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Some Interview questions in Russian companies

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  • Some Interview questions in Russian companies

    May be it will usefull to know which questins are asked in Russian companies.

    1. Do you know English?
    2. Tell me about yourself on English.
    3. Why you decided change your carrier path?
    4. Why QA?
    5. Can you write SQL request?
    6. Write request with JOIN operation?
    7. Do you have skills writing commands in UNIX?
    8. What is functional testing?
    9. Have you experience in load testing?
    10. Describe your last project?
    11. Which type of app you tested?
    12. What is static testing?
    13. What is dynamic testing?
    14. What is possitive testing?
    15. What is negative testing?
    16. How many time do you have for studying new documentation (specs, test plans, etc) in your company?
    17. Do you write test cases yourself or it does somebdy else?
    18. Where you store test cases?
    19. Who check your test cases?
    20. How many time need for test cases writing?
    21. How you discuss qestuins, bugs or doubts with your collegues?
    22. Which steps of testing pass the application starting from smoge testing to release?
    23. How many times (how often) do you do regression testing in your project?
    24. How often releasing new built in your project?
    25. Give me a few examples of defects? Real bugs which you detected.
    26. What is sanity testing?
    27. Do you have work experience with Selenium Web Driver?
    28. What wrong with cartoon? (Cartoon is attached).Right answer is all ok
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