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Online class June 23, 2020 Bug reports for TAULIA PROJECT

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  • Sabina
    Bug Report - TAULIA

    #1. "Results per page" text field shows 10, but displaying 11.
    #2. Invoice # 1122338095 in the search result table is missing gray button "Actions".
    #3. Link to page number 5 is missing.
    #4. The sort order is broken in "Amount" column under search result table ($22,409.37 should go after $22,376.00 not before)
    #5. "Due date" column under search result table shows incorrect data. It refers to the information for "PO#" column and vice versa.
    #6. "Results per page" text field showing 10, the actual number displaying 11.
    #7. First column "Invoce#" in search result table is misspelled, the correct wording is "Invoice#".
    #8. There is a wrong number displayed on top of the search result table. It is written "Showing 422 invoices" (for 32 pages with 10 invoices in each page) where should be written "Showing 320 invoices".
    #9. Invoice # 1122339546 in the search result table shows out of date range data - 1-Oct-2011. The date range in "Invoice date" test field is from 6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011.
    #10. The first row under "Status" column in the search result table is misspelled "Rejcted". The correction is "Rejected".
    #11. The navigating button in fourth row under "Status" column in the search result table displays "Approved" for "Paid" button. The both navigating button and actual must be the same - "Paid".
    Last edited by Sabina; 06-29-2020, 12:19 PM.

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  • ilyas.slauta
    GUI Taulia:

    1. "Invoice #" column name is misspelled.
    2. "Due Date" and "PO#" column names should be switched.
    3. "Invoice #" column consist 11 examples instead of 10.
    4. Invoices #30998 and #40988 are not descended.
    5. "Actions" label missing in invoice #40988.
    6. The amount of invoices 422 is incorrect.
    7. "Status" menu items, "Rejected" item misspelled.
    8. Page number 5 missing in "Search".
    9. Labels "Invoice number", "Customer", "Purchase order", "Invioce date", "Invioce status", "Results per page" should have the ":" mark.

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  • dyakova241088
    Summary: Not all search criteria have colons.
    Component: GUI
    Version: unspecified
    Priority: medium
    Severity: serious
    Browser: Chrome 83.0.4
    1. Open
    2. Observe the search criteria of invoices.
    ER: All search criteria have to have the same colons patterns.
    AR: Not all search criteria have colons.

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  • Lina1825
    1. In "search my invoices" sections all labels should have the colon mark.
    2. In search results it shoes 11 invoices instead of 10 as it supposed to show.
    3. Results are showed out of date range.
    4. "Results" columns should be located in the center.
    5. Due date and PO# must be switched.
    6. "Actions" button doesn't show on 11'th result.
    7. "payment' columns are some clickable, some not.
    8. word "invoice" is misspelled.
    9. Word "rejected" is misspelled.
    10. page 5 is missing.

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  • Yuliya H.
    "taulia" Bug Report
    1. Menu links does not work when you try clicking
    2. Links in the upper right corner does not work (User Manager, Profile, Help, Log out) when you click
    3. When you click on Avatar “taulia” web page does not go to homepage
    4. When you click on “Hide search parameters” it does not hide search section
    5. All labels should have colons (Just only one label ”From amount” has colon)
    “Search my invoice” section
    1. Section does not have default focus on first input when you load the page
    2. Drop-down list of label “Customer” does not have list of customers when you click
    3. When you click on label it should be focus on related select:
    When you click on “Customer” label it does not select on related field
    When you click on “Invoice date” label it does not select on related field
    When you click on “Invoice status” label it does not select on related field
    1. When you trying to click on search button “Search” does not work
    “Search result” section (search result)
    1. In field “Showing 422 invoices” shows not correct result because “Results per page” is 10
    Results per page does not match filter parameter
    1. “Refresh” element does not work when you click
    2. Button “Download list” does not save list when you try to save results
    3. Results do not match the specified date range in the search parameters
    4. Colon “Due Date” shows not correct data (Table results does not show dates parameters)
    5. Colon “PO#” does not shows number in purchase order (shows dates)
    6. When you try to sort by column it does not work
    7. Results per page do not match number of results because shows 11 results, but should be 10 on page
    8. Pagination does not work when you try to click on any number of page
    9. “Action” button for each row of invoice do not work when you try to click
    10. Row of invoice 1122338095 should have button - Action

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  • Shchipalkina
    Taulia Bug Report

    1. Filter
    1.1"From amount" field label contains colon while all the other field labels do not.

    2. Search results table:
    2.1 in the 1th column, column heading "Invoce # " mistake/typo - "Invoice number (to be consistent with Filter fields)
    2.2 missing column "Customer"
    2.3 column "Type" has one value "Invoice" ,
    2.4 there is no filter field associated with "Type" column
    2.5 there is no column associated with "Purchase order" filter field
    2.6 inconsistent formats between 3rd column "Inv. Date" from "Search results table" (29-Aug-2011) and " Search my invoices" (6/5/2011).
    2.7 11 rows are shown instead of 10 as per "Results per page" current value
    2.8 the 9th column has no header. Expected "Actions" header.
    2.9 11 row has not button "Actions"

    3. Paging:
    3.1 Link to page 5 missing in the pagination under results table.

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  • PolinaV
    Bug Report for TAULIA PROJECT


    1.Run application

    2.Open the “Invoices” page/folder

    3.Execute search with default values


    “Search my invoices” section:

    -icon/widget was not associated with tooltip or label to provide information about the feature

    -“From amount:” field accepts letters and special characters

    -”From amount” label is suggested to change to ‘Amount From:” label to make it more logical for the range

    Search results table section:

    -11 rows showed instead of 10 that specified in “Results per page” listbox

    -inconsistency between the number of invoices "Showing 422 invoices" and quantity of pages "32"

    -”Invoce#” column header is misspelled.

    -”Inv.Date” column row#7 has out of range value “1-Oct-2011” that was specified in searching borders (from “6/5/2011” to “9/30/2011”)

    - "Due Date" column has not a proper date format mm/dd/yyyy. It displays only numbers like "101302".

    - "PO#" column display not a proper format for purchase order number(#) values. It is displayed in date format like “28-Sep-2011”.

    -“Amount” column is supposed to be sorted descending according to the triangle pointed down but it mostly sorted ascending

    -“Amount” column is sorted ascending but row#7 value “$22,409.37” upper than row#8 value “$22,376.00”

    -”Amount” column values suggested being aligned right

    -“Status’” column row#4 ->”Paid” icon comes with “Approved” tooltip instead of “Paid”

    -”Status” column row#1 value contain misspelled word "Rejcted"

    -Pagination widget didn’t display/missing page 5 (after page 4 goes page 6)
    Last edited by PolinaV; 06-29-2020, 08:52 PM.

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  • Maryna Az
    GUI bug report for Taulia:

    1. Label "Invoice number" located in the left upper field of the form doesn't end up with the colon ":" character.
    2. Label "Customer" located in the left upper field of the form doesn't end up with the colon ":" character.
    3. Label "Purchase order" located in the left upper field of the form doesn't end up with the colon ":" character.
    4. Label "Invoice date" located in the left upper field of the form doesn't end up with the colon ":" character.
    5. Label "Invoice status" located in the left upper field of the form doesn't end up with the colon ":" character.
    6. Label "Results per page" located in the left upper field of the form doesn't end up with the colon ":" character.
    7. Label "From amount" located in the left upper field of the form contains unnecessary word "from".
    8. Label "Showing 422 invoices" located on the left side in the middle section of the form shows 11 invoices instead of stated 422 invoices.
    9. Label "Inv.Date" located in the middle section of the form is inappropriately abbreviated.
    10. Menu item "Amount" located in the middle section of the form has selection option, while the other elements in the row don't.
    11. Text placed in the column for "Due Date" located in the middle section of the form doesn't contain any time period.
    12. Text placed in the column for "PO #" located in the middle section of the form doesn't contain any numbers.
    13. Numbers $22,409.37 and $22,376.00 in the column "Amount" located in the middle section of the form are in incorrect order (not from the smaller to the larger number).
    14. Text for the status "Rejcted" located in the middle section of the form is misspelled.
    15. The button "Actions" located in the right-bottom section of the form doesn't exist for the last Invoice #1122338095.
    16. The number of search pages located in the left-bottom section of the form is missing number 5.
    17. The ".." sign for search pages located in the left-bottom section of the form doesn't have an appropriate look of "...".

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  • Eriugena
    GUI Bug Report on Energy Telecom

    Contact Information Section:

    1. Arrow keys don't work and or function after mouse selection i.e., cant move unto the next input field [all].
    2). "First Name" field longer than the Last Name field [visually].
    3). Upon selecting "First Name" field tab button [on keyboard] doesn't function in logical order [left > right].
    4). "State" field contains an "Other" selection in the middle.
    5). "State" field contains 'BC' [British Columbia], state not in U.S.
    6). "State" field doesn't contain 'HI' [Hawaii].
    7). "State" field 'IND' [Indiana] is supposed to be abbreviated IN.
    8). "State" field doesn't contain 'NV' [Nevada].
    9). "Email" field seems to be support infinite input [characters], unlike other fields [e.g. name, city, zipcode].
    10). "Phone" field contains brackets "( )" [visual] in the first box and not the others.
    11). "Phone" field last input box larger [longer] than the previous.
    12). General, no input validation for all the input e.g., can put letters and words in only number fields and vice versa.
    13). After submitting required filed doesn't work... e.g., if you don't put anything into the "Email" field it still lets you submit.

    Note: I had 25+ entries, got logged out randomly...

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  • David9900

    #1. In the list of invoices we have 11 list of invoices for per page intsead of 10.

    #2. The 11th invoice line doesn't have the button "Actions"

    #3. The text 'Invoce #' under 'Showing 422 invoices' is missing letter 'i'.

    #4. The first line's invoice's status has wrong text 'Rejcted', which is missing letter 'e'

    #5. In the list of 422 invoices at the bottom we have 32 pages,and each page has 10 invoices list. The summary of 32pages*10invoices is 320 invoices. The text field 'Showing 422 invoices' doesn't show us correct number of summary.

    #6. The values of field "Due date" and "PO #" are not displayed in correct place. The Due Dates values are displayed under PO# value, and PO#s values are displayed under Due Dates values.

    #7. The tooltip of status paid in 4th line is incorrect. Instead of 'Approved' should be 'Paid'

    8#. The Invoice date's format in "Search my invoices" doesn't match with Inv.Date in 'Showing 422 invoices', The firts one has MM/DD/YYYY and the second one is with DD/MM/YYYY.

    9#. The Inv.Date values in 'Showing 422 invoices' are not consistent(serial).

    10#. The character which is displayed next to the text Amount in 'Showing 422 invoices' doesn't show us the correct sequence of values of Amount.

    11#. The value of Amount in 8th line is breaking the sequency of Amount's values.

    12#. The selected invoice date in article 'Search my invoice' is showing us that we have all invoices from 6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011, but in article 'Showing 422 invoices' on the 7th line we have invoice which date is on October (1-Oct-2011).

    13#. In article 'Showing 422 invoices' start from 5th line, Amount's values has character ',' after each second digit in values. We should have there character '.' in any place of Amount's values. Instead of ','

    14#. At the bottom at article 'Showing 422 invoices' the pages list is missing page number 5(digit).

    15#. The all labels in article 'Search my invoices' besides "From amount:" are missing character ':'

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  • Svilina
    Taulia GUI bug report:

    1. Colon character missing for every input parameter besides "From Amount".
    2. "Purchase order" parameter is missing # character.
    3. "Invoice Number" is missing a "binocular pixel". Referring to "Purchase order" field with such a pixel.
    4. "Invoice date" parameter search is limited to the month of SEPTEMBER. When we look at the actual search results we see invoices dated of OCTOBER.
    5. There are 11 invoices per search page instead of 10 as expected.
    6. Search shows 422 invoices on 32 pages. At 10 results per page we should have 42 pages instead.
    7. Title "Invoice #" in a results section is misspelled.
    8. Status "Rejected" for the first invoice found is misspelled.
    9. The last result on a first page is missing "Actions button".
    10. The option to "refine results by" is only available for the "Amount" (arrow pointing down).
    11. DUE DATE and PO# in the results field are mismatched.
    12. Result #7 has the amount of $22,409.37 which is grater than result #8 of $22,376.00.
    13. Missing page number #5 in the list of the pages found.

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  • Михаил_tmqa
    Bug Report.
    1. There is missing a letter in the header of the result list in the link "Invoice#".
    2. In the column "Status" in the first row of the list, there is missing a letter in the word "Rejected".
    3. In the left upper corner of the list result, labels (Invoice number, Customer, General Electric, Purchase order, Invoice date, Invoice status and Results per page) do not contain " : " at the end of their names.
    4. The values in column "Due Date" do not match the date format.
    5. The values in column "PO#" do not match the numerical value format.
    6. The search result sheet contains 11 invoices instead of 10.
    7. There no button "Actions" in the last row of the list.
    8. At the bottom of the sheet, in the line with the numbering of the output pages, number 5 is missing.
    9. The search result is 422 invoices which cannot be placed on 32 pages of 10 pieces per one sheet.
    10. Invoice No. 1122339546 is out of the date searching range.

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  • Nikolay...
    Taulia Bug Report.
    1. There is a mismatch in the row "From amount:" at the end of the sentence, there is a colon in other similar rows at the end there is nothing.
    2. Inconsistency. Based on “Results per page”, there should be 10 invoices rows, and at a given time there are 11 invoices rows.
    3. Inconsistency in the names of the columns "Due Date" and "PO #" seems to need to be interchanged with each other.
    4. In row 11 there is no button "Actions".
    5. In the "Amount" column here we have a sign for increasing amounts, but in line 8 the amount is less than in the previous line.
    6. Inconsistency. The total number of invoices should be 422, but we can only see pages from numbers 1 to 32, it will turn out to be 320 invoices.
    7. In the column "Invoce" the word is written with an error should be written Invoice.
    8. Invoice date from 6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011 we have inconsistency in row 7 and column “Inv. Date” because here we have a date “1-Oct-2011”.
    9. In the table "Showing 422 invoices” in column " Rejcted" in 1 row the word is written with an error should be written Rejected.
    10. At the bottom of the whole page to the left where page numbers are missing page number 5.
    11. Inconsistency in the upper right corner after the word "Help" there is only one space in the two previous sections "User Manager" and "Profile" two spaces after the words.

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  • Iryna Murry
    Taulia Bug Report.

    1. In "Search my invoices" section all labels should have the colon mark.
    2. In "Result per page" label shows 10 invoices, but in a header of "Invoice" shows with the result of 11 .
    3.In the header of the amount of Invoices shows 422 invoices with 32 pages and 11 invoices.
    4. The amount of total invoices should be changed to 352.
    5.The name of "Invoce"spelled incorrectly.
    6.The label "Due Date"and "PO#" should be switched between each other.
    7. In the "Status" column the word "Rejected" spelled incorrectly.
    8. In the "Amount" column , the number $ 22,409.37 should go below the number $ 22,376.00.
    9. In the last invoice column the "Action" button is missing.
    10.The page number 5 is missing in the list of pages.

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  • msarkisova
    Energy-Telecom Service Bug Report.

    # The "Tab" button moves from "First Name" field to "Reffered by" field instead of "Last Name" field.
    # When click on "Clear" Buttom", Error message appears.
    # Contact Information Section, Field "State" not sorted alphabetically.
    # Contact Information Sectiom, Field "State" not included all 50 states.
    # Contact Information Section, Field "State" has "Other" as an option.
    # Cell Phone Service section, Field "My monthly bill is approximately" eccepts letters.
    # Contact Information Section,when click button Submit, message apears that "Referred by:" field is required, however it's not required.
    # Contact Information Section, Field “Email” accepts info without @ character.
    # Contract Informatio Section, Field “Email” marked is required, but there is no error message, if the field is empty.
    # Contact Information Section, Field "Referred by field" accepts numeric characres.
    # Cell Phone Service Section, Field “Months left on current contract” missing 11 and 12.

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