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  • Thanks A lot!

    I was a recruiter, before I came to Portnov Computer School, had met and interviewed a lot of graduates from the school. I was contemplating a career change for a long time but no knowledge of Technology, was being a was just a mental block... but when I joined, I went with the pace, the teachers are ever helpful...especially Olga c and Marina. I participated in their Projects which gave me hands on Experience. One day short off 4 months of me in the institute, I got the internship from an excellent company in San Mateo.This was just my second interview.. I can't ever thank Mikhail and Sofia Enough for helping and placing me..I have 3 months or more with this company and rest lies on me....

    Thanks a lot of Sofia, Mikhail...Words fail me to express my gratitude..If you are thinking of joining the school, please do that
    right you might just be delaying what can be the beginning of great career for you.