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  • Taulia postmortem bugs

    тут мы пишем 10 багов в нашем стремлении к идеалу

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    Taulia bug reports:

    #1. Enumeration search results of pages: too much distance between the number 1 and 2.
    #2. In the header of the site tab names need to be corrected, all the second word written with a small letter.
    #3. Tooltip for "binocular" icon in "Search my invoices" is missing.
    #4. The "User Manager" link in the top right corner of the screen - is that correct? It looks like it should be "User name".
    #5. Align in the middle all column titles.
    #6. "Status" column, fourth row: replace tooltip ("Approved") with "Paid".
    #7. Enumeration search results of pages: create "Next" button next to the numbers.
    #8. The date format in the "Invoice date" does not match the date format in "Inv. Date" column.
    #9. Search result in the row #7 does not fit range "Invoice date".
    #10. Suggestion: special character ellipsis looks wrong in enumeration search results of pages.
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      Bug reports Taulia:
      #1. Печатаются другие символы, не только цифры в меню "Search my invoices" в строке "Invoice number";
      #2. Печатаются другие символы, не только цифры в меню "Search my invoices" в строке "From amount:" и "to";
      #3. Не проставлены знаки "," и "." в меню "Search my invoices" в строке "From amount:" в зависимости от вводимой суммы;
      #4. Нет нумерации строк перед колонкой "Invoce #" ;
      #5. В первой строке табличной части содержащий название столбцов отсутствует кнопка сортировки: "Invoce #, Type, Inv. Date, Due Date, PO #, Status, Payment";
      #6. Не соответствуют данным колонки "Due Date, PO #", возможно их необходимо поменять местами;
      #7. Формат даты отличается от поискового меню "Search my invoices" в строке "Invoice date" в колонках "Inv. Date, PO #";
      #8. Все колонки таблицы расположены не по правому краю;
      #9. Не верный формат даты и времени в колонке "Payment";
      #10. Отсутствует кнопка "Next" в нижней части таблицы, для перемещения на следующую страницу;
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        10 Bugs Report after the fourth lesson:

        1. Incorrect search results in the Table: results like “22-Oct-2011” in the 3rd row, “1-Oct-2011” and “31-Oct-2011” in the 7th row, “13-Oct-2011” in the 10th row – are not in the range of defined period from 5 June 2011 to 30 September 2011.

        2. Incorrect tooltip in the 4th row for the “Status” column: replace “Approved” with the “Paid” tooltip while hovering over the payment status.

        3. Mismatch between column title “Due Date” and data displayed in this column of the Table.

        4. Incorrect naming of column titles in the Table of invoices: in the 4th column replace “Due Date” with “PO #”.

        5. Suggestion: in the Table of invoices add the title to the last right column “Actions”.

        6. Suggestion: instead of “User Manager” use the name of the current logged in user on the top right corner in front of the “Profile” tab.

        7. Inconsistency in data formats used in the “Search my invoices” section and “Showing invoices” in the table: 8/29/2011 and 29-Aug-2011

        8. Representing pages with a search result at the bottom of the Table is NOT in a common format: it seems that the format “1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 … 32” is more likely to use (three dots …” instead of “two dots ..”)

        9. Suggestion: to align all column titles and data (content) in the Table to a single standard (so the Table will look more consistent and polished)

        10. Using the character “$” in the column “Amount” could result in a problem with calculating data: use the character “$” in the column title “Amount in $” instead
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          Taulia postmortem bugs

          1. Column headings "Due date" and "PO#" do not match the content. The content of the "Due date" coiumn must be in the "PO#" column.

          2. Order numbers in row #1 and row #10 contain extra digits.

          3. Format of the amount in the search parameters different from the format amount in the search results table.

          4. Format of the date in the search parameters different from the format date in the search results table (Columns "Payment", "Inv.Date" etc.)

          5. The row 7 contradicts search parameters.

          6. Invalid value in the column "Payment" of row #11 (2011-1488).

          7. Suggestion: add the ability to sort data in columns, similarty as in the "Amount" column.

          8. Suggestion: add row numbering in search results table.
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            1. The label "From amount" should be renamed to the label "Amount", The label "from" could be added and placed to the right of the input field (the one with the default value of "100").
            2. The column header "Invoce #" should be renamed to "Invoice #".
            3. The page shows 11 rows instead of 10.
            4. "Showing 422 invoices" and 32 pages at the same time is incorrect. It should be either "Showing 352 invoices" or 39 pages.
            5. The values for the column "Due Date" are not in the date format.
            6. The values for the column "PO #" are not in the format of ZIP codes.
            7. No button "Actions" on the 11th row.
            8. Row number 7 should be swapped with row number 8 because it's "Amount" value is bigger.
            9. No page number 5 in the pagination section.
            10. Row number 7 should not be shown because it has the date "1-Oct-2011" while we have selected the range from June 6 to September 30.
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              #1. Title in the top left corner: replace "invoce #" with "invoice #";

              #2. 32 pages is not enough to accommodate 422 search results;

              #3. Sorting order violation in "Amount" column: "$22,409.37" should be below "$22,376.00", not above;

              #4. Page number 5 is missing, in showing result from 1 to 32 pages;

              #5. "Download list" link is not active;

              #6. 32 pages is not enough to accommodate 422 search results;

              #7. Incorrect display with number of parameter “Results per page” , should be 10 string instead of 11 string;

              #8. Misspelled word in first row/ "Status" column. Should be "Rejected" instead of "Rejcted";

              #9. "Actions" button is missing in the row #11;

              #10. Logo icon must be active for redirecting to the main page.
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                Taulia Postmortem 10 Bug reports:

                1. Search results table: The rightmost column (number 9) is missing Column Title.
                2. Search results table: Suggestion to use same date format in "Invoice date" field and "Invoice Date" column. For example (dd/mm/year)
                3. Search results table: Suggestion to replace Label "From Amount" to Amount From, where letter from goes to the left close to the text field.
                4. Search results table: Suggestion add currency indication to the "Amount" Label in our case its $.
                5. Search results table: "Due Date" column has unexpected numbers instead of dates.
                6. Search results table: "PO " column looks like interchanged with "Due Date" column and has date format instead of numbers.
                7. Search results table: Invoice number 1122339546 from 1 October 2011 doesn't include in our range from June to September.
                8. Search results table: Suggestion instead of misspelled column title "Invoce" we should use word "Invoice".
                9. Binocular item doesn't have his own tool tip.
                10. Search results table: Status Paid has incorrect tool tip "Approved".


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                  1. The page does not support https encryption.
                  2. TextFields have no validation: it is possible to type in or paste in other characters beside digits.
                  3. Split each of "Invoice date" TextFields into 3 separate TextFields for a month, a date and a year.
                  4. Set the default input focus (maybe on "Invoice Number" TextField).
                  5. Set "Search" button as the default button.
                  6. Align the labels in "Search my invoices" section right.
                  7. Align the form in "Search my invoices" section to the center instead of left (as per 6.3 of Research-based Web Design and Usability Guidelines).
                  8. Add a hyperlink to the homepage on "Taulia" logo image in the header of the page.
                  9. Suggestion: make the numeric keyboard to open up on TextFields for numeric data on mobile devices.
                  10. Suggestion: rename "Inv. Date" heading to "Invoice Date" due to sufficent space in the heading of the table.
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                    #1. The contents of the search results table should be aligned with the column titles.
                    #2. Missing "Actions" button in the row #11 of search results.
                    #3. Column "Amount" is not sorted in ascending order at rows #7($22,409.37) and #8($22,376.00).
                    #4. Search parameters date format missmatch with "Due Date" and "PO #": it's should be brought to a single pattern (mm/dd/yy).
                    #5. Replace title of topleft column "Invoce" with "Invoice".
                    #6. Suggestion to add "Previous Page" and "Next Page" to page switching menu on bottom left side.
                    #7. Trademark sign logo does not contain a link to the site's home page.
                    #8. Misspelled numeration of page search results: link on page #5 is missing in the range from #1 to #32.
                    #9. The number of displayed rows does not match the specified number in the search parameters (11 instead of 10).
                    #10 10.1. The data in the "Due Date" column should be implemented in mm/dd/yy format.
                    10.2. The data in the "PO #" column should be implemented in number format.


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                      Предварительно (черновик):
                      1. Тайтл "Results per page" указано "10", в тайтле "Showing 422 invoices", на странице представлено 11.
                      2. Тайтл "Showing 422 invoices": Ссылки указаны с 1 по 32, исправить с 1 по 43.
                      3. 11 строка таблицы возможно лишняя (исходя из сортировки тайтла "Results per page" в "10")
                      4. В 11 строке таблицы, в крайней правой части, отсутствует кнопка "Action"
                      5. Заглавие или результаты столбцов "Due Date" & "PO #" заменить местами.
                      6. Тайтл "Invoice date", условие с "6/5/2011" по 9/30/2011, исправить результаты в столбцах: "13-Oct-2011", "22-Oct-2011", "31-Oct-2011"
                      7. Тайтл "Invoice date" привести в единый формат даты "6/5/2011" или "5-Jul-2011"
                      8. В строке таблицы "Invoce #" заменить на "Invoice #"
                      9. В строке таблицы "Rejcted" заменить на "Rejected"
                      10. Добавить сортировку данных в столбцы, аналогично строки столбца "Amount"


                      • #12
                        #1. Suggestion: column headings should be left aligned, not centered
                        #2. Suggestion: in the "Amount" column, the amounts should be aligned to the decimal point
                        #3. Suggestion: "from:" must be separately added to the label "Invoice date" to the left of the text box
                        #4. Suggestion: in the "User Manager I Profile I Help I Logout" menu, remove extra spaces
                        #5. In pagination "1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 .. 32" between "10" and "32" replace colon character ".." with ellipsis character "..."
                        #6. "Payment" column: the date and time format is incorrect: there is a year and time, but no month and day
                        #7. "Payment" column: provide time format special character ":" separating hours and minutes


                        • #13
                          1. - "Inv.Date" column: inconsistency in common date order.
                          2. - Suggestion: add an icon image to "Help" link in the top right corner of the screen (for example, a question sign or an assistant image).
                          3. - "Amount" order: inconsistensy in the sorting order. The direction of the arrow shown next to the column title (descending order arrow) does not coincide with the actual sorting order.
                          4. - Suggestion: adjust the "Due Date" column results to its left side.
                          5. - "Hide search parameters": might add an icon image next to this link (for example, plus/minus).
                          6. Suggestion: add "Language" link to the Navigational tools in the upper panel.
                          7. - "Search my invoices" table: "Currency" title with the list of the suggested monetary unit is missing.
                          8. - Suggestion: add "Contact Us" link with the provided info in the upper panel.
                          9. - "Showing 422 invoices" table: "Type" column is unnecessary due to the search results of the same kind "Invoices".
                          10. - "Due Date" column: the given digits do not coincide with the name of the column. Instead of a date we are given numbers (for example, "40988" or "100444").
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                            1 В выводе таблицы отображается 11 строк вместо 10
                            2 В нумерации страниц вывода пропущена 5 страница
                            3 Некорректное отображение числа строк в таблице. "Showing 422 invoices" вместо 320
                            4 В заголовке страницы нет имени текущего пользователя.
                            5 В выводе таблицы “Rejected” написано с ошибкой
                            6 По условию поиска должно показывать 10 строк на странице, а показывает 11 строк на странице
                            7 Отсутствие выравнивания столбцов таблицы
                            8 По условию поиска дата указана до 30.092011, выведенная дата за месяц октябрь лишняя
                            9 В первом столбики ошибака: "invoce" заменить на "invoice"
                            10 Убрать столбик TYPE из таблицы вывода


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                              1.The colon in columns "Invoice number", "Customer", "Purchase order", "Invoice date", "Invoice status", "Result page" is missing.
                              2. Invoice #1122338095 does not have a button "Action".
                              3.The page #5 is missing.
                              4."Due date" does not have a correct date format, has a number.
                              5."Amount" does not have "select" button.
                              6.Po # does not have numbers, only date format.
                              7.Invoce date has a different style- only numbers and numbers and letters, they are not same.
                              8.Wrong amount rows are shown in "Result page": 11 instead of 10.
                              9.The column title is missing "i" in "Invoice".
                              10.For 422 pages is not enough 32 pages for show results "10 per page".