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    Currently, I’m working in one of the best companies in the Bay Area. Meanwhile, about two years ago I could not imagine that I’ll be working in a bright and clean office with an amazing view, in the real American company. And I could not imagine that I will have a real salary.

    Two year ago I worked in Mission Dog Rescue. My responsibilities were to care of approximately 20 dogs. Also, I should of clean up their cages, walk them and feed them. Dogs loved me and I also respected all dogs, who had absolutely different characters and different behaviors. It was my first American Job.

    Before I moved to the US, I worked in one of the advertising agencies in Moscow in another bright and clean office with another great view. I was not a program developer. I was just an advanced user of the Windows Operating System.

    Can you imagine what I was thinking about while I was cleaning a rescue’s territory? All the time I thought how to continue my life path, and how to find something less extreme than picking up dog’s poop.

    Once upon a time I came across a web site: ”Portnov Computer School”.“Quality Assurance” and “Testing”. I had no any idea what is all of that.
    I called Mr. Portnov. I introduced myself and told him my story. He was very interested in my story. He told me “What are you doing with your life? Shame on you. You are the graduate of University, you are bachelor of the EE. It doesn’t matter that last time you studied was 20 years ago. You should come to my School and study. You may have many different opportunities after completing classes. But most important, for now that you should become a student”.

    As you see I didn’t have any other ideas what to do. Several days later, Portnov personally met me in San Jose bus station. That evening I had my first class at Portnov’s School. As you see my English is far from perfect. But let me tell you that two years ago it was absolutely horrible. Therefore, when the teacher opened his mouth, I realized that all instruction were given in English. I did not understand much. For several days I was in deep shock. But after a while, I started to adapt and started to understand the main points. I will be honest. I did study a lot. I came to school at 11am each day and left after classes at 11 pm. The school gave me access to Internet, books, brochures, exercises and exposure. All instructors were very good. Most importantly, they gave me immediate help and answered my questions each time I had a question. They were always there for me and ready to help. After about two month of training, the School sent me to the Internship. One month later I started to send out my resume. When I finally found my job in a bright and clean office with an amazing view, in the real American company, I was absolutely in heaven. I’m still there.

    In conclusion what else can I say? If I did it- you could do it also! It is real. I could also speak from my ex- schoolmates. They had nothing, they took several courses and they are all working and they are all happy. So, what are you waiting for?
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    Originally posted by Berez View Post
    ... So, what are you waiting for?
    for American visa


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      Originally posted by uhaksen View Post
      for American visa
      The question is purely rhetorical I think. He did not really mean to make you to apologize for not joining the school in a timely manner


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        Originally posted by mportnov View Post
        .. you to apologize for not joining the school in a timely manner
        I was not going to apologize saying ".. American visa" at all
        I meant that I am waiting for US visa in order to go to America and probably join Portnov's school.