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    ====== How would you test that (International Calling section)? =======

    1.Plan: any
    2.Country: any
    3.Prefix: Valid prefix for chosen country
    4.Country Code: Valid country code
    5.Phone number: Valid phone number with chosen country code and prefix.

    During writing test cases was found critical bug in this website

    Bug report

    Short description: On the section International Calling - the listbox country: (Calls to the US & Canada are FREE) targets to the ERROR page.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Open the website application -
    2. Go to the section International Calling
    3. Under main text 'Rate Finder By Country', select any country in listbox country: (Calls to the US & Canada are FREE).
    4. Wait while the choice will open rate list.
    5. Ones it opens, open listbox again and choose the list 'Select country' and wait couple seconds.
    6. The error page is opened.

    Severity: Critical
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