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  • Energy Telecom report

    1. "First name" field: accepting max 30 characters instead of 31 as per requirement.
    2."Zip" field: user is able to type in letters ( no digits only)
    3. "Zip" field: user is able to paste letters ( no digits only)
    4. "Zip" field : user is able to paste more than 5 characters ( should be no more than 5)
    5. "Zip" field :should be validating the input for a valid US zip code
    6. "Referred by" field: is missing from the requirements
    7. "Referred by" field: doesn't have asterisk but it behaves like required field.
    8."Last name" field: accepting only 30 characters max instead of 31 as per requirement .
    9. "Street name" field: accepting only 100 characters instead of 255 as per requirement.
    10. "Email" field ; with empty input does not show the error as required field.
    11."Email" field: are accepted more then 255 characters
    12. "Phone" field : user is able to paste letters ( no digits only)
    13."Current provider" field : in a list box no option "OTHER"
    14. Below the row "7.Gas and Electric Services"
    I am opento using different provider. Miss spell "Opento"

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    Energy Telecom bug reports

    #1. TAB order is disrupted in the “Contact Information” section. Input focus moves from “First Name” field to "Referred by" instead of "Last name"
    #2. "First name" field accepts 30 characters max instead of 31, as per requirements
    #3. Remove "BC" from the "State" listbox, since it is a Canadian state, not US
    #4. Sales Lead email: "Referred by" field not present at all
    #5. Sales Lead email: "Email" field comes with no data entered into the form
    #6. "Email" field is not processed as a required field
    #7. "Referred by" field is processed as a required field, but it does not have an asterisk assigned. No requirements for the field.
    #8. Confusing/misleading error message pops up on pushing the "Clear" button
    #9. "Clear" function does not clear the form
    #10. 1”1. Cell Phone Service” “Months left on current contract:”: add “more” in the end of the list box .
    #11. ”1. Cell Phone Service” “Current Provider:”: add “other” in the end of the list box .
    #12. TV Service” “Months left on plan: listbox: replace “24” with "more".
    #13. ”1. Cell Phone Service”: choosing check box “I am happy with my current provider” another checkbox “I am open to using different provider” have to become disabled.
    #14. TAB order is incorrect, does not go left to right to all radio buttons like “No”, “Dial-up”, “DSL”, “Phone”, “Both” and “Provider:” field.
    #15. “Gas and Electric Services”: replace “I am opento using different provider” with “I am open to using different provider”.
    #16. The "Submit" button is enabled without any fields being filled.
    #17. Add the states Hawaii and Nevada to the "State" list box with abbreviations "HI" and "NV" in alphabet order.
    #18. “State” list box: delete “other” because it has enumeration of only US states.
    #19. “State” list box: misspelling “IND”, must be “IN”.
    #20. “The "Email:" field accepts input of an email address without the "@" character.
    #21. Buttons “Submit” and “Clear” have different size.
    #22. Accidentally pushing on a radio button does not allow for cancellation; only the option to select a different button is available.
    #23. Error message is not provided if required field has no input.
    #24. “ZIP” field: lets to paste any characters.
    #25. “ZIP” field: lets to paste more than 5 characters.
    #26. “Phone” field: lets to paste any characters.
    #27. “Street Address:” field: only permits input of up to 100 characters, in compliance with the requirements, instead of the expected 255 characters.
    #28. According to requirements, the "Last Name:" field only allows 30 characters to be entered instead of 31.
    #29. “1. Cell Phone Service”: selecting the “I like my handset” check box, it is preferable for the “I am interested in updating my handset” check box to be disabled.
    #30. Filling out the entire form, the user does not receive an email message at specified email address.
    #31. Pushing “Submit” button user will see the message “Thank you for your participation!” without being redirected to the main page of the site.
    #32. "
    1. Cell Phone Service""My monthly bill is approximately:"field: permits enter letters.
    #33. "
    2. Local/Long Distances/International Service" "Primary Phone Number:" fields: user can paste letters and special characters.
    #34. "
    3. High Speed Internet Service" "Type of service:": there is an inconsistency. "Wireless Aircard" is present like check box instead of radio button.
    #35. "
    4. TV Service" "I currently have:": replace check box for "HDTV" and "DVR" with radio buttons.
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      #bug report *** Energy Telecom Service Review

      The Bug report is made based on following requirements given.

      #1 "First name" tezt field dosn't accept max 31 characters but instead just 30

      #2 "Last name" text field dosn't accept maximum 31 but instead just 30

      #3 "Street Address" text field dosn't accept maximum 255 but instead just 100

      4# "State" Dropdown list not showing all 50 states

      5# "ZIP" dosn't accepts only numbers but all characters, dosn't accept only 5 charachters