  • Bycmep
    1. I'd browse through all the interface, try and open each and every menu item, click links to see that there are no broken links and no crashes.
    At the same time, I'd explore the fuctionality they provide and try to see the logic behing the whole thing.

    2. While doing (1), I'd look for typos and GUI bugs. Negative, boundary testing, if the requirements are obvious from the context (login/password, date, etc.)

    3. By that time a typical scenario (or maybe a few) of how a user would use this site should be more or less clear. So I'd try some end-to-end positive testing and see if a result could be reached.

    4. Then I'd run the same routine, but with negative testing, if I think I could miss some way to abuse the site on step 2.

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  • Anastasia Panchenko
    We don't have requirements.
    Easy way is to start with Exploratory testing.


    1. no button Account / if we can buy something for 3 and more months we should be able see info in an account/
    2. there are not all countries in list box "Registered Phone Number" / I don't know requirements, should be all countries or no/

    Positive testing:

    / click on the button "SIGN IN" and to check all field inside/
    1. first name
    2. last name
    3. email address
    4. choose password
    5. confirm password
    6. security answer
    7. TAB
    8. required fields
    9. create account / after we input all info/
    10. forgot password
    11. sign in / sign out

    Functional testing

    we can repeat positive testing but we have to know requirements.
    1. Button BUY doesn't work

    Negative testing

    incorrect - again depend on requirements/

    1. incorrect password.
    2. incorrect email
    3. incorrect zip code
    4. incorrect security answer
    5. incorrect name
    6. incorrect last name

    Boundary testing
    we have few fields for testing:

    1. choose password
    2. confirm password
    3. zip code

    End to end testing:

    start from the step 1 /select product - select subscription - sign up - create account-..... - finish/.
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  • Iurii Klym
    - Exploratory testing (be more familiar with a web page).
    - GUI Testing (pay attention on main web page components).
    1."Sign up" button is not present.
    2."Sign in" button is not present.
    3."ABOUT" tab list box should be in logical order after "SUPPORT" tab (solution).
    4."ABOUT"/About us/two "Back" buttons are present.
    5.Inconsistence in "Back" buttons sizes (if two buttons are "as-designed").
    6.ABOUT/About us/ABOUT JOIP - inconsistency.
    "deltathree, Inc. - company name is written from small letter.
    STEP 1: SELECT PRODUCT - doesn't have an asterics (should it?)
    9.Joip header is over the Support home page.
    10.Support home page - isn't designed correctly.
    11."Contact Customer Care" - Customer Support? (solution).
    12."BUY" button in the header is not necessary.
    13."Check rates" scroll bar - not needed.
    14.Required fields are not indicated

    - Positive testing for Joip account is impossible.
    (can't create a Joip account)
    - "forgot your password? click here" (positive -pass)

    - Positive testing for "CHOOSE YOUR PLAN SIGNUP" functionality (test each rates) (end-to-end testing).

    - Negative testing.
    1.Requirements are needed.

    - Functional testing.
    1.Test each field.

    - Usability testing.

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  • igorsp
    started a topic Class 04/20/2017. How would you test that

    Class 04/20/2017. How would you test that

    User may choose one plan from 32 combinations of all plans.
    #1. Exploratory Testing and GUI for “Sign up” process, for example:
     Disable controls if cannot use them
     Default button
     Field that have default input focus
     TAB order: logical
     Provide default values to the fields if appropriate
     Labels end up with the colon character

    #2. Functional testing for “Sign up” process in particular on positive testing for example:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • Password
    • Security answer
    • List boxes
    • Capacity testing (5 test cases: no inputs, low boundary, in between class, upper boundary, beyond the boundary)
    • Required fields

    #3. Negative testing for all inputs, for example: invalid inputs for
    • First Name: digits and special character
    • Last Name: digits and special characters
    • Phone Number: letters and special characters
    • Password: mismatched passwords, sensitivity , identical passwords
    • List boxes

    #4. Security testing ( positive + negative) of step 2: “Payment “
    #5. Final testing of step 3 when confirmation number is displayed - Payment is done successfully and all steps of “Sign up” are complete.