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Online class September 6, 2021 Bug reports for TAULIA PROJECT

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    1. In "Search my invoices" section after labels "Invoice number", 'Customer', "Purchase order", "Invoice date", "Invoice status", "Results per page" colon characters are missing.
    2. In Search result table 11 results are shown instead of 10 as in "Results Per page" list box shown.
    3. In Search results header replace "Showing 422 invoices" with "Showing 10 of ... invoices".
    4. Misspelling in Search results table title: replace "Invoce#" with "Invoice#".
    5. Misspelling in Search results table in 1st raw in column "Status": replace "Rejcted" with "Rejected".
    6. Inconsistency: data in "Due Date" column is presented in non-date format.
    7. Inconsistency: data in "PO#" column is presented in a date format.
    8. In the links to the result pages page 5 link is missing.
    9. In Search result table in the 11th raw button "Action" is missing.
    10. In the column "Amount" data results are supposed to be in descending order instead of ascending.
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      Bug report 09/09/2021
      1. Extract “Type”column
      2. Replace name of the column “Payment” with “Payment#”
      3. In “search my invoices” section all the labels should have colon at the end
      4. Miscalculation: showing 422 invoices, while 10 results per page on 32 pages equals in 320 results
      5. Incorrect number of the results per page, 11 instead of 10 as per the “results per page” listbox
      6. In the column “status” in the first line replace “rejectd” with “rejected”
      7. Misspelled column “Invoce #” header: replace “Invoce #” with “Invoice #”
      8. Inconsistent date format : “invoice date”(6/5/2011) vs “” (29-Aug-2011)
      9. Inconsistent date format : “invoice date”(6/5/2011) vs “PO number” (28-Sep-2011)
      10. The title of the column “PO number” should be replaced by “Due Date”
      11. The title of the column “Due Date” should be replaced by “PO number”
      12. Links to the result pages: page 5 link is missing
      13. “Actions”button in the 11th row of search results table is missing
      14. “Amount“ column sorting is done in the ascending order while according to the triangle in the column title it should be done in the descending order
      15. “Inv. Date” column results (Invoice dated 1-october-2011) is outside the scope defined by “Invoice date” fields


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        1. In ''Search My Invoices'' block ''Invoice number'' field accept letters and special characters.
        2. In ''Search My Invoices'' block ''Purchase Orders'' field accept special characters and letters.
        3. In ''Search My Invoices'' block ''From Amount'' field accept letters.
        4. In ''Search My Invoices'' block ''Invoice Status'' drop down box does not have selection of status "Rejected, Paid, Approved, In Process''.
        5. In ''Search My Invoices'' block ''Result per page'' field does not have number of page selection except 10.
        6. In ''Search Result'' block "Amount'' column drop down menu does not have option to sort amount.
        7. ''Invoice Date'' in ''Search My Invoice'' block, have different date format than in ''Search Result'' block. (6/5/2011 compare 29-Aug-2011).
        8. In ''Search Result'' block, Page selection has missing link to page #5.
        9. In ''Search Result'' block, Page selection has missing ''Next Page'' button.
        10. In ''Search Result'' block '' Search Result Data'' does not match ''Search Request'' in '' Search My Invoice'' block. ( 6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011, result give data for 31-Oct 2011. Which is out of search range.
        11. In ''Search Result'' block'' showing ''11'' result instead of ''10'', as requested.
        12. In ''Search Result'' block'' row #11 does not have ''Action'' button.
        13. In ''Search Result'' block'' column ''Due Date'' does not have date format.
        14. In ''Search Result'' block'' column ''Payment'' has incorrect ''Date'' or ''Amount'' format.


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          #1 No defult input focus in "Invoces" folder
          #2 Incorrect date format in data input field "Invoice number" (digital & char & special symbol)
          #3 Incorrect date format in data input field "From amount" (digital & char & special symbol)
          #4 In combobox "Invoice status" only "All"
          #5 In combobox "Results per page" only "10"
          #6 Incorrect number of results per page: 11 instead of 10 (as per "Results per page" listbox)
          #7 Inconsistency in name search results title "Invoce #" vs label date input field "Invoice number"
          #8 Inconsistency in name search results title "Inv. Date" vs label date input field "Invoice date"
          #9 Inconsistency in name search results title "Status" vs label date input field "Invoice status"
          #10 Inconsistency in date format: "Invoice date" field (6/5/2011) vs Inv.Date Column (22-Aug-2011)
          #11 No action on click "Hide search parameters"
          #12 No action on push button "Search"
          #13 No action on click "Download list"
          #14 No action on click "Refresh"


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            1. Default input focus does not function
            2. Not all labels on the top of the page have colons
            3. “Invoice Number” text field is alphanumeric and special characters are also able to be entered
            4. “Purchase order” text field is alphanumeric and special characters are also able to be entered
            5. “Results per page” is set at 10 when there are 11 results shown on the page
            6. The selection “Invoice#” Is misspelled as “Invoce#”
            7. In selection “Status” “Rejected” is misspelled as”Rejcted”
            8. The information in “Due Data” does not demonstrates the dates, instead it shows numbers
            9. The Information in PO#” does not demonstrate the numbers, instead it shows dates
            10. The selections “Inv.Date” and “PO” provide dates in incorrect format and order
            11. The selection “Amount” provides money in incorrect and mismatching to each other data format


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              1. Missing "Actions" button at the button row #11
              2. Header -misspelling Invoce label -should be Invoice
              3. Incorrect number of results per page: 11 instead of 10 (as per "Results per page" listbox).
              4 .Inconsistency in date format: "Invoice date" field (6/5/2011) vs" Invoice date" column (22-Aug-2011)
              5 First cell in "Status" column: replace "Rejcted" with "Rejected"
              6,Invoice number field accepts the letters
              7. PO# column shows incorrect search results . Shows 22-oct-2011 ( the search results until 9/30/2011)
              8. Page 5 link is missing
              9. "Hide search parameters " is not working.
              10. Showing 320 invoices results instead of 422 invoices results


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                #1 Field “Invoice number” accept floating point, characters, string, date types
                #2 Field “From amount” accept floating point, characters, string, date types
                #3 Input for field “Invoice date” doesn’t work
                #4 Field “Invoice status” has only one pop-up window choice “All”
                #5 Pages numbers on a left bottom of a page don’t work (can’t switch through pages)
                #6 Button “Download list” doesn’t work
                #7 Button “Refresh” doesn’t work
                #8 Column “Amount” arrow doesn’t switch the order from ascending to descending order #9 Column “Due Date” has a wrong data type
                #10 Button “Search” is not working


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                  1. Labels "Invoice number", "Customer", "Purchase order", "Invoice date", "Invoice status", "Results per page" are missing colon.
                  2. Inconsistency in date format in field " Invoice date" and table of invoice search results.
                  3. Mismatching the expected 10 results per page and actual 11.
                  4. There is not the " Action" button in 11-row search results.
                  5. Inv. Date 1-Oct-2011 doesn't match the search criteria: 6/5/2011- 9/30/2011
                  6. Labels "Due Date" and "PO #" must be swapped based on content.
                  7. The default input focus doesn't work.
                  8. In table column label " Invoce #" is misspelled, should be " Invoice # ".
                  9. In table column " Status", row 1: "Rejcted " should be "Rejected".
                  10. The number of pages in the search result (32) doesn't match Showing 422 invoices if there are 10 results per page.
                  11. Fields of the label "From amount" accept letters and symbols.


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                    GUI bug reports for Taulia project:

                    1. Pagination at the bottom of "Showing Invoices" missing page#5

                    2. In "Showing invoices" only 32 pages are available instead of 43 pages(as per 10 results per page with 422 invoices available)

                    3. In "Showing invoices" -"Amount" column has ascending order instead of descending(per ▼ symbol)

                    4. In "Showing invoices" - label "Invoce#" should be replaced with "Invoice#".

                    5. In "Showing invoices" numeric order in "Amount" column is inconsistent. Number "$22,409.37" should go after "$22,376.00".

                    6. In "Showing invoices" In "Status" column the word "Rejected" should be used instead of "Rejcted".

                    7. In "Showing invoices" 11 invoices presented instead of 10 as requested in "Results per page".

                    8. In "Showing invoices" last invoice #11 is missing "Action" button.

                    9. In "Search my invoices" number of colons is inconsistent. Label "From amount:" the only one with colon.

                    10. In "Search my invoices" date format in "Invoiced date" text field (6/5/2011-09/30/2011) and "Inv.Date"(29-Aug-2011) and "PO#" (28-Sep-2011) in "Showing invoices" is inconsistent.


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                      #1 Section “Search my invoices”: all labels should have colons
                      #2 Section “Showing 422 invoices” word “invoce” is misspelled, should be change to “Invoice”
                      #3 In section “Showing 422 invoices” all headers should be align
                      #4 Inconsistent date input, to be consistent
                      #5 In the section “Showing 422 invoices” in column “Status” ward “Rejcted” is misspelled , change to “Rejected”
                      #6 In the list of pages, page number 5 is missing
                      #7 11 results per page instead of 10
                      #8 Column “Amount” "Amount" doesn’t sort right (Amount $ 22,409.37 is above 22,376.00)
                      #9 There is no default input focus
                      #10 "Showing 422 invoices" is miscalculation


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                        UI bug reports for Taulia project:

                        1# Incorrect total number of invoices: showing 422, but actually (11 invoices x 32 pages=352)
                        2# In "search my invoices" section Each label should have a colon in the end
                        3# inconsistency between cush details and cush planner "Invoices " (frame around)
                        4# Incorrect number of results per page 11 instead of 10(as per results from page list box)
                        5# inconsistency in date format:"Invoice date" field 6/5/2011 Vs invoice date column 22-Aug-2011.
                        6# first cell in status column: replace "rejcted" with "rejected"
                        7# first header in the table: replace "invoce" with "invoice"
                        8# in the 11th row of the search results table: missing an action button, add action button.
                        9# in the 1st row of the tsble: due date in Figure format, replace to date format.
                        10# hide search parameters button not work properly.
                        11# in the 11th raw of the table not equal hight space with other raws.


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                          TAULIA. BUG REPORT

                          1 - Word "Rejected" is misspelled in the "Status" column.

                          2 - Date format in the filters and in the search results should be the same.

                          3 - Page #5 in the search results is missed.

                          4 - Word "Invoice" is misspelled in the "Invoce #" column.

                          5 - 11 invoices on the page instead of 10 as marked in the filters.

                          6 - It's said that there are 422 invoices in the search, however there are only 32 with 11 invoices on each. Pages with invoices should be added.

                          7 - Column "Due Date" and column "PO #" are messed up.

                          8 - In the last invoice of the search result "Actions" button should be added.

                          9 - Date format in the result table should be the same as in search filters.

                          10 - Put away the image after "Purchase order" in filters.

                          11 - Add colons after all units in filters.

                          12 - The invoice with "$22,409.37" amount should be after the invoice with "$22,376.00" in search results.
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                            1. In "Search my invoices" no colons at the end.
                            2. An error in the worth "Invoce#" , need to insert the missing letter "Invoice#"
                            3. Mistake in the word "Rejcted" at the beginning "Status" of the column, correct "Rejected"
                            4. Different date format. Date in "Search my invoice " 6/5/2011 , and the labels "Inv.Date" 29-Aug-2011
                            5. Wrong column names #Due Data" and "Po#" . Swap
                            6. In "Search my invoices " in "Invoice data" have "to 9/30/2011" and in column "Inv. Date " have " 1-Oct-2011" and "Due Date " (swap "PO#") 22-Oct-2011, 31-Oct-2011, 13-Oct-2011
                            7. In the column "Amount " the arrow shows from high to low, but the numbers in the column are from the lowest to the highest
                            8. In Invoice # 1122338095 there is no button "Action " at the end
                            9. At the bottom of the page where is the list of pages, the number 5 is missing
                            10. Invoice # 1122339134 Amount 22,376.00 less than Invoice # 1122339546 Amount 22.409,37
                            11. In "Results per page " number 10 , showing 11 pages


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                              1. In 'Search my invoices' section the labels should ends up with the colon.
                              2. In 'Search my invoices' section a label 'invoice date' has dates from 6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011, but in 'Showing invoices' section 'Inv.Date' column has wrong result (1-oct-2011)
                              3. In 'Showing invoices' section last result don't have 'Actions' button.
                              4. In 'Showing invoices' section 'Due Date' column should show date format result.
                              5. In 'Showing invoices' section 'PO#' column should show purchase order number.
                              6. Data format should be the same.
                              7. In 'Search my invoices' section a label 'results per page' is 10, but in 'Showing invoices' is 11 results.
                              8. In 'Showing invoices' section 'invoce#' should rename 'invoice #'


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                                GUI bug reports for Taulia project:
                                1. Incorrect number of invoices per page (listed 11 instead of 10)
                                2. Word "Rejectd" is misspelled
                                3. Word 'Invoce' is misspelled
                                4. Showing invoices table: first row in the "Status" column is misspelled "Rejcted".
                                5. It says "Showing 422 invoices", but user could see only 11.
                                6. In Primary navigation tab "Profile" replace with "My Profile".
                                7. Showing invoices table: invoice dated "1-Oct-2011" is out of scope. The search parameters defined as "6/5/2011" to "9/30/2011".
                                8. In Primary navigation tab "Profile" replace with "My Profile".
                                9. Invoice # are not in order
                                10. PAYMENT column written in the wrong format.