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Online Class February 2 , 2021 Bug Reports for Energy-Telecom Project

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    1. Mismatch.Contact information/The Error message list doesn’t contain the email information (email field is a required field and shouldn`t be empty).
    2. Mismatch.Contact information/Email asterisk * is blue color instead of red while error message occurs.
    3. Suggestion. Contact information. Make the "First name" a default input focus field.
    4. Tab order error. Contact information / “First name” field redirects to the “Referred by” field instead of “Last name”.
    5. Mismatch. Contact information /“First name” field accepts special characters.
    6. Mismatch. Contact information /“Last name” entry field accepts special characters.
    7. Mismatch. Contact information / “Referred by” included in the error message list “required fields” and demand the enter information in the field.
    8. Mismatch.Contact information / ZIP CODE field accepts letters. (ZIP Code the US.)
    9. Mismatch. Cell phone service/“My monthly bill is an approximately” field accepts letters.
    10. Dropdown box error. Cell phone service/ “Months left on current contract” dropdown list box doesn`t have the “11” months number.
    11. ZIP code field allow to paste non-digits and letters.
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      Energy-Telecom Functionality Bug Report

      1. "Please enter the name of the person you were referred by" is not a required field.
      2. "First Name:" field accepts only 30 characters instead of 31.
      3. "Last Name:" field accepts only 30 characters instead of 31.
      4. "Street Address:" field accepts 100 characters instead of 255.
      5. "State:" list box should not include "Other" option.
      6. "State:" list box, misspelling "IND" should be "IN" instead.
      7. "ZIP:" field accepts letters as well.
      8. "Email:" field accepts more than 255 characters.
      9. "Email:" field must show error message if required field has no input.
      10. "Referred by:" is not a required field.
      11. "State:" list box must show error message if required field has no input.
      12. "Email:" field is shown with blue asterisk instead of red
      13. No retaining Information functionality.

      14. "Current Provider:" list box does not contain "AT&T".
      15. "Current Provider:" list box should have "Other" option.
      16. "My monthly bill is approximately:" should accept digits only.
      17. "My monthly bill is approximately:" should accept no more than 4 digits instead of 11
      18. "Number of phones on plan:" list box should have no more than 10 options.

      19. "Wireless Aircard Provider:" check box inconsistent label placement.

      20. "8.Comments" text field can be extended beyond page form border.
      21. Pressing "Clear" button generates misleading error message.