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  • Energy-Telecom Service Review

    - In the"Contact Information" section, tab button's order is skipping from "First Name" box to "Referred by"box, instead of moving to the next box in the line which is "Last Name:" box.
    - As we open "" page, there is no default in put focus. It is nice to have it in the "First Name:" box.
    - "Submit" and "Clear" buttons at the end of the form, are always active, instead of being inactive, when the form is empty.
    - in "" page, there is no default button, when press the Enter Key. It is nice to have it as default button on "Submit" button, at the end of the form.
    - In "3. High Speed Internet Service" section, "Wireless Aircard"'s check box is in square shape, instead of being circle as other options in the "Type of service:" area.
    - go to "", push button submit, we will see "Email" label has blue star instead of red star, it also does not shown in *Indicates required field" area.
    - "Submit" and "Clear" buttons has different font size and box's width.