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Jaime's Experience at Portnov School

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  • Jaime's Experience at Portnov School

    Attending the Portnov School was of the best decisions I’ve made. It changed my life for the better. Thank you Sofia !

    I think anyone who is contemplating a career in SQA should consider attending Portnov School . You can’t lose. When starting a career, it helps knowing people in the industry and Portnov School has a lot of connections.

    They helped me get an internship and forwarded my resume to the hiring manager of my very first Web QA engineering job. Come to think of it, I am in my current position, which is a permanent employee because of them. Having the skills helped, but they opened the door for me.

    Portnov School really cares for its students, especially their Director Sofia Pravdina. Sofia wants to see you succeed!

    Former student,
    Jaime Gonzalez