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  • Energy - Telecom Bug report

    1. TAB order violation: from "First Name" field moves to "Referred by" field ("Last Name" expected)
    2. TAB order violation: from "Best Way To Contact Me" field on Contact information section moves to "Current Provider" field on Cell Phone Service Section ("Referred by" expected)
    3. "First name" field accepts 30 characters, 31 per requirement
    4. "Last name" field accepts 30 characters, 31 per requirement
    5. "Street Address" field accepts 100 characters, 255 per requirement
    6. "State" list box is missing DC, HI and NV
    7. "State" list box item BC should be removed
    8. "State" list box item "Other" should be removed
    9. "State" list box is not sorted alphabetically
    10. "State" list box item IND should be replaced with IN
    11. "ZIP" field accepts non-digits (letters)
    12. "Email" field accepts more the 255 characters, 255 per requirement
    13. "Clear" button is not functioning (CRITICAL)
    14. Able to submit the form without "Email" field - required field
    15. "Referred by" field is required, but not marked as required
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