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Online class June 23, 2020 Bug reports for TAULIA PROJECT

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  • HelenMan
    #1 "status" column has the same colour for the different points
    #2 "Inv.Date" column has different shapes
    #3 "PO#" column has the wrong date : "31-Oct-2011" is unknown
    #4 "Results per page" shows #10 but really #1 is shown
    #5 "Due Date" colomn gives numbers instead the dates

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  • USVoronina
    #1. Inconsistency in value format of amount. Change format in label "Amount" to format as currency like in the column "Amount" is.
    #2. "PO #" column tittle replace to "Purchase order #" or to "Purch. order #" to avoid abbreviatours.
    #3. Input focus is missing.
    #4. After label "Purchase order" TAB is missing.
    #5. Take as a default button "Search".

    #7. Inconsistency in buttons: "Actions" pointer is not the pulm cursor.
    #8. Violation in column title: Purchase numbers are dispalayed on a column "Due date".
    #9. "Due date" column is redundant since there ara not this data in "Search my invoices".
    #10. The row #7 in the column "Inv. Date" is not matched to date in "to" of label "Invoice date".
    #11. Inconsistency in enumeration search results of pages: redundant space after "1".
    #12. Mark required entry fields.
    #13. Misleading cues to click in column titles: column titles is designed like links but it's not links.
    #14. Add button "Print results" instead of "Refresh".
    Last edited by USVoronina; 04-04-2022, 12:41 PM.

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  • laura1997
    Taulia bug report !

    1. Labels ‘Invoice number’, ‘Purchase order, ‘From amount’ and ‘to “amount” fields accept letters and symbols.

    2 .When pushing the button “search” does not get input focus

    3.The “clear”button becomes disable when in “invoice date

    4.Tab label ‘ Invoce # ’ is misspelled, should be changed to ‘Invoice #’.

    5. In tab column ’Status’ item ‘Rejcted’ is misspelled, should be changed to ‘Rejected”

    6. "Results per page" - 11 instead of specified 10.

    7.In the colum”” the months and dates do not show up in ascending order

    8.In the colum”Amount” the amounts displayed on the screen do not show up in ascending order

    9.Page links at the bottom are missing page “#5”

    10. "Actions" button is missing in the last (11th) row.

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  • lali20021
    Bug 14931 - "Showing 422 invoices": "Rejcted" in row # 1 in "Status" column is misspelled. Replace with "Rejected".

    Bug 14930 - Data from "Due Date" column and "PO #" column in "Showing Invoices" section is on the contrary.

    Bug 14929 - "Invoce" column header in "Showing invoices" section is misspelled. Replace with "Invoice".

    Bug 14928 - Amount of the invoices per page (11) is not as specified (10) in the "Results per page" list box.

    Bug 14927 - Labels in "Search my invoices" section are missing a colon at the end.

    Bug 14933 - "Actions" button is missing for row # 11 in "Showing 422 invoices" section.

    Bug 14934 - Verify if "Amount" column header in "Showing 422 invoices" section needs a dropdown.

    Bug 14935 - Missing link to page #5 in pagination for "Showing 422 invoices" section.

    Bug 14936 - Verify autofocus on "Invoices" element in the "Navbar".

    Bug 14937 - Inconsistency in search results for the invoice. In "Search my invoices" section "Invoice date" is set from 06/05/2011 to 09/30/11 and in "Showing 422 invoices" section in row #7 invoice date is 10/01/2011.
    Last edited by lali20021; 07-26-2020, 08:24 PM.

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  • gunenko
    Taulia GUI test assignment.

    #1. "Search my invoices" section has a number of labels without colon at the end.
    #2. The column header "Invoce #" is misspelled: replace with "Invoice #".
    #3. 11 search results are displayed instead of 10 as per the "Results per page" list box.
    #4. The link to the "5" page of search results is missing.
    #5. Invoice numbers in the search results do not fulfill the "From amount" specs: more than 1000000
    #6. Invoice number 1122339546 in the search results do not fulfill the "Invoice date" specification: after Sep 30 2011.
    #7. Invoice number 1122338095 in the search results does not have "Actions" button
    #8. "Due Date" column has invalid data: numbers instead of dates.

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  • Melanya
    Taulia: Bug report

    #1. Under "Search my invoices" the "Invoice number " field should not accept letters
    #2. "Result per page " box requirement, but in page shows 11
    #3. "11" the last row absent "Actions" button
    #4. I can't see "Contact us" button
    #5. "Invoice data" column doesn't show sorted invoices
    #6. "Due date" is mismatch with "P.O." column
    #7. Column header "Invoice " is misspelled
    #8. In first row "Rejcted" misspelled
    #9. In column "Amount" need to be the same " , "
    #10. The row "Showing 422 invoices" should be 322 as shown under page
    #11. The page "N 5 " link isn't there.
    #12.A row 4 the column "Status " show "Paid"-with mouse touching show "Approved"
    #13. In column "Due Date" 1-st and 10th show 6 numbers instead of 5
    Last edited by Melanya; 06-30-2020, 11:54 PM.

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  • natalja.genkin
    Energy-Telecom Service review Bug Report

    1. In section "Comment"s when typing there is different Font
    2. Under "4.Tv Service" you can choose both checkboxes in the "I currently have" box
    3. Under contact information Tab goes from "First name" to "Referred by"
    4. No validation in the email field
    5. States are not in order
    6. Email field is required, but you can leave it empty

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  • natalja.genkin
    Taulia Bug Report

    1.In the right top corner no space between "Help" and vertical divider on the right
    2."Hide search parameters" is written in a different font and color comparing to "Search my invoices"
    3. There is an emoji next to "Purchase order" checkbox
    4. Colon sign next to "From Amount"
    5. Word "from" is missing after "Invoice date"
    6.Word "from" should be after word "Amount"
    7. Column name "Invoice" is misspelled
    8. Under column "Status" "Rejected" is misspelled
    9. Result per page shows 10 searching invoices, and the report shows 11
    10. The last row is missing the "Actions" button
    11. Bottom left corner Page number "5" is missing
    12."Due Date" and "PO#" headings are misplaced
    13. The first row and 10th row have incorrect Due date
    14. Column name 'Amount" has an arrow down next to the name
    15. Invoice date rules are to 9/30/2011, the report shows invoice dated 10/1/2011
    16. Columns and headings are not following the same alignment approach

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  • Viktoriia Syroid
    1. "Hide search parameters" option does not hide the parameters.
    2. "Search my invoices" labels don't have columns
    3. "Amount" column has the drop down button but it's not working.
    4. Link to the page 5 in search results is missing.
    5. In search results in 11th row the button "Actions" is missing.
    6. In search list the pages are not available to go to.
    7. The word "Rejected" spelled incorrectly in the "Status" column.
    8. The data in the "Date" and #PO is mixed up.
    9. Invoices results is showing 11 instead of expected 10 results per page.
    10. Default button is not assigned to the "Search" button.

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  • Andrew Crow
    Test case 1:
    1. go to webpage:
    2. push the link "Hide search parameters"
    3. Expected result: Hide "Search my invoices" block - FILED.
    4. Actual result: none action

    Test case 2:
    1. go to webpage:
    2. push the link "Profile"
    3. Expected result: move user to the "profile" page - FILED.
    4. Actual result: none action

    Test case 3:
    1. go to webpage:
    2. push the link "Help"
    3. Expected result: move user to the "help" page - FILED.
    4. Actual result: none action

    Test case 4:
    1. go to webpage:
    2. push the link "Logout"
    3. Expected result: Logout user and move to the "Log in" page - FILED.
    4. Actual result: none action

    Test case 5:
    1. go to webpage:
    2. push the baton "Home"
    3. Expected result: move user to the "home" page - FILED.
    4. Actual result: none action

    Test case 6:
    1. go to webpage:
    2. push the baton "Purchase Order"
    3. Expected result: move user to the "Purchase Order" page - FILED.
    4. Actual result: none action

    Test case 7:
    1. go to webpage:
    2. push the baton "Payments"
    3. Expected result: move user to the "Payments" page - FILED.
    4. Actual result: none action

    Test case 8:
    1. go to webpage:
    2. push the baton "My Details"
    3. Expected result: move user to the "My Details" page - FILED.
    4. Actual result: none action

    Test case 9:
    1. go to webpage:
    2. push the baton "Cash Planner"
    3. Expected result: move user to the "Cash Planner" page - FILED.
    4. Actual result: none action

    Test case 10:
    1. go to webpage:
    2. push the baton "Your Customer"
    3. Expected result: move user to the "Your Customer" page - FILED.
    4. Actual result: none action

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  • Artak
    Bug Reports for Taulia Project

    #1. In the last row in the invoices list (1122338095) there is no button.
    #2. Search results bring 11 invoiсes instead 10 expected.
    #3. In the upper right corner, the brackets between the "User Manager Profile HelpLogout"
    functions are not proportional. Make them more consistent.
    #4. In the "Inv. Date" column, dates are inconsistent.
    #5. Row number 4 of "Status" column shows icon "Paid" while tooltip shows "Approved".
    #6. In the 7th row of Invoice, the date "1-Oct-2011" is outside the date search query.
    #7. In the "Amount" column, the amount of $ 22,409.37 is before the amount of $ 22,376.00,
    it is inconsistent and should be the other way around.
    #8. In the column "Due date" the number does not look like a regular date.
    #9. There are numbers at the bottom of the page to turn pages: there is no number/page 5.
    #10."Amount" column: The actual sort order (ascending) is not consistent with direction of
    the gray triangle next to the "Amount" column title.

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  • InnaLia
    1."Invoice#" in the table menu-misspelled.
    2."Status" column, first line word "Rejected"- misspelled.
    3."Results per page" requires 10 results, but shows 11 results.
    4.In the bottom of the table numbers of pages are not consistent, its missing link to page 5.
    5.In the bottom of the table, there is double interval between 1st and 2nd link. make it similar as single interval like between links.
    6. last row of the table doesn't have "Actions" button.
    7."Amount column" shows ascending numbers, row 7 ($22,409.37) should be below row 8 ( $22,376.0).
    8."Invoice date" fields requires to show results from 6/5/2011 to 9/30/2011, but row 7 in the table shows wrong dates result from1-Oct-2011 to 31-Oct-2011.
    9.Row 7 in the table does not meet the search requirements. It is out of the search dates, and it makes column "Amount" inconsistent.
    10."Due date" column shows dates in unclear format.

    Last edited by InnaLia; 06-29-2020, 03:47 PM.

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  • Vitali Pri
    1. Run the Taulia application
    2. Open the “Invoices” page/folder
    3. Execute search with default values
    Observe: “Showing 422 invoices” on 32 pages with 11 invoices per page. So maximum invoices should be 355.

    Default input focus doesn’t work

    In ‘Search my invoices’ label ’Invoice number’ field accepts letters

    In ‘Search my invoices’ label ’From amount’ field accepts letters

    You can not choose day in label “Invoice date”

    Drop down menu does not work at labels “Results per page” & “Invoice Status”

    Key Tab do not allow to choose Search

    Names of columns in “Showing 422 invoices” align to the right

    Misspelled “Rejcted” in Invoice 1122339225

    In “Showing 422 invoices” in column Due Date are not real days

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  • Svetlanaagro
    1. Wrong research result in the table “Showing 422 invoices ”:
    - Invoice # 1122339500 has date 10/22/11 , but period for search was determine from 6/5/11 to 9/30/11.
    - 11 row instead of 10. Result per page should be 10.
    2. In the 11th row “Action button “ doesn’t exist.
    3. In the colum “Due Date ” wrong date format.
    4. In the colum “Payment “ wrong date format.
    5. In the table “Showing 422 invoices” 32 pages that could be 352 (32*11) or less items.
    6.Invoce # in the columm misspelling, s/b change to Invoice.

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  • ale11
    TAULIA Bug Report:

    1) Invoice #1122338095 is missing "Actions" button;
    2) At the bottom of the page, page #5 is missing in range;
    3) In section "Showing 422 invoices", PO# and Due Date need to be swapped;
    4) Results per page is incoherent with the number of results shown, 11 instead of 10;
    5) "Showing 422 invoices", the number 422 is mathematically incorrect, there are 32 pages x 11 results per page, that equals 352;
    6) Under "PO#", date 31-Oct-2011 is out of selected range 6/5/2011-9/30/2011;
    7) Fields "Invoice number", "Customer", "Purchase order", "Invoice date", "Invoice status", "Results per page" are missing colon;
    8) Under "Showing 422 invoices", the word "Invoce" is misspelled, change to "Invoice";
    9) Under "Showing 422 invoices"->"Status" word "Rejcted" is misspelled, change to "Rejected";
    10) The triangle next to "Amount" field in "Showing 422 invoices" section specifies order of the amounts from High to low, but in reality is showing Low to high.

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