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  • Bug report for Taulia:

    #1 Missing page #5 in pagination.
    #2 "Search my invoices": provide all the label with the colon character at the end.
    #3 "Search my invoices": Bring the "date picker" to the same format (for USA MM-DD-YYYY).
    #4 "Search result page": 11 results are shown instead of 10 as per "Results per page" listbox.
    #5 "Search result page": replace column header "Invoce" with "Invoice".
    #6 "Search result page": swap the headers "Due Date" and "PO#".
    #7 "Search result page": "Type" column is redundant since all the search results are of same type (invoice).
    #8 "Search result page": Sorting order violation in "Amount" column: "$22,409.37" should go below "$22,376.00", not above.
    #9 "Amount" column: inconsistency between the actual sorting order (ascending) and the direction
    given by the arrow next to the column title.
    #10 "Search result page": In #11 row "Action" button is missing.
    #11 32 pages is not enough to accomodate 422 search results.
    #12 Replace "Showing 422 invoices" with "Showing 1-10 0f 422 invoices".
    #13 In the fourth column, the same purchase order "40988" is repeated seven (7) times for different invoices.
    #14 In the fourth column, the same purchase order "30998" is repeated two (2) times for different invoices.
    #15 In the payment column, change the date and time format (for the USA MM‑DD‑YYYY hh:mm:ss).
    #16 Invoice 1122339546: The "1-Oct-2011" date is outside of range specified in "invoice date" fields.
    #17 "Search my invoices": Tooltip for "binocular" icon is missing.
    #18 "Status" column (row 4): replace tooltip "Approved" with "Paid".
    #19 Product logo image on the page is missing the link to the "home page".
    #20 "Download list": icon image ("Diskette") is not consistent with its tooltip ("Download").
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    • 1234567891011 Test


      • Sorry for being late.

        1. A mistake in the word “Invoice” in the first column.

        2. Amount of pages doesn’t correlate with amount of the Invoices.
        3. Amount of invoices shown is eleven but it must be 10.
        4. Should add colon character in the end of every label text, not only “From amount”.
        5. "Amount" column has ascending order in fact, but its image means descending one.
        6. Result with Invoice number 1122339546 in the 7th row shouldn’t be shown cause its Date 1-Oct-2011 doesn’t fit the search set.
        7. Search set has label “Customer” but it’s not shown in the table.
        8. "Due Date" Column content must contain dates, but it contains numbers. "PO #" column contain dates but it shouldn’t.
        9. The table has “Due Date” and “Payment” columns but the search set doesn’t.
        10. Rows with “Amount” column meanings “$22,409.37” and “$22,376.00” should be changed in order.


        • TAULIA BUG REPORTS by Shvedenko
          #1. "Due Date" column: have recurrent numbers
          #2. Sorting order violation in "7 row": betwen "6/5/2011" - "9/30/2011" date
          #3. "Calunm names": should be replace on left side
          #4. Cursor isn't chanche after aim on "Page numbers" on table
          #5. Cursor isn't chanche after aim on "Site Logo"
          #6. "Search my invoices": check "Invoice date"/date format "6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011"
          #7. "Binoculars" opposite "Purchase order" is redundant, "Search my invoices" list have button "Search"
          #8. Some "Due Date" are longer then other, in row "1" and "10"
          #9. "From amount:" is missing sumbol "$" like in "Amount" column
          #10. "Invoce #" and "PO #" column is redundant sumbol "#"



            1. Набор записей в таблице не соответствует выбранным в "Search my invoices" значениям по полю "Invoice date": "6/5/2011" to: "9/30/2011".
            2. Привести поля ввода "From amount" в "Search my invoices" и данные в столбце "Amount" в таблице к единому денежному формату чисел.
            3. Непонятно назначение иконки бинокль рядом с текстовым полем ввода "Purchase order" в "Search my invoices".
            4. Порядок лэйблов в "Search my invoices" не соответствует порядку столбцам в таблице.
            5. Не использовать октоторп в названии столбца "PO #" в таблице.
            6. Заменить название столбцов в таблице: "PO #" на "Due Date", "Due Date" на "Purchase order"
            7. Используйте единый формат даты в таблице в полях "Inv. Date", "Due Date" и в текстовых полях "Invoice date" в "Search my invoices"
            8. Отсутствует название столбца в последнем столбце "Actions".
            9. Задано слишком большое расстояние между столбцом "Actions" и границей таблицы справа.
            10. Отсутствует столбец "Customer" в таблице.
            11. Кнопка "Download list" и кнопка с иконкой "Download" нагружают восприятие информации.
            12. Кнопка "Refresh" и кнопка с иконкой "Refresh" нагружают восприятие информации.
            13. Отобразить данные в столбце "Payment" в формате удобном и понятном для пользователя.
            14. Несодержательное название столбца "Inv. Date" в таблице.
            15. Заменить "Hide search parameters" на кнопку с иконкой стрелка вниз/вверх. При нажатии на строку с заголовком "Search my invoices" раздел должен сворачиваться/разворачиваться.
            16. Кнопка "Search" должна располагаться в разделе "Search my invoices" в левой нижней части, под лэйблами.
            17. Произвести выравнивание столбцов в таблице к единому стилю.
            18. Заменить лэйбл "Invoice date" на "From Invoice date" в разделе "Search my invoices".