Taulia bugs:
1) "Status" column, first row: The word "Rejected" is misspelled. Replace "Rejcted" with "Rejected"
2) Invoice dated "1-oct-2011" is out of date range "6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011"
3) Pagination: link to page "5" is missing
4) "Due date" column date format is wrong. Should be: mm/dd/yyyy
5) "Inv date" column date format is wrong. Should be: mm/dd/yyyy
6) Data in columns "Due date" and "PO #" switched
7) No "Action" button in the last row (not consistent with other rows)
8) The name of column "Invoce#" is misspelled. Should be "Invoice"
9) Sorting order violation in "Amount" column. "$22,376.00" should go before "$22,409.37", not after
10) Column "Amount": data is sorted in ascending order instead of the descending order as per title arrow direction
11) 11 search results provided instead of 10 as per "Results per page" list box
12) "Showing 422 invoices": 32 pages is not enough to accommodate that many search results (32x11 < 422)
13) Replace "Showing 422 invoices" with "Showing 1-10 of 422 invoices"
14) Row #4 tool tip shows "Approved" status instead of "Paid" status. Change tool tip to "Paid" status
15) Provide colon character at the end of "Invoice number" label. Do the same with "Customer" label, "Purchase order" label, "to" label, "Invoice date" label, "Invoice status" label, "Results per page" label
16) Row "Purchase order": binoculars symbol has no tool tip
17) Main logo in top left corner is not active(doesn't lead to the home page)