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Online class November 11 - Bug reports for TAULIA PROJECT

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    Bug ID: 1
    Where: Invioce Results/Results per Page Bar
    Description: Instead of 10 results per page there are 11 displayed.

    Bug ID: 2
    Where: Invioce Results/Invoice Pagination
    Description: Page 5 missing in the invioce pagination.

    Bug ID: 3
    Where: Invioce Results/Invioce Title Column
    Description: The word "Invoce #" is misspelled.

    Bug ID: 4
    Where: Invoice Results/Columns
    Description: Columns "Due Date" & "PO #" are mismatched.

    Bug ID: 5
    Where: Invoice Results/Page 1/First Invoice
    Description: The word "Rejcted" is misspelled.

    Bug ID: 6
    Where: Invoice Results/Page 1/Last Invoice
    Description: The button "Actions" is missing.

    Bug ID: 7
    Where: Invoice Results
    Description: Incorrect number of pages in pagination. 422 invoices is > 320 (32 pages with 10 results per page listed).

    Bug ID: 8
    Where: Amount Column/Invoice Results
    Decription: Amounts "$10,289.00" and "$22,409.37" are misplaced.

    Bug ID: 9
    Where:Invoice Results
    Decription: Invoice #1122339546 should not be on the list. (According to Invioce Date settings, invoices from 6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011 should be displayed).