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Session 12, Sep 6, 2022: How would you test: alarm, scale

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  • Session 12, Sep 6, 2022: How would you test: alarm, scale

    How would you test:
    • Alarm in your phone?
    • Bathroom scale?

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    Alarm in your phone
    1. The alarm rings at the set time
    2. The alarm repeats at the set time on the set days
    3. Several alarms can be set
    4. Stop/snooze alarm ring
    5. Name the alarm
    6. Set the sound for the alarm
    7. Turn on/turn off the alarm
    8. Delete alarm

    Bathroom scale
    1. Shows exact weight when put item on it
    2. Has max/min weight capacity
    3. 2 measuring types that can be switched (lb/kg)
    4. Works precisely only on flat areas
    5. Test of water protection
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      Alarm in your phone

      1. Alarm works at the set time of the day
      2. Alarm works at the set days of the week
      3.More alarms can be added and set
      3.Alarm repeats every 5 minutes if not turned off properly
      4.Alarm can be snoozed
      5.Alarm can be turned on/turned off
      5.Alarm can be adjusted
      6.In alarm app time remaining until ringing is displayed
      7.Check volume of your phone to be able to hear the alarm
      8.Set the sound, volume and type of ringing for the alarm
      9.After reboot of the phone the alarm doesn't work

      Bathroom scales


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        How would you test a phone alarm?

        1)I would create assumption of the requirements:
        • Alarm sets time for am
        • Alarm sets alarm time for pm
        • Alarm works at the set time of the day
        • Alarm lets the user to select week day
        • Alarms repeats at the set time on the set days
        • Alarm allows you to pick an alarm sound from the list
        • Alarm allows to use your own sounds file
        • The label function lets user customize alarm name
        • Snooze function can be set as on/ off
        • Snooze function once on , will make the alarm sound again after 10 min
        • The alarm can be turned on/off
        • Delete alarm function works
        • Set volume sound works


        Operating apple phone is on
        Your own sound file is downloaded to that phone

        How would you test a bathroom scale?
        assumption of the requirements:
        1. measures and displays the exact weight
        2. Has options for lb and kg
        3. designed to operate on a hard surface
        4. Moister protection
        5. max weight capacity 300 pounds
        6. min weight capacity 1000 grams
        Battery operated digital bathroom scale is available and on
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          - A choice of different melodies is available
          - Repeated (once, daily, on weekdays, select days)
          - Activation button "vibration on signal"
          - Activation of the "delete after the alarm" button
          - Alarm description

          1. Alarm sound on
          2. Alarm tone selected
          3. The correct time zone is selected in the phone

          1. The desired alarm time is set
          2. An icon is displayed on the phone screen that the alarm is on
          3. Specify the time after how many hours / minutes the alarm will go off
          4. Alarm clock rings at the set time
          5. The alarm clock sounds the melody that has been selected
          6. The volume of the alarm sounds according to the selected range
          7. Phone vibrates when alarm sounds
          8. The name of the alarm is displayed at the right time
          9. Multiple alarms can be set
          10. The alarm clock can be delayed for several
          11. Alarm sounds every 5 minutes. if it's not turned off
          12. Alarm repeats once/daily/on weekdays


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            BATHROOM SCALE


            - Maximum weight from 100 to 200 kg
            - Measurement in kg and pounds
            - Moisture protection

            - Scales included
            - lb/kg option selected

            1. Displays the exact weight in kg
            2. Displays accurate weight in pounds
            3. Maximum weight 200kg
            4. Minimum weight 1 kg
            5. Moisture resistant
            6. Turn off themselves if there is no interaction with the cargo


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              >Alarm in your phone

              I. PRECONDITIONS

              1. Fully functional phone
              2. Fully charged phone
              3. Noise meter

              II. REQUIREMENTS

              1. Alarm can be set up for any time point 24 hours forward - HP
              2. Alarm must go off at pre-set time point - HP
              3. Alarm can be turned off right after it went off - High Priority
              4. Alarm should go off with a sound with volume level from X to Y decibel
              5. Alarm can be canceled at any time between set up time and turning on time

              III. TEST CASES

              ID..TITLE..........INSTURCTION.................... ..........EXPECTED RESULT............................................ ......

              1.Alarm set up......Set up alarm for current time + 1 hour...Alarm is displayed as active for a given time point.............
              2.Alarm activation..Set up alarm for current time +1 min.....Alarm goes off at a given time point............................
              3.Alarm activation..Set up alarm for a given time +1 min, wait till activated, push 'turn off' button...Alarm turns off......
              4.Alarm sound.......Set up alarm for a given time +1 min, wait till activated, noise meter activated....Meter between X and Y
              5.Alarm cancelation.Set up alarm for current time + 1 min, cancel alarm immediately..Alarm is not displayed as active........