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Ошибки в веб-приложении Taulia

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  • #76
    1. In the page numbering there is no page with the number 5
    2.In the Status column is wrong spelling of word Rejected
    3. There are not button Actions in the last line
    4. Reversed column “PO #” and “Due Date”
    5. Dates in different formats
    6. The Amount column is not exactly sorted ($ 22,409.37 should be after $ 22,376.00)
    7. The icon next to Amount must be an ascending order
    8. Search my invoices section need to have lables are missing
    9. Wrong total result of invoices
    10. Name of column “Invoce#” letter “i” is missed
    11. We must have 10 results according to field “Result per page” but we have 11
    12. Name of window Purchase order does not math the column
    13. Name of window Invoice date does not math the column
    14. Name of window Purchase order does not math the column


    • #77
      1. Inconsistency of applying ":"
      2. The word "Invoce" is misspelled.
      3. 10 results are reflected on the page, but actually - 11.
      4. Inconsistency of date format in the top of the page and in the table.
      5. There is no "Actions" button in the 11th line.
      6. Inconsistency «sampling» icon from large to small in "Amount" column.
      7. Wrong sequence in the "Amount" column.
      8. It is preferable to center on the right row (numbers and dates)
      9. Wrong format in the "Due Date" column.
      10. Number on Invoices are 422, (10 on the page), it should be other quantity of pages.
      11. Column "PO #" wrong format - "DATE"
      12. Change the contents of "PO #" column and "Due Date" column.
      13. The format of the "Payment" column is not clear
      14. Perhaps it is better to change the word order: "From amount" to "Amount From"
      15. There is search option for the "PO" line, also it should be done for the "Invoice" line.
      16. The 5 page is missing.
      17. Perhaps the "TYPE" cell can be deleted.
      18. The word "Rejcted" is a spelling mistaken.


      • #78
        Visual testing

        1. The button in navigation menu "Invoice" is always highlighted
        2. In window "Search my invoice" is missing signs "colon" afters most field names

        for input
        3. The "search" button is shifted to the right and is not in line with the "Actions"

        and does not look good.
        4. Maybe the button "search" should not be orange.
        5. Word "invoices" is written with a small letter, in the title window "Showing 422

        6. Error in a word "Ivoice" == > "Invoce#" in window "Showing 422 invoices" in

        column names.
        7.Data under the columns "Inv.Date, Due Date, PO #, Amount" is not aligned on one

        8.The dates in the columns "Inv.Date and PO #" are not filled in chronological

        9.the data of the "Due Data, PO #" columns do not correspond to the names of the

        columns themselves. They need to be swapped.
        10. in the "Showing 422 invoices" window there is no "Action" button at the bottom.
        11. There is no page numbering 1234 ... 678910 ...


        • #79
          - There is no buttons to switch pages (previous, next).
          - The lowest line doesn't have Action button
          - Names of the columns "Due Dsate" and "PO #" replaced
          - In Amount column, values should go from low to high, but after $22,409.37, goes $22,376.00
          - In the settings instaled 10 Resutns per page, but we have 11
          - Maybe it's reasonable to add column with numeration
          - Dates looks differently. In search parameters it's only figures, and in Data Grid it looks like this "22-Oct-2011"


          • #80
            1. Spelling mistake for the “rejcted " status in the block “selection result”
            2. Spelling mistake in column name “invose " in the block “selection result”
            3. Spelling mistake in functional name “Log out"
            4. The field “Invoice number” does not have a condition entered
            5. The field “Purchase order " does not have a condition entered
            6. There is no “From” condition in the condition of selection “invoice date”
            7. There is no button “Actions" on the last row of the table
            8. Unknown data format in the column “Payment” (perhaps this value is a date, then the date format is incorrect)
            9. Missing “colon" symbol at the end of labels in the block “Search my invoices"
            10. The selection parameter "Results per pages" is set to "10", the actual selection is made in the amount of 11 lines
            11. Page “5” is skipped in the numbering of the selection pages
            12. Number of selected pages of results does not conform to the logic, on 422 selected outcome is selected 32 pages of results (422/10=43 logical 43 results page, at least)
            13. Date format mismatch by “Invoice date" selection parameter with field "Invoice to" of the block "Search my invoices”
            14. In the selection parameter “From amount:”, the format of the value is logical with two decimal places.
            15. The format of numeric values by fields "From amount” and “to“ in the block "Search my invoices" does not correspond to the format of numeric values by the result of the selection in the column "Amount" (the values of the result of the selection is not divided into at three digits)
            16. The result of the selection does not match the name of the column (the value of the selection results on the column “PO#” is Incorrect)
            17. It is not clear the meaning of the name column “PO#”
            18. The result of the column “Due Date” selection is not clear
            19. The discrepancy format the date value in the column “Inv. Date " with date format for the selection parameter "Invoice date"
            20. Selected value exceeds the selection range for the parameter "to" "invoice date" (selected value 1-oct-2011 is wrong)
            21. The display of “the triangle” symbol in the name of the column "Amount" does not correspond to the logic of the sorting
            22. The result of sorting by rows of table №7, №8 corresponds to the sorting condition
            23. The numbering of the results of the selection according to the column “Due Date” does not conform to the logic
            24. The name of the column "payment" does not correspond to the selection result under this column (the format of the selection result values is unclear).
            25. Incorrect the description of the selection result “Showing 422 invoices” (replace “Showing 422 invoices” “Selected 422 invoices”)
            26. The presence of the icon “binoculars "in the block "Search my invoices” has no logical justification
            27. Not clear the need for a button “Refresh" by the presence of the button" Search”


            • #81
              1. Inconsistency in date format at search parameters and at search results
              2. Need to change "Your Customer" on "Your Customres"
              3. Inconsistency at locations of colons
              4. At resultes name of colomn "Invoce" , letter I is missed.
              5. There is a mistake in colomn Amount
              6. The date need to be at colomn DueDate not at PO#
              7. Rejcted - first "e" is missed
              8. Page number 5 is missed
              9. Inconsistency at location of button Actions


              • #82
                1) Top navigation: Inconsistency between "My” details and "Your” customer

                2) Download link has save (disk) icon

                3) The 5th column name is unobvious (PO# - Purchase Order)

                4) Search results per page displayed more than inputted in search parameters (11 instead of 10)

                5) Action button not displayed for last (11th) invoice on the result page

                6) Search results: The invoice results more than pagination pages can display (422 results and 32 pages) - there are only 352 results)

                7) Search results: Invoice date displayed more period than input in search parameters (October should not be included in search)

                8) Search results: Due date and PO# columns have invalid data. It looks like this columns are mixed up.

                9) 5th page is missing on pagination


                • #83
                  1. If the 2-d nomber is the day and the first is the month in the conditions - the date 1-Oct-2011 there has not have to be
                  2. Results on page more than 10 which on conditions
                  3. page #5 is spoiled on the list of pages
                  4. if we have 32 pages by 10 resulets per page and even by 11 per page -it will not be 422 invoices
                  5. on the graph PO# we have a date not the number
                  6.on the graph Due Date we have no date
                  7. there are jast 10 Actions button for 11 results
                  8. on the graph from Amount should be sign $ becouse it is used in the table where the Amount
                  9. Inv. Date should be Invoice Date
                  10. Tape Invoice in every item is not necessary graph becouce the bookmark is all called Invoices
                  11. the sort icon must be in the columns Invoce #, Inv. Date, PO # .
                  12. It would be better not to use the word MY in My details or my invoices or to use them everywhere


                  • #84
                    13. Invoce # in the graph must be Invoice number like in the conditions of sample
                    14. It must be graph Actions in place of buttons Actions


                    • #85
                      Originally posted by vikra View Post
                      In "Search my invoices" block the date is month-day-year. In "Showing 422 invoices" block it is day-month-year. Also month is a word, not a number.
                      1. "Invoice number" is not entered.

                      2. "Purchase order" is a useless line that does not form an order.

                      3. "Search My Invoices" repeats the name of the "search" function, but does not search.

                      4. Useless "Your Customer" function. I'm a client.

                      5. The value of visible accounts-10 is incorrectly specified in the "results per page" line. The correct answer is 11.

                      6. The names of the indicators and the indicators are not formatted in one line.

                      7. Do not refer to one type of writing dates (CH.M.G. or/).

                      8. Numbers (sums) are not given to one type of variables.

                      Variables are set to integers.

                      9. The last value of Invoce # is not set to "actions".

                      10. Does not match the number of pages specified and required.

                      We are on the 39 page, but we see-total there are 32 pages and

                      We are at the first, which is not true.

                      11. The unit of measure is not correctly specified.

                      If in $, then indicate in any American or Canadian?

                      Add a converter for other currencies.

                      12. Add the function "Kalkuljator"dlja calculation of the order amount.

                      13. There is no function to display the number of specified rows per page (const).

                      14. This example includes a large vendor (422scheta) and customers with regular orders for large amounts (see table).

                      The supplier with the customer in addition to invoices make contracts for the delivery of goods, where the terms of payment and delivery are prescribed.

                      I propose to exclude these graphs from the table.

                      Reducing the table will also lead to better perceptions on mobile devices.

                      15. No feedback function.


                      1. Не введен "Invoice number".

                      2. "Purchase order"-бесполезная строка, не формирующая заказ.

                      3. "Search my invoices" повторяет название функции "Search", но не ищет.

                      4. Бесполезная функция "Your Customer". Я - клиент.

                      5. В строке "Results per page" неправильно указано значение видимых счетов -10. Правильный ответ - 11.

                      6. Не отформатированы в одну строку названия показателей и сами показатели.

                      7. Не приведены к одному виду написание дат ( ч.м.г. или / ).

                      8. Числа(суммы) не приведены к одному типу переменных.
                      Переменные задать целыми числами.

                      9. Для последнего значения INVOCE# не задана функция "Actions".

                      10. Не соответствует количество страниц указанных и необходимых.
                      Мы находимся на 39 странице, но мы видим - всего имеется 32 страницы и
                      мы на первой, что не соответствует действительности.

                      11. Не корректно указана единица измерения.
                      Если в $, то указать в каких-американских или канадских?
                      Добавить конвертер других валют.

                      12. Добавить функцию "калькулятор"для подсчета суммы заказа.

                      13. Нет функции отображения количества заданных строк на странице (const).

                      14. В данном примере фигурируют крупный поставщик(422счета) и клиенты с регулярными заказами на большие суммы(см.табл.).
                      Поставщик с клиентом помимо счетов фактуры оформляют договора на поставку товара, где прописываются сроки оплаты и поставки.
                      Эти графы предлагаю исключить из таблицы.
                      Сокращение таблицы также приведет к лучшему восприятию на мобильных устройствах.

                      15. Нет функции обратной связи.
                      Last edited by osa; 03-05-2018, 10:23 PM.


                      • #86
                        1. Spelling mistake - missed the letter "i" in "Invoce".
                        2. Spelling mistake - missed the letter "e" in "Rejcted".
                        3. Different format in dates "9/30/2011" and "28-Sep-2011".
                        4. There is no consistency in names of the paragraph, for example: "Invoice date" and "Inv. Date", "Invoice status" and "Status".
                        5. Showing 422 invoices - actually showing 11 of 422 invoices.
                        6. Mistake in sorting "Amount" - $8,834.25 up $10,289.00 up $22,409.37 down $22,376.00 up $87,888.05.
                        7. Missed page 5 in list of pages "1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 .. 32".
                        8. Missed colon after Invoice number, Customer, Purchase order, Invoice date, Invoice status, Results per page. Has to be like that - From amount:.
                        9. Results per page 11 not 10.
                        10. Showing 422 invoices - amount is wrong: 11*32=352 - it is maximum or 342=(11*31)+1 - is minimum.
                        11. Amount - sorting is in wrong way. Has to be from bigger to smaller.
                        12. Mistake in Invoise Date: 6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011 but actually we can see even invoises up to 31-Oct-2011.
                        13. Your Customer - looks they have one customer. I am not sure. If they use plural in words: Invoices, Purchase Orders, Payments - then use My Customers.
                        14. Different value of the leveling value in the table header. Would be better align to left.
                        15. You need to add the ability to sort not only by the amount.
                        16. Different format in Amount in the fields From amount to: 1000000 and in the in the table below we can see $97,544.98 ($,.).
                        17. Profile - I would use My Profile, because I see "Logout" so it seams I am in my profile.
                        18. We don't need "Refresh". If we want to refresh your data we can just push the button "search" again.
                        19. To much free space in the searching field.
                        20. would be nice to use welcome "user name".


                        • #87
                          1. The word "Invoce #" has a grammatical error. The right word "Invoice"

                          2. Sorting "Amount" is not correct. Chosen from the largest to the smaller, and the text is sorted from the smallest to the largest.

                          3. There is an error in the "Amount" column in the sorting. "$ 22,409.37" more "$ 22,376.00"

                          4. In the "Status" column, the word "Rejcted" has a grammatical error. The correct word "Rejected"

                          5. In the Search my invoices information, there is no ":" in the sub-menu

                          6. The total number of invoices is not true "Showing 422 invoices", by the number of pages "1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 .. 32" we can calculate how many invoices are represented. Invoices on one page 11, total pages 32. 11 * 32 = 352 (instead of 422). The parameter is not valid.

                          7. The date parameter is set incorrectly, relative to the result of the search. 6/5/2011 - 29-Aug-2011.

                          8. Sort parameter "Results per page" suggests output of only 10 pages per sheet, 11 results are output instead of 10.

                          9. In the line "1122338095" there is no button "Actions"

                          10. In the line "1122338089" in the Payment column there is an incorrect payment format "2011-1248"

                          11. In the line "1122339044" in the Payment column, the invalid payment format "2011-1844"

                          12. In the line "1122339135" in the Payment column there is an incorrect payment format "2011-2104"

                          13. In the line "1122339134" in the Payment column there is an incorrect payment format "2011-2100"

                          14. In the line "1122338095" in the Payment column there is an incorrect payment format "2011-1488"

                          15. In the first line of the table there are no signs # "Invoce #" "PO #"

                          16. Sort by date offers an interval from June 5, 2011 to September 30, 2011. But the line "1122339546" is presented from 1-Oct-2011. This date is not included in the sort interval parameter.

                          ================================================== =======================================

                          1. В слове "Invoce #" допущена грамматическая ошибка. Верное слово "Invoice"

                          2. Сортировка "Amount" не верна. Выбрана от большего к меньшему, а текст отсортирован от меньшего к большему.

                          3. в столбце "Amount" допущена ошибка в сортировке. "$22,409.37" больше "$22,376.00"

                          4. В столбце "Status", в слове "Rejcted" допущена грамматическая ошибка. Верное слово "Rejected"

                          5. В информации Search my invoices, в под меню отсутсвует знак ":"

                          6. Общее количество инвойсов не верно "Showing 422 invoices", по количеству страниц "1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 .. 32" мы можем расчитать сколько представлено итого инвойсов. Инвойсов на одной странице 11, всего страниц 32. 11*32= 352 (вместо 422). Параметр расчитан не верно.

                          7. Параметр даты задан неверно, по отношению к результату поиска. 6/5/2011 - 29-Aug-2011.

                          8. Параметр сортировки "Results per page" предлагает вывод только 10 страниц на лист, выведено 11 результатов вместо 10.

                          9. В строке "1122338095" отсутствует кнопка "Actions"

                          10. В строке "1122338089" в столбце Payment указан неверный формат оплаты "2011-1248"

                          11. В строке "1122339044" в столбце Payment указан неверный формат оплаты "2011-1844"

                          12. В строке "1122339135" в столбце Payment указан неверный формат оплаты "2011-2104"

                          13. В строке "1122339134" в столбце Payment указан неверный формат оплаты "2011-2100"

                          14. В строке "1122338095" в столбце Payment указан неверный формат оплаты "2011-1488"

                          15. В первой строке таблицы отсутствуют знаки # "Invoce #" "PO #"

                          16. Сортировка по дате предлагает интервал с 5 июня 2011 по 30 сентября 2011. Но строчка "1122339546" представлена от 1-Oct-2011. Данная дата не входит в параметр интервал сортировки.


                          • #88
                            1. Top panel of the site: "Register" button is missing.
                            2. Top panel of the site: "Log in" button is missing.
                            3. Under the header "Search my invoices": the order of the lables are inconsistent with the order of the headers in the Search Result table in the second row.
                            4. Under the header "Search my invoices" : lables "Invoice number", "Customer", "Purchase order", "Invoice date", "Invoice status", "Results per page" are missing colon.
                            5. Under the header "Search my invoices" : fields labled "Invoice number", "Purchase order" are missing placeholders.
                            6. Under the header "Search my invoices" : values in the field labled "Result per page" that are equal to 10 are inconsistent with actual number of rows in the Search Result table which is equal to 11.
                            7. For the section under the header "Search my invoices" : "Clear" button is missing.
                            8. "Search" button is missing input field.
                            9. The Search Result table isn`t aligned.
                            10. The Search Result table: the header "Invoce#" in the second row is missing letter "i".
                            11. The Search Result table: the headers in the second row of the table aren`t aligned to the left border of the table.
                            12. The Search Result table: under the header "Due Date" values are inconsistent.
                            13. The Search Result table: values under the header "PO#" are inconsistent.
                            14. The Search Result table: in the 13th row of the table button "Action" is missing.
                            15. The Search Result table: the dates under the header "Inv. Date" are not the same format as those under the header "Search my invoices" in the field labled "Invoice date" .
                            16. The Search Result table: the sums under the header "Amount" are ascendent and are inconsistent with the arrow near the header "Amount".
                            17. The Search Result table: the sums under the header "Amount" have wrong format.
                            18. The Search Result table: under the header "Payment" no dates in 1, 3, 6,7,9,10 rows.
                            19. Under the Search Result table: pagination is missing number "5".
                            20. Under the Search Result table: number of pages "39" is inconsistent with the values in the first row the Search Result table: "Showing 422 invoices".
                            21. Top panel of the site: "Print Out" button is missing.
                            Last edited by Victoriia; 03-13-2018, 04:37 AM.


                            • #89
                              Showing invoices chart:
                              1. Spelling word INVOICE on titles the first line and first column and REJECTED on first line, the seventh column
                              2. Columns Due date, PO#, Amount and Payment are misplaced.
                              4th - Payment , 5th - Due Date , 6th - Amount , 8th - PO#
                              3. The symbol next to Amount title means order from the biggest payment to the smallest, but this column sorted vice versa. Also incorrect sorting on the eighth line.
                              4. Missed Action button on last line and number 5 between numbers of pages at end of page
                              5. According to the amount of shown pages on results there must be 10 pages, instead of 11. So showing invoices had to include more than 42 pages.
                              Search my invoices chart:
                              1. The symbol binoculars after Purchase order repeats Search button. As well as My Details and Profile on top of the page
                              2. Colons in titles used only once for From amount


                              • #90
                                Taulia interface testing (black box testing)

                                1. Top right corner bar: inconsistency in spacing between words and vertical line symbols “|”. There are too big gaps after words “User manager”, “Profile” and “Logout”. The bar should be right-aligned.
                                2. Inconsistency in “Search my invoices” section: 8 of 9 labels are missing colons at the end.
                                3. “Search my invoices” section: inexplicable use of binocular icon after “Purchase order” label.
                                4. Inconsistency in amount designation in search filter (“From amount:” and “to:”) and in search results (menu title “Amount”). In first case amounts do not have currency symbols, dots and commas.
                                5. Inconsistency in date formats in search filter (“Invoice date:” and “to:”) and in search results (menu title “Inv. Date”). Different style, month and day order.
                                6. Misspellings in “Showing 422 invoices” section:
                                a. Menu title “Invoice #” (missing letter “i”);
                                b. Menu item “Rejected” (missing letter “e”) under menu title “Status”.
                                7. “Showing 422 invoices” section: columns under menu titles “Inv. Date” and “PO #” should be swapped.
                                8. “Showing 422 invoices” section: menu title “Amounts”: deranged sort order.
                                a. Prices should be sorted in descending order, according to the sort icon;
                                b. Amounts “$ 22,409.37” and “$ 22,376.00” should be swapped;
                                c. Amounts should be right-aligned.
                                d. There should be spacing after currency symbol “$”.
                                9. “Showing 422 invoices” section: 11 results per page instead of 10.
                                10. “Showing 422 invoices” section: missing “Auctions” button in the last line.
                                11. Bottom left corner bar: page “5” is missing.
                                12. Bottom left corner bar: ellipsis is missing one dot. There should be “…” instead of “..”.
                                Last edited by SuperBiser; 03-06-2018, 01:19 AM.