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Online Class June 23, 2020 - Functionality Bug Report for OrangeHRM

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    Bug Report of Orange HRM

    #1. Go to section “Admin” -->” User Management”-->” Users”--> Label “Employee Name”--> when input the first letter of the First or Last name, a list of all names containing this letter is displayed. Suggestion: list has to display only names containing appropriate letters as first.
    #2. Section “Admin”-->” Qualification”-->” Education”--> List box “Level Degree” has inconsistently order levels Degree: needed High School - Associate’s degree - Bachelor’s degree - Master’s degree - Doctor’s degree.
    #3. Section “Admin”-->” Configuration”-->” Localization”-->push button “Edit”--> List box “Language” has non- alphabetical order languages. Suggestion: to arrange in alphabetical order.
    #4. Section “PIM”-->” Employee List”--> choose employee --> “Personal Details”-->push button “Edit” --> “SSN” field accepts 30 characters, suggest change characters limit to 9 digits.
    #5. Section “Leave”-->” My Leave”--> button “Reset” is not testable.
    #6. Section “Leave”--> ’’Entitlements” -->” Employee Entitlements”--> text box “Employee”: type nonexistent information. Push button “Search”. Result: there is not a message ”Not Records Found ”.
    #7. Section “Recruitment” -->page “Vacancies”. The design of this page doesn’t match the design of the application.
    #8. Section “Performance”--> “KPI List”--> list box “ Job Title”: data corruption.
    #9. Page “My Info”-->Section “Job”: “Edit” button is not present.
    #10. Page “My Info”--> Section “Emergency”--> push button “Add”: suggested to make it mandatory to fill at least one of the 3 phone numbers.