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Online class November 11 - Bug reports for TAULIA PROJECT

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    Taulia Bug report
    1. In “search my invoice” area, 1 from 7 label have ( character
    2. I the header of invoice list, misspelled letter in the word I”invoce”
    3. The values from “Die Date” row changed with the values from “PO#” row. This mean date field allow wrong date format and PO field allow wron zip format
    4. Invoice # 1122339225 and invoce# 1122339302 6- digit zip


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      Taulia bug report:
      1. Search result table: there is not the button “Actions” in 11 row.
      2. Search result table: values in the column “Due Date” are not in a date format.
      3. Search result table: values in the “PO#” column are in date format.
      4. Format of “Invoice Date” field does not inconsistent to format of “Inv. Date” column.
      5. Links to pages: link to the page 5 is missed.
      6. Column name “Invoce” has a grammar mistake
      7. Not all of the labels contain colon
      8. “Showing 422 invoices”: 422 is not equal 10 results per page 32 times
      9. “Inv. Date” column: Date 1-Oct-2011 is outside the interval shown in “Invoice date” fields


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        Taulia bug report:
        1. Colons ":" missing in the ebn of 6 Labels
        2. Search result shows 11 results instead of 10
        3. "Invoice" word misspelled
        4. "Rejected" word misspelled in 1 first line
        5. "Action" column sort button doesn't show sort order in right way.
        6. Last row in search result missed "Action" button in the end of the row
        7. "#PO" column results are under "Due date" column and "Due date" column results under "#PO". Should be switched.
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          Invoice Page Bug Report

          Hardware: Windows 10/ Chrome
          Severity: Serious

          #1 - Due Date and PO # columns > Misplaced Columns
          #2 - Column 11, page 1 > Missing "Actions" button
          #3 - "Amount" column, line 7 and 8, page 1 > misplaced integers "$22,409.37" and "$22,376.00" OR (misplaced lines as a whole due to "Amount" order set)
          #4 - Shown Invoices > Missing 70 invoices on the invoice data list (32 pages, 11 columns each, 32 pages)
          #5 - Status Column, line 1 > Misspelled word "Rejcted"
          #6 - "Invoce #" Column > Misspelled word "Invoce"

          #7 - Customer menu option > Missing drop-down options
          #8 - Invoice status > Missing drop-down options
          #9 - Results per page > Missing drop-down options
          #10 - Purchase order menu, binoculars icon > Not responsive


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            Bug Report for Taulia:

            1. No colons after labels : "Customer", "Purchase order", "Invoice date" , "Invoice status", "Results per page"
            1.1 Go to
            1.2. Observe the labels under the heading "Search my invoices" , add colons

            2. It have to be 10 Results per page, it is shown 11
            2.2 Observe the table
            2.3 Delete the last invoice

            3. Skipped character at the word "Invoice"
            3.1 Observe the table, the first folder name "Invoce" is written with the mistake, add "I"

            4. Wrong amount of Invoices (It have to be shown 10 results on each page. In general there are 32 pages that means that it have to be 322 invoices , not 422)
            4.1 Observe the heading "Showing 422 invoices" , correct to 322

            5 Skipped number 5 at the list of pages
            5.1 Scroll down till the end of the page , observe the list of numbers, add number 5

            6. The folders "Due Date" and "PO#" are mixed up
            6.1 Observe the folders "Due Date" and "PO#" at the table, change there positions

            7. Inconsistency at the "Due Date" folder. Valid values at the "Due Date" have to be till -9/30/2011. At the "Due Date" folder there are unvalued value: 13-Oct-2011, 22-Oct-2011,
            7.1 3th, 7th, 10th lines at the "Due Date" folder are unvalued

            8.Violation of logic at the "Amount" folder. Numbers goes from maximum to minimum . $22,409.37 $22,376.00 goes at the wrong way
            8.1 6th column at the table- "Amount" folder, 7th line into the folder - $22,409.37 and 8th line - $22,376.00 , change there positions

            9.Wrong tooltip an the "Paid" description. When you navigate to "Paid" tooltip is "Approved "
            9.1 7th folder "Status" at the table , 4th line in this folder, navigate to "Paid" , observe tooltip

            10.Mismathing in dates format
            10.1 Heading "Search my invoices" 5th label "Invoice date" observe the dates format
            10.2 Observe the date format at the folders "Inv. Date"and "PO#" at the table


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              1. Section “Search my invoices” doesn’t have colon after each list item name.
              2. Showing 11 results per page instead of 10.
              3. Typo on the first invoice - “Rejcted”.
              4. The last invoice in results table doesn’t have button “Actions”.
              5. Paginator lost 5th page.
              6. Results table has 422 invoices but paginator has only 32 pages with 10/11 results on each page.
              7. Invoice from “1-Oct-2011” can’t be in table because search results invoice date ends 9/30/2011.
              8. First head column has typo - “Invoce #”.
              9. Results order by the amount should go from biggest to smallest.
              10. Invoices amounts “$22,409.37” and “$22,376.00” are not in the right order.
              11. “Due date” and “PO #” were swapped.
              12. Invoice #4 in table has wrong title of image in column “Status”.
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                Bug Reports to page of Taulia Project.
                OS Windows 10, browser Chrome Version 78.0.3904.97 (Official Build) (64-bit).

                #1. In section "Search my invoices" all labels except "From amount:" don't have ":".
                #2. In showing section a word Invoice wrote with mistake.
                #3. In showing section, in first line a word "Rejcted" has a mistake.
                #4. In line "Showing 422 invoices" near button "diskette" and "refresh" words "Download list" and "Refresh" are redundant.
                #5. In showing results in the column "Due Date" we have just set of numbers. In this column must be date of Due Date.
                #6. In filter results in the column "Amount" after "$22,409.37" next number below.
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                  Bug Report

                  Hardware: MacOS High Sierra
                  Version 10.13.6
                  Mac Book

                  #1. "Search my invoice": Can't change the observed dates on the other dates in 1st and 2nd fields of the "Invoice date"

                  #2. "Search my invoice": "Invoice number,""Purchase order" and in 1st and 2nd field of the "From amount" accepts all characters on keyboard, should only accept numeric characters

                  #3. "Search my invoice": Automatically changing the typed amount in the 1st and 2nd fields by clicking on the binocular above to "100" and "1000000" of the "From amount"

                  #4. "Search my invoice": In front of the first field of the "Invoice date" label don't have the word "From"

                  #5. "Search my invoice": All labels don't have a colon ":" character at the end except "From amount" label

                  #6. "Search my invoice": Taking into account, the app is in English version, all fields except other language alphabetical characters . No click button to switch the other language too

                  #7. "Search my invoice": "Invoice status" drop-down select has no options other than "All"

                  #8. "Search my invoice": "Results per page" drop-down select has no options other than "10"

                  #9. "Search my invoice": "Results per page" default 10 results, but returns 11 rows

                  #10. Sort order problem in "Amount" column: "22,409.37" should be below "22,376.00"

                  #11. The given results in all rows from the "Due Date" column should be switched to "PO#" column

                  #12. "Actions" column: By researching result the "Actions" button is missing in the 11th

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                    1. Web site is not adjustable for wide screens, on the wide screen picture is the same size but sides are empty.
                    2. colons at the end of each title at the "search my invoices" data input field are absent.
                    3. data at the Due Date colomn and PO# are mixed up.
                    4. Wrong order at the "Amount" colomn, which is sorted by low to high (especially invoice #1122339134 should be after invoice #1122339546)
                    5. wrong amount of pages. (There should be 43 pages instead of actual 32).
                    6. Page # 5 is absent.
                    7. Inconvenient list of pages in case of reverse of pages (There should be even amount of pages both sides of ellipsis (1 2 3 4...39 40 41 42).
                    8. Speling mistake at the "Status" colomn (rejcted).
                    9. At the search options 10 results per page option is chosen, but actualy there is 11 results at the page.
                    10. There are some invoices out of time period chosen at the search.
                    11. Useless data at the colomn "Type".
                    12. No Action button at the last invoice on the page, may be because it is extra, what was reported at the bug #9.
                    13. Mouse coursor changes wrong way being puted on the names of the colomns and "Actions" button.
                    14. Spelling mistake at the header "Invoice", letter "i" is absent.


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                      Taulia bug report

                      1. Tilda near “Amount”column.
                      2. “1-Oct-2011” date in “Invoice” column is out of range specified in “Invoice date” text fields.
                      3. “Auctions” button is missing in the bottom row 11.
                      4. There is no number 5 in pagination.
                      5. In "Due Date" column Data is not provided in common date format.
                      6. Mistype in word “Invoce #” column 1.
                      7. Mistype in word “Rejcted” in column “Status”.
                      8. PO# Data is provided in date format, not PO# format.
                      9. “Payment” column data in unknown format.
                      10. 10 results per page: Search results have 11 rows instead of 10 as per “Results per page” listbox.
                      11. Colon mark ( : ) after “From amount” only.
                      Telecom Report
                      1. First Name field - can type any symbol.
                      2. Last Name field - can type any symbol.
                      3. Zip Code- can type letters.
                      4. 1. Cell Phone Service
                      Current Provider:- there is no option Other in the list.

                      5. I am happy with my current provider
                      I am open to using different provider
                      -can check both options.

                      6. My monthly bill is approximately: - can type letters.

                      7. Months left on current contract: there is no number 11 in the list.
                      1. I last upgraded my phone(s) approximately: too many months in the list.
                      2. Minutes on plan: big amount of minutes in the list.
                      10. I like my handset
                      I am interested in updating my handset
                      I am interested in a wireless card for my laptop - can check all options at once.

                      11. 4. TV Service
                      Months left on plan: more than 12 months option in the list box.

                      12. 5. Home Security Service
                      I do not have home security services today, but I am interested in getting more information- when I check it, Current Provider list box dissappear.

                      13. 7. Gas and Electric Services
                      I am opento using different provider- mistyping word “opento”.

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                        Taulia Bug Report :
                        1. Section "Search my invoices " must have after each option colon characters (
                        2. Tab Selector move after Purchas order somewhere .
                        3. "Amount" slection must start from 0 amount
                        4. "Invoice Date " need just show Data Input Type ( mm/dd/yyyy or other )
                        5. invoice status doesn't have choice
                        6. results per page must have coise option (10/20/50 )
                        8. "download list" button doesn't work
                        9."Refresh" button doesn't work
                        10. "Inv.Date " no in Data input type
                        11."Due date" must have Data input type
                        12."PO#" must have numbers
                        13. " Actions" buttons don't work
                        14. Taulia Logo doesn't gave to go to Home page
                        15. Folder on top don't work
                        16. wrong spelling for Invoce # correct is Invoce #


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                          Taulia bug report:

                          1. ’Search’ button is not working in folder ‘Invoices’.

                          2. Title ‘Hide search parameters’ when you click on is not working.

                          3. Label ‘Invoice number’ ‘Customer’ ‘Purchase order’ ‘Invoice Date’ ‘Invoice status’ ‘Result per page’ must ends with ‘ : ‘ character.

                          4. misspelling in title ’Invoce’

                          5. ‘Showing invoices’ results in claim shows wrong result.

                          6. In searching pages <5>

                          7. Incorrect date spelling in column ‘Inv.Date’ ‘PO #’

                          8. ‘Invoce #’ column all results in random order

                          9. Dollar amount should be aligned by the right side.

                          10. Missing button ‘Actions’ in invoice# 1122338095

                          11. Drop down list in column ‘Amount’ does not open.

                          12. Text field ‘Result per page’ shows ’10’ instead 11

                          13. Text fields ‘Invoice number’ ‘Purchase order’ ‘From amount’ accept letters and characters

                          14. Drop down list in Text field ‘Invoice status’ does not open.

                          15. All button ‘Actions’ does not work when you click on it.


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                            1.Top left Informational labels, in "Invoices" tab/folder are missing column " : "symbol exept for "From amount"
                            2.In the "Invoices" tab/folder first results page is showing 11 invoices instead of 10 as listed in list box label "Results per page"
                            3.In the "Invoices" tab/folder link #5 is missing in the pagination list.
                            4.In the page 1 of Invoice results list, the 11th invoice has no "Actions" buton.
                            5.Misspelled word: "Rejcted" in the first line of "Status" column.
                            6.Sort order inconsistency in "Amount" Column, values should be displayed in descending order.
                            7.the number of invoices in search results"422" does not match the actual number of invoices listed on 32 pages
                            8.Misspelled column word: "Invoce" in search results list.


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                              Taulia bug report

                              #1 The actual results per page is not equal to 10 as supposed to be
                              #2 Colons are left out in all field names except "From amount"
                              #3 There is a mispell in column name "Invoce #" should be correct to "Incoice #"
                              #4 There is no button Action in 11th line
                              #5 Data in columns "Due date" and "PO #" are changed by place
                              #6 There is no sign $ in a range fields "From amount"
                              #7 7th and 8th lines are not in amount order
                              #8 There is only disabled drop-down menu button in "Amount" button
                              #9 Line 7 is not respond to Invoice date range
                              #10 All lines with Paid status should be notable. Line 5 and 11 are not
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