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Online class November 11 - Bug reports for TAULIA PROJECT

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  • Online class November 11 - Bug reports for TAULIA PROJECT

    1. "Search my invoices" block - all labels should have ":" in the end;
    2. The number of search results per page in the invoices list doesn't match the "Results per page" in the "Search my invoices" block;
    3. Total number of search results ("Showing 422 invoices" ) doesn't match the total number of pages (32 * 11max = 352 max);
    4. Invoices list - a misspelling in "Invoice #" column name;
    5. Inconsistency of date format in the "Search my invoices" block and in search results (list of invoices);
    6. "Due Date" column in the list of invoices - column data doesn't conform the column name;
    7. "PO #" column in the list of invoices - column data doesn't conform the column name;
    8. "Amount" column in the list of invoices - sort order label doesn't match the actual sort order;
    9. "Type" column in the list of invoices is redundant as only invoices are listed here;
    10. "Actions" button is missing for the last invoice listed on the page;
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    1) "Search" button doesn'r work.
    It doesn't search for any invoices by "invoice number", "customer", "purchase order",
    "invoice date, 'Invoice status';
    2) There is no "Sign in" or "Register account with Taulia" option for new users, only "Logout"
    3) Home", "Purchase Order", "Payments", "My Details", "Cash Planner", "Your Customer" TABS
    don't open when you click on them.
    4) "Hide search parameters" function doesn't work. It doesn't hide the "Search my invoices" box
    when you click on it;
    5) WEB ELEMENT next to the "Purchase Order " text field doesn't show anything when you
    click on it;
    6) TAB order doesn't drop to "Submit" button;
    7)"Invoce #" typo. Should be "InvoIce #"
    8)Showing 11 invoices instead of 10, however the "Result per page" field was selected for 10 / page;
    9) Status "Rejcted" for the first invoice has typo. Should be "RejEcted"
    10) "Invoice Number", "Customer", "Purchase order", "Invoice date", "Invoice status", "Result per page"
    should end up with the colon characters ( : );
    11) "Action" button is missing for the last invoice;
    12) The function "Download the list" doesn't work. It doesn't ask for any docs to be downloaded;
    13) The function "Refresh" doesn't work;
    14) "Results per page" shows only 1 option-"10". There should be at least 2 options;
    15) "Invoice status" shows only 1 option - "All". There should be at least 4 more: "Paid", "Approved",
    "Rejected", "In Process";
    16) "Invoice Date" function doesn't generate invoices by selected dates in text fields. It has been set for
    6/5/2011-9/30/2011, however there is 1 invoice#1122339546, which has invoice date 1-Oct-2011.
    17) The WEB element next to "Amount" doesn't work as well. It should show smtng or suggest options
    when you click on it. There might be sort order by numbers.


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      1) Misspelled "Invoce #" in the first column header in the search results table (Bug 13505)
      2) Misspelled "Rejcted" in the first line in the search results table ( Bug 13506)
      3) 11 results showing on the page instead of 10 "results per page" in the search criteria ( Bug 13507)
      4) In the table heading sais "Showing 422 invoices", but there are 11 showing invoices per page * 32 pages = maximum 352 invoices (Bug 13508)
      5) Not common date format in the "Due Date" column (Bug 13509)
      6) Not common number format in the "PO #" column (looks like date format) (Bug 13510)
      7) Wrong sort order (22409.37 then 22376.00 then 87888.05) in the "Amount" column
      8) Missed the "Actions" button in the 11th row of the search results table.
      9) The different data formats used in "Invoice date" fields in the "Search my invoices" area and "Inv.Date" column in the search result table.
      10) Missed colons in "Search my invoices" area
      11) Missed page number 5 in the search results table
      12) The result shown includes October invoice, which is out of the search range (6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011)
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        I could not log in to the Bugzilla software with the provided credentials, probably because someone restricted the session to their IP.

        Report #1: 'Hide Search Parameters' link does not work
        1. Run the Taulia application
        2. Click 'Hide Search Parameters'

        Observe: No visible result.

        Report #2: Customer identification not possible in list
        If the user does not specify a customer in search parameters, there is no way of knowing which invoice belongs to which customer because there are no labels for that.

        Report #3: Colons missing after field labels in 'Invoices' folder
        The colon sign is missing after the following field labels on the 'Invoices' folder:
        • Invoice number
        • Customer
        • Purchase order
        • to
        • Invoice date
        • to
        • Invoice status
        • Results per page

        Report #4: Typos in 'Invoices' Folder
        Multiple typos need to be corrected on the page:
        • Invoice list - column 1 header: Invoce # > Invoice #
        • Invoice list - invoice status (column 6): Rejcted > Rejected

        Report #5: 11 search results shown instead of 10
        1. Run the Taulia application
        2. Execute search with default parameters

        Observe: 11 results are shown even though the 'Results per page' parameter is set to 10

        Probably not bugs but just testing material limitations:

        Only one option available in the 'Invoice status' drop-down menu
        1. Run the Taulia application
        2. Open the drop-down menu 'Invoice Status' in search parameters

        Observe: Only the 'All' option is available. All other invoice statuses (In Process, Approved, Paid, Rejected) are missing.

        Wrong date format in invoice list
        According to US standards, the date format should be month - day - year. It is currently day - month - year.

        Column header sorting does not work
        1. Run the Taulia application
        2. Click any of the table column headers (they look like links)
        3. Click arrow icon by the 'Amount' header (it means available sorting options)

        Observe: No visible result.


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          Taulia bugs report :

          1. In column " Amount " two invoices not follow the row :
          The amount " $22,376.00" need to be before the amount " $22,409.37 "

          2. Searching period is 6/5/2011 - 9/30/2011.
          - Date result contains October dates

          3. Not offered Drop-down boxes for date selection

          4. Search result show you 11 rows per pages when you was choose to show you 10 row per pages .

          5. In search fields missing the option to choose "Status" (Paid, Rejected,In process,Approved)for the invoices .

          6. Not existed label for the button "Actions" .

          7. Missing page number "5" from search results .

          8. "Due date" label is in a wrong place
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            Taulia bugs report
            1. no default input focus
            2. illogical tab order
            3. in the end of every label should be colon characters
            4. misspelling "invoce"
            5. misspelling "rejected"
            6. invoice #1122338095 missing "action" tab
            7. 11 results instead of 10 results per page
            8. column due date and column PO # are showing wrong information.


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              Bug reports:

              #1. Missing page #5 on the pagination.
              There is no page #5 on the pagination at the page bottom.

              #2. Contradiction of Due date and PO# tags.
              Replaced of tags "due date" and "PO#" on the "Showing invoses" tags.

              #3 Contradiction between "Search my invoices" labels
              All labels should has colon character as "From amount " label has.

              #4. Missing "Action" button.
              The last "Actions" button is missing on the lower right side of the page.

              #5. Contradiction between "Results per page" dropdown list amount and actual numbers of invoices.
              "Results per page" dropdown list amount is 10, but the real number of invoices is 11.
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                GUI Bug Report for Taulia page:
                1. Add colons after: Invoice number, Customer, Purchase order, Invoice date, Invoice status, Results per page;
                2. Mixed up results in columns: “Due date” and “PO#”;
                3. Mixed up the 7th and 8th line, if we sort them from lowest amount to highest amount (22,376.00 < 22,409.37);
                4. 5th page is missing;
                5. There should be 10 results per page, instead of 11;
                6. The “Actions” button is missing on the 11th line;
                7. There should be 320 invoices (10 results per page*32 pages) or 352 (11*32), but it is shown 422 invoices;
                8. Add “i” to the word Invoce (name of the 1st column);
                9. Add “e” to the word Rejcted (1st line, Status column).


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                  Taulia GUI test report

                  1. The "Search my invoices" page's section:
                  1.1. The "Hide search parameters" element on a very top right of the section does not clickable either not performs anything.
                  1.2. The Tab focus missed when it is on search icon (the second element in "Purchase order" line).
                  1.3. The press focus for the "Search" button is not set. The button is not clickable. It does not execute anything.
                  1.4. The first input field of the line labeled "Invoice date" does not labeled. It is supposed to has a label like: "from".
                  1.5. Both two input fields of the line labeled "Invoice date" do not allow to input any custom data. They are already consist some data what is unchangeable.

                  2. The data's results section:
                  2.1. The "Download list" and the "Refresh" web elements on the very top right of the section are not clickable and do not execute anything.
                  2.2. The sorting filters are not setted for columns (via labels).
                  2.3. The search results format of the column labeled "Due_Date" is not specified.
                  2.4. The "Rejcted" option of column labeled "Status" misspelled. It is supposed to be written as: "Rejected".
                  2.5. Missed the button labeled "Actions" on the very bottom left of the last search result's line.
                  2.6. Buttons labeled "Actions" on the very left of the section are not clickable. They do not execute anything.
                  2.7. There is an inconsistency in numbers of results. The very top right of section shows 422 results: "Showing 422 invoices". However based on the fact there are 11 results per page it is supposed to be 39 pages (422/11=38.36). If guess there are 10 results per page (as it is defined in the "Search my invoices" page's section) it is supposed to be 43 pages (422/10=42.2).
                  2.8. In despite of "Search my invoices" section has setted 10 results per page as default there are 11 results per page in fact.
                  2.9. User is not able to go on pages of search results. The pages are not clickable.

                  8. Other:
                  8.1. Some labels words end up with colon mark character (":") and some labels words do not so. It is supposed each label ends up with the colon mark character (":").
                  8.2. The default button is not specified.
                  8.3. The input focus is not set.
                  8.4. The Chrome browser suggests user not to enter sensitive information on this site due to not secure connection to the site.
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                    Taulia GUI Bug Report

                    1. You can not choose another: Customer, Invoice status, Results per page.
                    2. Purchase order accepted: letters with numbers, only letters, any special characters #$%^&\/‘, Linux commands `rm -fr *` “ls /”, SQL commands
                    3. Sort by “Amount” works incorrect: $22,409.37, $22,376.00, $87,888.05
                    4. Mismatch Due Date and PO#
                    5. Last payment no “Actions” button
                    6. No page 5


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                      search button dont work
                      does not push page number
                      invoice date does not change
                      action and refresh button does not work
                      Hide search paraments
                      Page doesnot refre
                      payment option on wrong line
                      page search number is in correct 32 pages result 422
                      on the last line not have action button
                      • Home
                      • Invoices
                      • Purchase Orders
                      • Payments
                      • My Details
                      • Cash Planner
                      • Your Customer doesnot push


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                        Taulia bug report.
                        1. Labels "Invoice number", "Customer", "Purchase order", "Invoice status" , and "Results per page" in "Search my invoice" are not followed by colon character ":"
                        2. Name of the first column is misspelled. "Invoce" instead of "Invoice".
                        3. Columns "due Date" and "PO#" are mixed up.
                        4. Column "Amount" sort order from low to high is violated. $ 22,409.37 gos after $22,376.00.
                        5. In column "Status" first cell word "Rejcted" is misspelled. Should be "Rejected".
                        6. The result per page is incorrect "11" instead of "10".
                        7. The pagination doesn't missing page "5".
                        8. The last raw is missing "Action" button.
                        9. Link "Logout" is spelled incorrectly. Should be "Log out".
                        10. The number of pages is "32". Should be more because 32x11= 352 invoices it is < than 422


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                          Taulia bug report:
                          1."Invoice date" check box is till 9/30/2011 and in "showing invoices" you can find the October PO#;
                          2."Invoice date" column should not contain reduction like "Inv. Date";
                          3.Labels "Invoice number", "Customer", "Purchase order", "Invoice date", "Invoice status", "Results per page" should end up with the colon ( : ) character;
                          4.Missing "Actions" button for "Invoce #" 1122338095;
                          5. Misspelt word "Invoce #" should be "Invoice #" ;
                          6.At the left bottom corner where you see the numbers from 1 to 32, between 10 and 32 should be three dots like this "10 ... 32" instead of only 2 dots;
                          7. The page numbers (from 1 to 32) should be on the right corner, instead of left corner;
                          8.Page numbers on the left corner missing page #5;
                          9.In the first row of column "Status" the word "Rejcted" is misspelt , should be "Rejected";
                          10."From amount" label written backwards should be "Amount from".


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                            Taulia bug report:
                            1. Column "Invoce#" missing letter.
                            2. Column "Due Date" information doesn't match date format.
                            3. Column "PO#" information doesn't match number format.
                            3. List box "Result per page" - 10, but search result shows 11 rows.
                            4. Search result showing 32 pages and 422 invoices, it doesn't meet the conditions in the list box "Result per page" - 10.
                            5. Search parameters "Invoice date" 6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011, search result have an invoice# 1122339546 dated 1 - Oct - 2011.


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                              Taulia Bug Report:
                              1. Labels Invoice number", Customer" , Purchase order", Invoice date", Invoice status", "Results per page" - are missing end up ( : ) character;
                              2. Misspelt in column "Invoce"- should be "Invoice";
                              3. Misspelt in "Rejcted" form column "Status", should be "Rejected";
                              4.Mismatch between columns "Due Date" and "PO";
                              5. Column "inv. Date "- includes invoice from 01 October, search criteria was from June to September;
                              6. Dates are wrong displayed after executing Search button. According Us standards, dates should be displayed as : month/date/year;
                              7. Search criteria is 10 results per page, after click on search button, shows 11 Results;
                              8. Missing page nr. 5 in the Field "Showing 422 invoices ", also should be more pages than 32, because the total number of invoices is 422;
                              9. For invoice "1122338095" it's missing "Action" button;
                              10. Column "Payment " doesn't display the correct dates.