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IMPROVED Taulia Bug Report Class 01/04/18

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    1. «Search my invoice»: colon symbol is missing after each label except «From amount»
    2. Replace the «Invoce #» column header to «Invoice #»
    3. «Status» column first raw: replace the «Rejcted» to «Rejected»
    4. Table: 11 results when parameter of «Results per page» is 10
    5. «Amount» column: items are sorted in the ascending order when the gray triangle in the header points descending order


    • #47
      #1. Fields "Invoice number" and "Purchase data" accept letters
      #2. There are 11 results/invoices per page instead of 10, doesn't match to specified criteria
      #3. There is no button "Actions" on the last 11th row/result.
      #4. There is no opportunity to work with results/invoices , to sort them by ascending, descending etc., only with Amount
      #5. Under the field "Showing 422 invoices" the button "Invoce" is misspelled
      #6. Invoice #1122339546 doesn't match specified criteria
      #7. The results of "Due Date" and "PO#" should be swapped.


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        #1. no default input focus
        #2. Column title "Invoice" is spelled wrong
        #3. for the invoice # 1122338095 button ACTIONS is missing
        #4. 11 results (invoices) per page displayed instead of 10 as requested in “Results per page”
        #5."Amount" field cannot be sorted by descending or ascending order
        #6. Number of invoices does not correspond to results per pages times number of pages
        #7.pages numbers are not clickable(impossible to swich from one page to another) #5 is missing
        #9.colon characters at the end of "invoice number,"customer","Results per page" are missing
        #10. menu items and their corresponding values are not aligned


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          List of bugs from a developer perspective:

          Bug #1:
          "Hide search parameters" not working

          Bug #2:
          "Search" button not working

          Bug #3:
          "Download list" feature not working

          Bug #4:
          "Refresh" button not working

          Bug #5:
          Sort buttons in the "Showing 422 invoices" not working

          Bug #6:
          Pagination not working

          Bug #7:
          Page renders 11 results instead of 10

          Bug #8:
          Words "Invoce" and "Rejcted" are misspelled

          Bug #9:
          Number of existing invoices is not correct 422 != 11*32

          Bug #10:
          Header buttons not working at all


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            I mean developers more focused on features than problems.
            Is it possible to get feedback on my bug report?


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              Improved Bug Reports by Natalia Putilova

              13. “Search my invoices“ section: field labels should have colon symbol at the end
              14. Make consistent format for “Invoice date” from “Search my invoices” section and “Inv. Date” and “Due Date”.
              15. Change “Invoce#” column header to “Invoice#”
              16. The first line of “Status” column word “Rejcted”is misspelled.
              17. Sort order in the “Ammount” column”: sort order selector shows the descending order but actualy it is in the ascending order
              18. Add “Action” button for the last line in “Showing invoices” section
              19. 11 results are displayed instead of 10 as specified in the “Results per page” listbox
              20. 422 invoices in search results is larger then 11 results per page multiplied by 32 pages
              21. Data from “Due Date” column has data from “PO#” column


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                Bug report " Taulia" by Irina Ciszczon
                #1.Invoice data #1122339546 ( 01-oct-2011) does not meet the requirement of search from 6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011
                #2.All dates on the table are not in the "mm/dd/yyyy" format.
                #3.According to the 32 pages available, there should be 320 invoices instead of 422, because there only 10 invoices per page.
                #4. The table shows 11 results on the page instead of 10.
                #5. Column "Due Date" does not show right data.
                #6. Column "PO#" shows wrong data.
                #7. The word "Rejcted" in column "Status" for invoice #1122339225 is misspelled.
                #8. The column #1 " Invoce" is misspelled.
                #9. The page 5 does not exist in the list of the bottom of the table.
                #10. The colons does not exist in rows of search excluding the row " From amount".
                #11. All columns in the table moved in the left.
                #12. Cursor does not change view from "default" to " pointer" if it put on the button " Actions"


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                  Improved bug report by Marina Glushkova.

                  #1. "Search my Invoice" section: most of the labels don't have colon (: ), except "From amount" label.
                  #2. "Invoice #" header is misspelled as "Invoce #".
                  #3. "Due date" column: incorrect format of data values.
                  #4. "PO#" column: incorrect format of data values.
                  #5. Invoice #1122339225: "Rejected" Status is misspelled as "Rejcted".
                  #6. "Search my Invoices" displays 11 results per page instead of 10, as specified at "Results per page" list box.
                  #7. Sort order problem in the "Amount" column: grey triangle points to descending order but actual order is ascending.
                  #8. The date format is different in "Invoice date" at "Search my invoices" section and "Inv. Date" and "Due Date" in result columns.
                  #9. Invoices results: There is no page #5 at the list of pages on the bottom.
                  #10. There are 422 of searching results, that is more than 32 result pages multiplied by 10 (results by page).
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                    "TAULIA" GUI BUG REPORTS (by Assel Buzheyeva):
                    #1. 6 labels from 7 available in "Search my invoices" section are missing a colon at the end.
                    #2. "Customer" list box menu has only one item to select.
                    #3. "Invoice date" text field and following "to" text field have a default values which can not be edited.
                    #4. "Invoice status" list box menu has only one item to select.
                    #5. "Results per page" list box menu has only one item to select.
                    #6. "Invoice #" column header is misspelled as "Invoce #".
                    #7. Date format given to the values of "Inv. Date" column contradicts the date format given to the values of "Invoice date" field and following "to" field.
                    #8. "Due date" column values are not in a common date format.
                    #9. "PO #" column values are in the date format, not in a common PO # format.
                    #10. "Rejected" value in a first line of "Status" column is misspelled as "Rejcted".
                    #11. Values in "Amount" column are sorted in ascending order instead of descending order set by sort order selector.
                    #12. 11 results per page are displayed instead of 10 as specified.
                    #13. Result section displays 422 results which is larger than 11 results per page multiplied by 32 pages.
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                      1. "Search my invoices": labels should have colon symbol at the end of line.
                      2. "Status" column of Search results: the word "Rejcted" is misspelled in the first line.
                      3. "Invoce #" column of Search results is misspelled.
                      4. Search results in "Amount" column are sorted in ascending order instead of descending order as gray triangle points.
                      5. "Due date" column in search results should switch places with "PO#" column to match appropriate data under.
                      6. "Invoice date" in "Search my invoices" has different date format (D/M/YYYY) than in "Inv. Date" in search results (DD-MM-YYYY).
                      7. Search results: "Inv. Date" results are showing dates later than in search parameters.
                      8. Search results showing 11 results while in "search my invoices" "Results per page" reflects 10.
                      9. Search results: "Actions" button is missing in the last lane.
                      10. Search results: "Showing 422 invoices " is not matching the amount of pages (32).