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Tell me about yourself - Sept 6, 2022

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  • I have an associate’s degree in accounting and an incomplete bachelor’s degree in finance in Russia.

    Last few years I worked for big telecommunication companies as a senior accountant in the inventory department in Moscow.

    Each company change is always a promotion, new skills, and new computer systems.

    That was a great experience. I got to work with great people, who had a lot to teach me about accounting.

    In the last company my team developed inventory accounting from scratch in more than 1000 cell phone stores throughout the country.

    As a senior accountant, I interacted with other colleagues from control, marketing and information technology departments.

    I really learned to listen, communicate and go through the extra mile.

    When we developed operating systems for inventory, even then I felt like a tester: I prepared the necessary forms and reports; coordinated with audit and security departments; composed technical tasks for IT department; then I tested and fixed bugs. It looked like “bug’ life cycle”.

    Then I took maternity leave. After that I moved to the USA and started a new professional path.

    Considering my previous experience as an ‘accountant - tester”, my interest in that, and good feedback from IT colleagues (they always told me: “you would be a good tester”), I decided to start my career path in QA.

    I am not just looking for a job, I am changing my profession, changing it consciously.

    I have plans to get in-depth experience in manual testing, then learn automatic testing and in 5 next years become the one who makes the difference with a big luggage of skills and experience.


    • My name is Yuliya,
      • I have higher education- management organization of tourism industry
      • 12 years of experience head of air tickets sales department
      • I want to move to live in the USA to change my life to learn something new
      • My friends work in IT, they told me the principle of work, I really liked it and I want to learn and enjoy this work
      • In 5 years, I see myself as a senior QA automation engineer with a lot of skills and experience, preparing to move to the position of QA Lead through


      • My name is Olga
        I have a higher education geologist-gemmologist.
        My work expirience a chief geologist, developer of water wells.
        Moving to the United States was a childhood dream. Here more developed profession in IT. I want to be in a team of such wonderfull people.
        I want to work in Information Tehnology with very smartest people, lerning someting new, constantly improve my skills, and i think start with QA a good start.
        In 5 years i see myself as a good tester who is growing and constsntly learning, perhapsn i can be an automated tester.


        • Hello .
          My name is Victoria Borysyuk , I’m 25 years old. I am from Ukraine

          In 2018, I received a license degree in the specialty
          tourism and hospitality at the Vincent Pol University of Social and Natural Sciences in Lublin, Poland

          I am started working in 2014 after the first year of university, starting with the lowest positions in hotel and rising to the level of an administrator. I am worked in different European countries and gained experience with different races of people.

          I decided to change my profession because, after emigration, many of my acquaintances inspired me to change my profession, since QA gives quite a lot of opportunities.
          The experience that remained after the coronavirus, that stationary work has become unstable, which cannot be said about remote work, the opportunity that QA provides
          You can work almost anywhere in the world
          And also further development in the profession

          After 5 years, I see myself as a program tester, but already with experience.


          • My name is Vagram.
            1. I have an Economics Bachelor's degree
            2. I have been an entrepreneur for many years, including in IT
            3. In connection with emigration, I decided to completely change my profession.
            4. I think all my work experience and some abilities will allow me to succeed in QA.
            5. In 5 years, I see myself only in testing, and in Lead Level position in QA.


            • Name: Yuliya Farnoush.
              Education: Kyiv National Economic University. Masters in "Economic cybernetics".
              Work experience: 2005-2010 engineer 1st cathegory- IT Project manager in Raifaisen Bank Aval, Kyiv, Ukraine.
              2011-2013 IT manager at Robbins HDD, LLC Chicago, Illinois.
              2013-2022 Real estate agent at HomeSmart
              2021-2022 Business owner at LUX Remodeling LLC
              Change of career: IT is my passion. I found the opportunity to return to the career I was always interested in.
              Why QA: testing is where I am planning to restart my IT career. QA certification is the fastest to obtain.
              In 5 years: I am planning to get to the level of IT project manager.


              • Hello! My name is Ildar Mukhametzhanov.
                1. I I have a university degree in civil engineering.
                2. My work experience includes: civil engineer, stock market broker, trade manager.
                3. I decided to change my career towards IT, because I see that all industries are moving in this direction in one way or another.
                4. My friend who works as a tester told me about QA. It seemed interesting to me and I took courses at the Portnov Computer School.
                5. In 5 years, I see myself as a senior QA automation engineer.


                • My name is Mustafa. I have a bachelors degree in Hospitality Management in Turkey. I have worked in hospitality for long time. After I moved to the USA, I started to work in hospitality industry as well since I have the experience in that field. When I was in Turkey working in hotels, I was trained as Hotel IT back up person. Couple years after I moved to the USA I found out I have more opportunity to work in IT business and I started to search about it. I got an offer for QA job for 4 months. This experience helped me to decide to switch IT career. As of today I would like to go deeper in QA field to learn and improve my skill to make some difference in software testing.


                  • Hello, my name is Alexandra.

                    My education is an unfinished medical nursing.

                    When I emigrated to America, I started working with children in a kindergarten. My husband is a programmer, he advised me to try to study as a QA tester. In parallel with work, I began to study what QA is, I watched a lot of your videos on YouTube, and I realized that it would suit me, I could develop and advance.

                    Why QA tester, because I want to get a profession that I will like and where I will work with pleasure.

                    In five years, I would like to develop further and become a very good QA tester.


                    • Hello! I am Marina.
                      I have a Medicine Doctor's degree.
                      My work experience is 11 years.
                      After moving to the USA, I can not continue my practice as it takes 5 years or more to confirm my diploma. I don't have that much time. For a while, I didn't know what to do here. I analyzed and talked with people and my choice fell on Software Testing. I like my future profession as I can easily find mistakes, especially in what I am a professional. I plan to work in a company that develops medical devices. In 5 years I see myself as a QA Manager Engineer.​​


                      • My name is Liliya.
                        I am a musician by education, but since 2016, after the child's birth, I have not worked.
                        The only reason I wanted to come to America is education. It's never too late to study and get a new profession here.
                        For a long time I wanted to get a profession related to the computer.
                        I chose QA for starting because it does not require deep computer knowledge.
                        In the future I will develop my skills and study other IT professions.
                        In 5 years I see myself working in a good company as a head of a department.


                        • Hello, my name is Olesya.
                          My educational background includes my high school diploma completed in 2003, in Russia. 3 years of college in Tomsk State university, where I studied Public relations. Immigrated to United States in 2007. Currently employed with NYS department of labor for more than 6 years. Ready for career change, new challenges, professional development opportunities and growth. In 5 years I see myself as a successful QA professional, constantly growing in my career, setting and archiving new goals. Thank you.