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Online class January 6th, 2022: UI test assignment for TAULIA PROJECT

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  • Online class January 6th, 2022: UI test assignment for TAULIA PROJECT

    1. There are 11 search results per page instead of 10 ones as indicated in the "search my invoices" section in the "Invoices" Tab;
    2. Misspelling in the "Invoice" Header of the 1st column;
    3. Incorrect data in the "Due Date" column;
    4. Data in the "Inv, Date" column are not in chronological order;
    5. Missed page #5 link at the bottom of the page;
    6. Wrong data in the "PO#" column;
    7. Misspelling in the word "Rejected" (first invoice line);
    8. Search result does not correspond filter in the parameters of the "Search my invoice" section. There invoice from 10/1/2011 althouth filter set from 6/5/2011 till 9/30/2011;
    9. Different date formats in the Section "Search my invoice" (mm/dd/yyyy) and "Results" (dd - MMM - yyyy);
    10. There can not be 422 invoices in the total of 32 pages with 11 invoices per page (where at least page #5 is missed);
    11. Links to the other pages are inactive.

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    Taulia Test Page

    1. “Search my invoice” column all elements/labels haven’t colon ( : ) except “From amount:”
    2. “Results per page” label has 10 elements per page but there are 11.
    3. “Invoice date” in “Search my invoices” has not the same date format with “Result field”. Example (6/5/2011) VS (29-Aug-2011).
    4. Result field: “Invoce #” should be “Invoice #”.
    5. “Due date” and “PO#” columns names should be switch.
    6. “Amount” column: Should start from a higher to lower amount.
    7. “Status” column: “Rejcted” instead “Rejected”.
    8. Result field: missing “Action” button.
    9. Result field doesn’t have page #5.
    10.The “Search” button and links to the other pages are inactive.
    11. Taulia logo bunner is inactive.


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      No colons for "
      Invoice number", "Customer", "Purchase order", ...

      There are 11 invoices shown on this page instead of 10 in the "
      Results per page" listbox

      No calendar format is used in "
      Due Date"


      Misspelling (Rejected) in "Status" for invoice 1122339225

      There is no button "Actions" for the invoice 1122338095

      If every page consists of 11 invoices it should be 39 pages there for 422 invoices. Also,

      Page 5 is missed in the result table
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        #1 In "Search my invoices" section all the labels don't have a colon at the end vs the label "From amount:".
        #2 Mismatch in date format : "Invoice date" field (6/5/2011) vs "Inv.Date" column and "PO #" (22-Aug-2011).
        #3 Inconsistency in numeral format: in the "From amount:" label (1000000) vs in the "Amount" column ($10,289.00).
        #4 Unknown data format in the Search Results table in column "PO #".
        #5 Unknown date format in the Search Results table in column "Due Date".
        #6 Inconsistency in title the Search Results table vs showing 11 invoices. Replace "Showing 422 invoices" with "Found 422 invoices" or "Showing 10 of 422 invoices".
        #7 Mismatch: In the Search Results table per page 11 instead of the indicated 10 in the field "Results per page".
        #8 Miscalculation : In the Search Results table showing 422 invoices but available the 32 page to show (indicated 10 results as per "Results per page" listbox).
        #9 Missing link the page #5 in list available pages.
        #10 Missing button "Actions" in the 11 line, in the Search Results table.
        #11 Unknown format designations in the column "Payment" in the Search Results table.
        #12 Replace "Invoce #" column title in the Search Results table with "Invoice #".
        #13 Replace "Rejcted" with "Rejected", in the title of status "Rejcted", in the first line, in the Search Results table.
        #14 Mismatch given search parameters of date 1-Oct-2011 , in the 7th line, in the Search Results table, instead of 6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011(as per "Invoice date" listbox).
        #15 Mismatch in sorting in the "Amount" column : showed ascending order , instead selected descending order.
        #16 Mismatch: in the "Amount" column ascending order is broken ($22,409.37 goes before $22,376.00).
        #17 Uncentered columns names in the Search Results table.
        #18 Mismatch the ikon tooltip reads "Approved" instead "Paid", in the "Status" column, in line four.
        #19 Missing name for column with "Actions" buttons.
        #19 Not needed "Type" column in the Search Results table, all records are invoices.
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          #1 All labels under "Search my invoices" should have colon at the end
          #2 Incorrect number of results per page: 11 instead of 10
          #3 Inconsistency in date format: "Invoice date" label field (6/5/2011) vs. "Inv. Date" column
          #4 Misspelled word in "Status" column: replace "Rejcted" with "Rejected"
          #5 Misspelled word under "Showing 422 invoices": Replace "Invoce #" with "Invoice #"
          #6 Last result on the page (11th row): missing "Action" button
          #7 Data in the "Due Date" column is not in a date format
          #8 Links to the result pages: page 5 link is missing
          #9 Invoice dated "1-Oct-2011" is outside of scope as defined in "Invoice date" fields
          #10 "Amount" column ascending order is broken: "$22,409.37" is before "$22,376.00", but it should be below
          #11 "Status" column/row 4 icon: hovering over tooltip reads " Approved" and it should read "Paid"
          #12 "Showing 422 invoices" should be replaced with "Showing 1-10 of 422 invoices"
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            #1 No ( character at the end of the labels under "Search my Invoices"
            #2 "TAB" order after "Purchase Order" field isn't right. The field should be changed to the "From amount:" after pressing "TAB" on the "Purchase order:" field
            #3 No default input focus on the fields
            #4 Here's 32 pages of the Search Results but navigations buttons for the pages are disabled. "Next" and "Previous" buttons needed
            #5 "ACTIONS" can't be the Button type of the Web Element. List of the Actions required
            #6 422 results on the 32 pages can't be with 10 results per page


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              1. Open the taulia web application.
              2. Click on the "Refresh" button
              Observe as nothing happens and the page does not refresh.

              1. Open the taulia web application
              2. Click on any of the tab buttons on top of the screen.
              Observe as nothing happens and the page does not load the folder from any of those tabs.


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                1. In the "Search my invoices" section, one of the search parameters is written with ":". The symbol can be either for all search parameters or nowhere.
                2. In the line "From amount" in the Text Box, you can add number separators ".,". This will make the amount readable.
                3. Waiting for result to see 10 results, actual result 11.
                4. The header of the table of found invoices shows: Showing 422 invoices, but in fact we see 11 results. It would be more logical to indicate: Shown 11 of 422 invoices.
                5. The column "Due Date" does not match its content.
                6. Column "PO #" does not match its content.
                7. In the "Amount" Column, the result does not follow growth.
                8. The data was requested before 03.30.2011, in fact it was displayed until 10.31.2011
                9. There is no Actions button in 11 invoice.
                10. At the end of the table, page numbers are indicated, where page number 5 is omitted
                11. There should be more than 32 pages. Provided that there are 422 invoices in total, 11 invoices per page.


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                  #1 In 'Search My Invoices' section all the labels should have a colon at the end
                  #2 In "Search Result" table showes 11 results instead of 10 results as selected in "Results per page" field
                  #3 Misspelling "Rejected" in "Status" column. Replace "Rejcted" with "Rejected"
                  #4 Missing button "Actions" for Invoice #11 row
                  #5 Inconsistency of the date format: "Invoice Date" field (6/5/2011) vs "Inv.Date" column (22- Aug- 2011)
                  #6 Misspelling "Invoce" in the "Invoice" column. Replase "Invoce" with "Invoice"
                  #7 Missing page #5 at the end of the page
                  #8 Inconsistency of the column title in the Invoises table "Due Date" column
                  #9 Sorting problems in "Amount" column: "22,376.00" goes below "22,409.37" instead the order being opposite
                  #10 Inconsistency of the date format: in the "Payment" column
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                    Taulia General Electric Invoice

                    1) there are no colon characters after labels, except for “from amount” and “to”
                    2) there are 11 results per page vs asked 10
                    3) column name “invoce” is misspelled, supposed to be “invoice”
                    4) “status” column has status word “rejcted” misspelled
                    5) invoices are supposed to be shown from 06/05/2011 to 09/30/2011, search displayed extras that happened before and after asked time period
                    6) invoices are displayed not in the chronological order, should be displayed by either date or number
                    7) values for “due date” and “PO Number” are switched
                    8) Dates should be in consistent format for all fields and columns, including, “Due Date” and “Payment” column
                    9) search tabs like “invoice number” are not active, if you type any 10 digit number, “Search” button in not active
                    10) no push button “actions” for 11 result, not that 11th was supposed to be shown


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                      Energy Telecom Service Review

                      Not user friendly page visually and technologically

                      tab option is not available

                      no auto fill menus

                      drop down menus missing providers and “other”

                      no options to opt out

                      misspelled tab names


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                        1. Colons missing from all but one field label under 'Search my invoices' heading
                        2. "Invoice status" drop-down menu only shows one option/value - All - despite more (Rejected, Paid, Approved, In process) appearing in results
                        3. "Results per page" value is set to 10, but 11 results are incorrectly displayed in the search results
                        > Similarly, other pages must also show inconsistent # of results (11x32 pages = 352 records, but top of results header indicates there are 422 invoices)
                        4. "Invoice date" format appears as M/D/YYYY, but search results format displays as DD-Mon-YYYY
                        5. Under search results, "Due Date" column does not display results in date format. Likely pulling incorrect data.
                        6. Under search results, "PO #" column does not display results in numerical format, but rather date format. Likely pulling incorrect data.
                        7. "Invoice date" max limit/end date is set to September 30, 2011. However, results are displayed with dates beyond September 30, 2011 (ex. October 1, 2011)
                        8. Search results are sorted by amount from lowest to highest. However, not all results are in correct ascending order
                        9. No "Actions" button visible for last displayed result on current page of search results
                        10. 'Invoice' word as header for first column in search results is misspelled as 'Invoce'
                        11. 'Rejected' word under "Status" column in search results is misspelled as 'Rejcted'


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                          1. missed colon characters (":") after labels in search parameters
                          2. the format of values of the field label "invoice date" is different
                          3. the shown result of search doesn't mech with marked result per page (11 instead of 10)
                          4. missed character "i" in column "invoice #"
                          5. missed character "e" in first line of result in column "status"
                          6. result in line seven includes data with date which doesn't mech with requested "invoice date"
                          7. results do not display in right logical order
                          8. column "Due Date" includes figures instead dates
                          9. column "PO #" includes dates instead numerals
                          10. table of results has displayed 32 pages in the bottom line and "showing 422 invoices" in the top, BUT values of 422 invoices could not be placed on pages less then 39 (11 per page), or 43 (10 per page).
                          11. column included value "actions" does not named
                          12. there is absent value in line 11 in column with actions
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                            Taulia GUI bugs report only:

                            1. All label are missed end up sign ":"
                            2. In "Shown invoices" window, there is in column "Invoice" has wrong spelling.
                            3. In "Shown invoices" window in column "Status" "rejected" has wrong spelling.
                            4. In "Shown invoices" window #PO and #Due Date are messed up.
                            5. In Result Table is shown date which does not included in a range of "Invoice date" listbox
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                              1. In "search my invoice" section labels don't have colons except of "From amount:"
                              2. Number of result per page outputs 10 lines but output is 11 lines.
                              3. Inconsistency in date format between "Invoice date" field (6/5/2011) and Inv.Date Column (22-Aug-2011).
                              4. Column status 1st line misspelling "Rejcted" instead of "Rejected"
                              5. Due Date column contains not date format of data (digits instead of date).
                              6. PO # column has date format data.
                              7. No link to Page 5
                              8. inv. date column 7th line output the date (1-Oct-2011) which is out of given perameters (6/5/2011 - 9/30/2011)
                              9. Amount column ascending order is broken
                              10. Misspelt name in invoice column "Invoce #" instead of "Invoice #"
                              11. The 11th line doesn't have Actions button
                              12. "Amount" column: showing ascending order, instead of descending order.
                              13. 4 line in status column has wrong tooltip "Approved" instead of "Paid"