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  • Bug Reports Taulia

    #1: In "Search my invoices" section all the labels need to have a colon at the end
    #2: First cell in "Status" column: replace" Rejcted" with "Rejected".
    #3: In the listbox the name of "Invoce #" replace to "Invoice #"
    #4: Incorrect number of results per page: 11 instead of 10(as per "Results per page" listbox)
    #5: Click to move on the second page on the list of pages at the bottom and is not working
    #6: Push button "Action" is inactive
    #7: Inconsistency in date format: "Invoice date" field (6/5/2011) vs "Inv. Data" column (22-Aug-2011)
    #8: First and tenth cell in "Due Date" column: replace 5 instead of 6 numbers
    #9: Taulia web element in the banner at the top is inactive.
    #10: Name bar “Due Date” and “PO#” should be switch.

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    Bug reports Telecom

    1.HI state missing field accepts letters field allows to paste letters
    4.BC -canadian province
    5.First Name field accept digits and special characters
    6.Last Name field accept digits and special characters
    7.Reffered by field accepts paste letters after First Name goes not directly to Last Name
    9.Differet sizes of Submit and Clear
    10.Zip field allows to paste special characters
    11."My monthly bill is approximately" field in "1.Cell phone service", allows to type letters and paste special characters
    12.type of service has 3 circles and 1 box to choose in "3.high speed internet service"* field allows to type digits and special characters


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      Bug Reports Taulia

      #1 Column "Search for my account" should contain colons at the end of all sections.
      #2 In the section "From amount:" the format of the value in the data entry windows does not correspond to the monetary format.
      #3 In the section "Results per page" value specified is 10, actual result is 11 lines.
      #4 Result of the table name "Showing 422 invoices" is incorrect for specified number of pages.
      #5 The date format on the page is not the same.
      #6 Position of the sort symbol in the column the "Amount" is opposite to the result.
      #7 In the column "Amount" the sequence is broken in the lines Invoice #1122339546 and #1122339134.
      #8 The name of the column "Invoce #" should be changed to "Invoice #".
      #9 In the column "Payment" the numbering of payments is broken relative to the date.
      #10 The line Invoice #1122338095 don't have button "Actions".
      #11 In the bottom of the page missing page #5.
      #12 In the main menu the button "Your Customer" should be "Your Customers" !!!Not sure!!!
      #13 The name of the column "PO #" should be changed to "PO"
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        Bug Reports Taulia

        1. The name of "Invoce" column is misspell
        2. The "Inv.Date" column format is not consistent and different from the "Invoice date" in search text field
        3. The columns "Due Date" and "PO#" have to be switch each other
        4. The dollar amount in search text field missing dollar symbol "$" before digits
        5. The text field " From amount:" does not have prefilled format with cent portion
        6. All text fields in search panel are missing colon except "From amount:"
        7. The first line result has misspelling "Rejcted" in column "Status"
        8. The result of search has 11 lines instead 10 per page
        9. Nothing happens when switching to see page 2 and so on.
        10."Refresh" button doesn't refresh the page