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Online class May 9, 2022 Bug reports for TAULIA PROJECT

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    1. "Due date" and "PO #" column names are switched.
    2. There are 11 results instead of specified 10 by the "results per page number" at the bottom of the page
    3. "Invoce" column name should be replaced with "invoice"
    4. Row 11 did not state "auction" button.
    5. "Invoice number" header should not accept letters, only numbers.
    6. The number of total results is incorrect, because the "10 results per page" with 32 total pages would not give "442 results".
    7. The page #5 is missing in the page control row.
    8. Missing "colon" sign on all of the list boxes, except "From Amount:".
    9. Misspelled "Rejcted" in the "Status" row, replies with "Rejected".
    10. The order in "Amount" column is ascending, while the triangle in the header suggests descending order.


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      Taulia Bug Reports
      1.) Links to the results pages: page 5 is missing
      2.) Replace "showing 422 invoices" with "Showing 1-10 of 422 invoices" to acknowledge what sections of the invoices you are in.
      3.) Amount descending order incorrect in "Amount" column: "$22,409.37 should go below "$22,376.00"
      4.) The number of total pages is incorrect due to there being 422 invoices: Number of pages should be 43
      5.) On the page it shows 11 results as opposed to 10 results as per "Results per page" listbox
      6.) Under the "Status" column: "Rejcted" is misspelled
      7.) Missing Colon for all of the data inputs except for "From amount:"
      8.) In the 11th row of search results table, the "Actions" button is missing
      9.) Invoice dated "1-Oct-2011" is outside of the range of what we are looking for in "Invoice date" field
      10.) "Due Date" and "PO #" column need to swap


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        Taulia Bug Report

        Folder "Invoices"
        1. No special character ":" after names of the text fields.
        2. Text field "Invoice number" accept more than 10 digits, letters, special characters.
        3. Text field "Search": chosen option is 10 results, but it is shown 11 on the page.
        4. "Invoice#": letter "i" is missing.
        5. "Invoice date": shows invoice from 1-Oct-2011, but selected range was up to 9/30/2011.
        6. "Due date" and "PO#": data in these rows is placed incorrect to the names of ne rows.
        7. "Amount": filter shows incorrect subsequence, filter is switched into decreasing mode, data shows in increasing mode.
        8. Button "Actions" is missing on the last invoice.
        9. Status "Rejected": letter "e" is missing.
        10. Pages numbers: number "5" is missing.


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          1. "Search my invoices" section: The labels should end up with a colon character
          2. Misspelled "Invoce #" column name should be replaced with "Invoice #"
          3. The "Due Date" column values are not in a common date format
          4. Date formats inconsistency: "Invoice date", "Inv. Date", "PO #" have different date formats
          5. Misspeled word "Rejcted" in the first row of the search result table should be replaced with "Rejected"
          6. Last row in the search result table has no "Actions" button
          7. Sorting order violation: "$22,376.00" value of the column "Amount" goes below "$22,409.37" value
          8. Search result section: The link for page 5 is missing
          9. Search result table: The values of the colums are shifted to the left relative to the column names
          10. The "Type" column is redundant
          11. "1-Oct-2011" value of the "Inv. Date" column is out of range as per "Invoice date" text fields
          12. The name of the current user should be shown in the top right of the page
          13. "Showing 422 invoices" should be replaced with "Showing 1 to 10 of 422 invoices"
          14. The actual number of search results per page is 11 which is inconsistent with "Results per page" listbox value of 10